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Identity Theft Prevention Plan and Guide to Anonymous Living
by Grant Hall
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Is there really a privacy crisis?

That’s not a question you’ll ask if you’ve ever had your identity stolen (America’s fastest-growing crime). Or if you’ve ever had snoops rifling through your credit files, hackers stealing your most personal computer information, or investigators trying to track you down for something you never did.

To say nothing of being hunted by an obsessive stalker, discovering that your phones are subject to government wiretaps, that your e-mail is being monitored, or that you’re the target of scam and con artists.

Your identity, your personal life, is your business—and no one should be invading it without your permission. If you want to protect your personal privacy and freedom, this book can tell you exactly how to do it.

Threats to privacy are growing rapidly. In the name of “security,” government intrusions into personal privacy are unprecedented and will only increase. Meanwhile, common criminals are finding, in identity theft, their own personal gold mine. Banks and merchants pry ever more deeply into your personal affairs before they will do business with you.

Don’t be a victim. Don’t be a doormat. Protect yourself. Take back your personal freedom. This book is your guide.

In the nearly 400 carefully researched pages of Privacy Crisis, you will learn how to legally:

  • Lock out snoops from your credit files.
  • Live beneath the radar.
  • Escape stalkers.
  • Outwit identity thieves.
  • Prevent government phone taps.
  • Stop criminals from hacking into your computer.
  • Bank secretly.
  • Make money and assets invisible.
  • Stop wage garnishments.
  • Get a permanent driver’s license.
  • And much, much more.

One of the best privacy books ever written

It goes without saying that personal privacy is a rare commodity in America today. Identity theft has become the country’s fastest growing crime. Con artists relentlessly target us while greedy lawyers and vengeful ex-spouses threaten to drain our bank accounts and assets. Our personal computers have become open doors into the most discreet corners of our lives. And that doesn’t begin to address threats to our privacy from the government, eavesdropping employers, nosy snoops with hidden agendas, eavesdropping employers, and increasingly intrusive marketing-crazed companies.

Privacy Crisis is easily one of the best books on privacy ever written. Through his eye-opening inside perspective, as someone who evaded private investigators and attorneys for four years by living “below the radar,” Grant Hall has brought us an authoritative how-to guide for the average American who wants to protect his or her privacy on an practical level. Far superior to the many theory-laden books on privacy, Privacy Crisis is a revealing step-by-step manual written by someone who has walked the walk. This book is required reading for anyone concerned about their personal and financial privacy in an ever-threatening society.

Phillip Townsend
International Consultant and Privacy Expert
Geneva, Switzerland


Worth 10 times the price

Grant Hall is clearly the nation’s leading authority on personal and financial privacy, identity theft, and how to live anonymously. Unlike some authors on the topic, he has personally done everything he writes about. If you want the most current and reliable information available, get Privacy Crisis. It’s worth 10 times the price.

Ken M.
Page One Communications
Vancouver, Washington


Everything can be done legally in the United States

During this era of skyrocketing identity theft crimes, violence and death to innocent victims by stalkers—and government tracking and monitoring of citizens' business, money and communication—Americans are seeking privacy for personal security and survival.

Grant Hall writes on how to live an anonymous lifestyle in his new book, Privacy Crisis: Identity Theft Prevention Plan and Guide to Anonymous Living. And he should know. He used a non-traditional “defense” to avoid a civil court case by disappearing for four years.

A number of privacy tactics outlined in Privacy Crisis belong to Hall. I have never seen these in print—and I began reading privacy books prior to the publication of W.G. Hill’s first PT book.

Privacy Crisis may be the best book of its kind ever written. According to Hall, privacy living is the answer to preventing identity theft. One can escape from a stalker or disappear for any reason by using the information in Privacy Crisis.

Alternate identification, renting and owning a home in secrecy, driving and working under the radar, establishing a clandestine communication and computer system are covered in detail.

This book is thorough and complete and cites case histories and challenges the author of How to be Invisible on the use of nominees. Hall provides insight on anonymous banking, cashing checks privately, alternate name debit cards and provides a resource for obtaining a safe deposit box requiring no name or Social Security number.

There’s information on how to keep investments, property and businesses a secret. All of this can be accomplished in the U.S.A. of all places—a welcome change from the many books offering unrealistic, inconvenient, expensive, offshore remedies for domestic privacy problems.

Mary Potter
Chicago, Illinois

Recent media coverage

Listen as Frank Whalen of the Republic Broadcasting Network calls Grant Hall’s book the best of its kind and interviews Hall for two full hours:

Click here for Grant Hall Radio

Grant Hall practices what he preaches

During the 1980s, Grant Hall managed cases and coordinated services for insurance claimants who sought settlement awards for injuries and illnesses. Hall especially studied the practices of certain claimants who avoided being “tailed” or followed by evidence-gathering investigators.

Hall holds a master’s degree from an American university—although he won’t say which one.

A practitioner of the privacy lifestyle, Hall once “disappeared” for four years when counsel advised him to avoid the service of a summons for what his attorney described as “an expensive case to defend,” and one “without merit.” Although he was hunted by investigators from three states over a four-year period, Grant Hall was never found.

Privacy Crisis was spawned by Hall’s anonymous life on the lam.

Following years as an individual investor and stock trader, Hall has managed assets for three businesses. He currently manages a business in the United States and another in Europe—somewhere.

A long-time student of the stock market, he has been a featured guest speaker at investment seminars and also has appeared on television and radio programs.



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