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Successful privacy advocates use a separate entity to hold title to the car they drive as described in Privacy Crisis: Identity Theft Prevention Plan and Guide to Anonymous Living. The happenings described in this article are true and certain names and locations have been changed. 

The Morehouse Mountain Blueberry Irrevocable Trust received a written inquiry from the police department of a southeastern city. A request was made to identify the driver on a certain date of an automobile registered to the trust and a photo of the driver was included on the request form. An automated city camera had taken the driver’s picture as the car proceeded through a red light at an intersection.

Judging from the photo, another car behind the trust-owned automobile had committed a “violation” as well. The second car’s driver was surely identified and issued a citation-an expensive one, of course. Cameras designed to nab drivers in the absence of law enforcement are expensive,  installation costs require technical expertise and maintenance fees are high.

Betty Bloomblockerson, Trustee, the Morehouse Mountain Blueberry Irrevocable Trust read the inquiry, reflected back to the date of the “violation” and had no recollection of “running” the red light at the intersection. The photo did have a strong resemblance to her face, however.

What about the car behind the trust-owned automobile? Seemingly, the state had hit the jackpot as the state-owned camera caught two drivers-or more as they allegedly sped through the red light. Or did they?

After a day of thought, Betty remembered witnessing a mal-functioning stop light that drivers successfully coped with as they “directed” traffic themselves while politely taking their turns in proceeding through the busy intersection in the absence of police who are paid to do such things when electric outages and other such mechanical maladies strike city-owned equipment. That incident, she recalled would have resulted in drivers being photographed as they proceeded through the red light that failed to turn green as drivers took their turns crossing the busy intersection in the absence of traffic lights doing the job.

What about the “facial recognition” system that so many talking heads in the media and some authors yap about? Are not photographs of us all interlinked through sophisticated databases statewide and nationwide and soon to be internationally linked? No. You see, all drivers of the aforementioned trust-owned automobile happen to have drivers licenses in the very state the so-called “violation” occurred in and if “the powers that be”-or want to be had such an accurate system of facial recognition, they would not have had to humbly “admit” to their failure to be able to cite the driver of the aforementioned trust-owned automobile-whomever that was by asking the trust to identify the driver of the car.

Stop listening to the media “experts” who try to scare you into submission and ruin your motivation to keep your privacy and freedom.  These “future is now” “talking heads” and so-called experts on big brother tactics want you to believe their “facts” that are pure lies-falsehoods produced by technical dreamers who fantasize about keeping drivers and all under their full control.

Without a driver’s submission to privacy-invasive information the general public willingly provides to a nosey bureaucratic system gone mad, “they” haven’t a chance-even today of keeping you under their so-called “control.”


Your right to privacy is guaranteed by the United States Constitution. Exercise it by insisting on government agencies registering the automobile you drive the way you want it registered-not according to the way the masses register their cars.

Polite, assertive, on point communication to supervisors at the Department of Transportation or other agency that handles automobile registrations in your state will result in them doing it your way.

In order to achieve high-level privacy as you drive, one needs to understand the process of how to achieve anonymity as they drive and this is beyond the scope of this article and is fully described in chapter ten, “Driving Secretly” in Privacy Crisis: Identity Theft Prevention Plan and Guide to Anonymous Living (


Travel privacy is a valuable privacy measure to have in place and it is worth the privacy-seeker’s time, effort and money to do it right-the first time. A step by step guide to the process is explained in Privacy Crisis and Betty, the trustee named in this article and others have followed these principles and learned how to be “invisible” as they drive.

In addition to achieving high-level privacy, the invisible driver will provide safety to themselves and their family. Identity thieves, stalkers, private investigators, con-men and con-gals, “you know who” and all will be shut out of your private life and will fail as they try to identify you-the invisible driver when they run your plates through the data bases that house the facts of each and every registered automobile in the country.


Editor’s Note:
The following excerpts from Privacy Crisis are based on true experiences of author, Grant Hall:

Somewhere between the Colorado border and a point within sixty miles south of Cheyenne, I noticed a car’s headlights in my rear view mirror. The car was following too close. Perhaps it was using my full-sized sedan as a shield from the heavy fog and rain, which prevented my vision beyond several feet.

I could see there were two figures in the front seat. License plate? A  moot point in this fog and rain. I continued north toward Wyoming’s capital city, the site of our annual meeting. Perhaps it is meaningless, I thought. Maybe a couple of kids out to hassle a stranger. Maybe blinded travelers using me as a guide. My imagination? Perhaps.

The car continued to follow closely, and I was worried. Adrenaline surged, “butterflies” fluttered, and fearful feelings began. The police station was miles and miles away on the other side of the city. And my cell phone did not work in Wyoming.

I proceeded to drive for perhaps three more miles, quickly turned onto a side street, made a U-turn and got back on the same main street as before, this time heading in the opposite direction. The car behind mirrored my every move.
Seeing a business parking lot with street lights nearby, I turned into it without signaling, quickly turned the sedan toward the entrance with high beams glaring, grabbed the large-caliber handgun from the seat, and shifted into survival mode.

Many who terrorize motor vehicle operators have ways of accessing registered owners of vehicles through DMV databases.

I will remember this night forever and am glad I was fully prepared.


Hall, Grant, Privacy Crisis: Identity Theft Prevention Plan and Guide to Anonymous Living, James Clark King, LLC, 2006, Copyright: James Clark King, LLC, December 23, 2008



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