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Are you a victim of internet stalking, a phone stalker or other consumer privacy invasion? Stalkers can be dangerous.
Stalking victims can regain their personal privacy and fly beneath the stalker radar.

Nearly one in every ten women attempt to cope with a stalking problem from an obsessive ex-husband or boyfriend. The percentage of men who are stalked by a female stalker is slightly less.

About 80 percent of women who are stalked by a current or former lover are assaulted by him, and 31 percent of these same women are sexually assaulted. And 76 percent of the women murdered each year were previously stalked by their killers.

The stalking definition becomes unimportant if the stalking law does not come to your aid. The stalker game is a difficult one to win.

Our e-book, Privacy Crisis; Identity Theft Prevention Plan and Guide to Anonymous Living is a stalker book designed to you with the stalker who is making your life miserable and has no respect for stalker laws.

We offer a 100% money back guarantee if you are dissatisfied for any reason.

Freedom for Government Guarenteed

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Stalkers are difficult to lose and stalking cases last from eighteen months to forty years.

A key to success and freedom from a dangerous stalker is the use of an alternate name or new identity for privacy purposes.

You can enjoy domain privacy through private domain registration as explained by Grant Hall, privacy expert and author of Privacy Crisis; Identity Theft Prevention Plan and Guide to Anonymous Living.

Creating “invisible money” through the use of an anonymous bank account, anonymous credit card and a secret safe deposit box will help you outsmart a stalker.

An anonymous offshore address, a trust-owned vehicle, and privacy at work are all proven, high-level, privacy principles that empower stalking victims to live under the stalking radar. And while being off the grid is a key to success, it is important to learn to live privately through the use of concepts and privacy tactics that work today-Not useless and questionable tactics sometimes touted by those without privacy living experience.

Our e-Book, Privacy Crisis: Identity Theft Prevention Plan and Guide to Anonymous Living by world renowned, privacy expert, Grant Hall will show you how to:

Home privacy is your greatest challenge as you take the steps necessary to escape a stalker. Should you be living a mobile lifestyle? You can rent a home or apartment and become an anonymous resident. The home you live in probably has links to you through privacy-invasive databases. These databanks are gold mines for stalkers and investigators who may work for your ex. Break all paper trails to you, and discover the advantages of privacy living as you eliminate your name from your home address.

SEE CHAPTERS 6, 7, 8 ,9 of Privacy Crisis

Does “He” know where you keep your money and investments?

Banking secretly and the use of check cashing stores are keys to your escape from that dangerous ex-husband, troublesome ex-wife, power hungry ex-boyfriend or obsessive, ex-woman friend who refuses to accept reality and let go of your past relationship.

None of them will ever find your money when you follow money and banking privacy guidelines as described in our best-selling e-Book. Neither will his hired goons-no matter what data bases they search or how many doors they knock on. You can practice banking secrecy in the U.S.A. or anywhere in the world when you follow those who have “invisible money” that cannot be found by anyone-stalkers, investigators, government agents or anyone else.

Open a safe deposit box without a Social Security number, identification or home address. Not even a name is required when you know where to go for total financial privacy and banking secrecy.

Hall explains anonymous banking, private bill payments, the Nevada Limited Partnership for privacy and protection, under the stalker radar real estate investing, and retirement accounts. Information on how to freeze credit bureau files and how to disappear is covered in detail.

“Privacy Crisis is the most valuable identity theft and financial privacy book-ever”

SEE CHAPTERS 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 of Privacy Crisis

No one will be able to identify you as you drive no matter who “runs” your license plates and no matter what data bases are used. Once you follow Hall’s travel recommendations, your car will not provide a link to you. And you can become a private passenger when you learn how to travel under the radar.

SEE CHAPTERS 10, 11 of Privacy Crisis

Employee privacy is necessary for your personal privacy and to avoid stalking harassment. Stalking behavior includes invading employees’ privacy through stalker cyber games that trace you to your place of employment.

“He” probably knows your Social Security number. If not, his band of goons will find it for a small fee. Expect “you know who” to have it stored away. With this, you can be tracked and traced no matter how far you go or how often you change jobs.
Learn how to obtain complete employer privacy as you escape your enemy stalker. Career privacy options are fully explained by Grant Hall in Privacy Crisis. And you can become an “invisible” student, too.

SEE CHAPTERS 21, 22, 23 of Privacy Crisis

You can be reading the Privacy Crisis e-book in just 5 minutes from now!

Learn to defeat your stalker or prevent a stalking problem from ever happening.

Freedom for Government Guarenteed
You must be satisfied with your book. If you are dissatisfied for any reason, we will refund your purchase-No Questions asked.

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Privacy Crisis

Financial Privacy EBook


bullet Protect your Identity and Prevent Identity Theft

bullet Use Financial Privacy principles for Banking Secrecy

bullet Gain freedom from Internet Stalking

bullet Have Workplace privacy and employee privacy

All while following all privacy laws.

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Privacy Crisis Saves Lives.

“The Ultimate book on working and living privately, your book may have saved my life”

K.M., Western U.S.A.

“The trust manager principle eliminated any ties to me and the company that would be receiving the checks- the LLC that was formed specifically to shield my employment from him and his investigators”
Betty Stanton (Alternate Name)
Ex-Stalking Victim


Here’s what a world renowned privacy expert said about, Grant Hall’s book:

Privacy Crisis is the most valuable financial privacy book-Ever

Mr. Elliot, President, 24/7 Private Vaults, Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A.

“I have to say, your book is the best book on privacy I’ve ever read, by far. I have read a number of other privacy-oriented books, including J.J. Luna’s, How to be Invisible, Michael Chesbro’s The Privacy Handbook and Robert Mintz’s The Privacy Plan (and several others). These books have useful perspectives, but are not in the same league as your book…”

David Jack Quilty (Alternate Name)
Reader, Privacy Consultation Client

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