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following Privacy Crisis topics:

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2. Law firms that will provide privacy &
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3. Administrative trustee, nominee service
questions and referrals

4. Mail drop, alternate identification referrals

5. All other topics/questions pertaining to
any aspect of privacy will be answered.

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Sometimes e-mails are received from web site visitors
concerning questions about the book or privacy issues such
as banking secretly, escaping stalkers, getting alternate
identification and many other topics. In this section Grant Hall
has answered some of the recent visitor questions as a
service to individuals who are new to the privacy lifestyle.

Send your own questions to the attention of Grant Hall at:

You may ask any question pertaining to any aspect of Privacy or the
book you choose. Questions and answers will be posted in the order
received and new ones will be posted as time and space permits.

Question: I am attempting to avoid being ripped off by the court
system as my ex is suing me for child support that is more than I
make some months. I work construction and will be sleeping in my
car and eating out of trash cans unless I can put my money and
savings account and myself out of reach from these vultures.
A.W., Arkansas

Answer: I believe it is important to support your children. However,
it would be difficult holding down a construction job while sleeping in
your car and eating from trash cans. Consult a competent family law
attorney for legal guidance. Follow all applicable laws in your state.
Next, read and study PRIVACY CRISIS, particularly the ‘Finances.’
section and ‘Business’ sections. Chapter 15, Anonymous Banking
and chapter 23, Career Privacy are applicable to your inquiry.

Question: My husband and I have been living beneath the radar and
we have read and studied your book since buying it. Privacy Crisis:
Identity Theft Prevention Plan and Guide to Anonymous Living may
have saved our lives. We are truly living anonymously-as best we
can. We need new identifications and would like your help, please.
Thank you, Grant.

Answer: You can use an alias as you are doing without doing any
official paperwork. I cannot endorse obtaining fraudulent government
I.D. and I do not recommend you present anything except the real
thing if asked by law enforcement. Use the principles and concepts
throughout the book and you can stay hidden for the remainder of
your lives without any official identification changes.

Question: Your book, Privacy Crisis states that a trust is the
preferred entity for holding title to a car and that a trust has no
registration requirements-anywhere. However, I attempted to change
title of the car from myself to the irrevocable trust we recently created
only to find that the DMV requires a copy of certain pages as well as
the viewing of the trust. Next, we are required to ‘register’ the trust
as the owner-just like a person owning the car. Did you make a
mistake or is it a typo error? Please explain.
J.B., Nevada

Answer: Thanks for your inquiry. A trust is the preferred entity for
holding title to a car and does not have to be kept ‘alive’ as do other
statutory legal entities such as a Limited Liability Company (LLC) or
Limited Partnership by paying Secretary of State annual registration
fees and a registered agent. That is, no registration of the trust is
required for it to be a valid entity and capable of holding property
such as a car. You do have to record the trust as the legal owner
with the DMV. See the book’s ‘Travel’ section.

Many of the answers to privacy
questions can be found in Privacy
Crisis by Grant Hall.

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