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By Grant Hall

One in twelve women will be stalking victims during their lifetimes and most stalkers are ex-husbands and previous boyfriends (Ohlson).

More than eighty percent of women who are stalked by ex-lovers are assaulted by their stalker and thirty-one percent of these women are sexually assaulted. Seventy-six percent of the women murdered each year were previously stalked by their killers according to Ohlson who wrote Stalking the Divine: Contemplating Faith With the Poor Clares.
Since the odds of being stalked and harmed by a tormentor increase when accessible information is readily available, a prudent plan to avoid these dangerous individuals would be the implementation of a high-level privacy plan.

One’s home address is the quickest link to their physical location-unless privacy tactics are in place.

Homes can be owned anonymously through the use of a Trust and an Administrative Trustee can sign any and all required forms on behalf of the Trustee-the manager equivalent of the trust (Hall).

Mail drop nominees can be used to receive and forward mail thereby avoiding the use of a home address for mail communication purposes.

Only trusted friends and relatives should have access to a privacy seeker’s home location. Without a link to a victim’s home address, a stalker’s efforts toward harassing a victim at their physical location will be thwarted.

The importance of separating one’s name and home address from their car is a necessary privacy tactic to avoid having the normal driver’s name and address surface when data bases are searched.

A trust is the most private entity as only those forming the document and those included in the trust documents have a need to have knowledge of the provisions of the trust. A trust does not have registration requirements.

Trust owned automobiles are more easily insured than those owned by Limited Liability Companies and Corporations in most cases. And when the trust owned car is registered properly with the Department of Motor Vehicles or other state agency, there will be no mention of the trustee and normal driver on the automobile registration. This important detail assures the driver absolute and total privacy as he or she travels.

Stalkers frequently hire individuals who have access to automobile registration data bases in order to locate their victim’s car and address.

Today, many states allow for the freezing of a consumer’s credit files. This is a huge privacy advantage and should be accomplished in order to preserve privacy. Once credit files are frozen, only the consumer’s release of a password allows for the viewing of the credit file.

Serious privacy advocates never provide their home address to anyone except those in their close circle of friends and relatives-and this includes the credit bureaus and ALL businesses.

This writer has written extensively on the techniques necessary to conceal personal and investment funds for privacy purposes. While the needs of each individual will vary greatly, generally speaking, the use of entities including trusts, Limited Partnerships and LLC’s are valuable for privacy and asset protection. Additionally, check cashing stores and an anonymous safe deposit box prevent the freezing of accounts and any link to the funds once checks are cashed.

Useful websites for money and “banking” privacy are and

While work privacy can be accomplished most easily by certain practitioners and the self employed, shielding one’s work place will be a challenge-especially for the majority of people who derive their income from wages, salaries and commissions paid by a traditional employer.

When one desires vocational or professional privacy, a sound plan is necessary in order to eliminate one’s name and Social Security number from any number of data bases that store this information. Trusts and LLC’s have been used with success as the employer and this re-structuring of the employer/employee relationship has been accomplished through negotiating with flexible, open-minded employers. A win-win situation for both parties will facilitate the negotiating process.

Through the use of the aforementioned mail drop nominees and re-mailing of sensitive letters, one can keep their postal mail their own business.

The traditional one and two year cell telephone contracts-complete with a credit check that the public usually opts for is a definite no-no for the serious privacy seeker. You will want your entire communication system to reveal no link to your name. Therefore the purchasing of a cell phone off the shelf with no contract or registration requirements assures private telephone calls. Land lines at home are not a good telephone option. Land line telephones can be traced and the physical location of the telephone can be obtained.
Proxy servers enable the computer user to surf the net without being recognized by their IP address. The best companies provide a different IP address once or twice daily. When an anonymous proxy server is used in conjunction with email addresses that have no resemblance to your identity, computer security is greatly enhanced.

Computers should be purchased with cash. Software and all computer-related materials and online purchases are necessarily purchased with anonymous debit cards, money orders or cash. Internet Service can be privately obtained through the use of company held accounts or an account can be secured by a nominee as explained in Privacy Crisis.

Ohlson, Kristin, Stalking the Divine: Contemplating Faith With the Poor Clares, 2003, Hyperion

Hall, Grant, Privacy Crisis: Identity Theft Prevention Plan and Guide to Anonymous Living, 2006, James Clark King, LLC (eBook available at:
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