Privacy Crisis the Book About Protecting Your Identity

The Betty Stanton Story, Part IV
By Grant Hall

Successful privacy living involves working anonymously as investigators and stalkers often use databases that store employment information on employees. In order to avoid a privacy invasion, privacy principles and concepts for work privacy are necessary. Regardless of one’s business, occupation or profession, it is possible to work anonymously in the U.S.A. or anywhere in the world. “Betty Stanton” is an alternate name. Portions of her interview with Grant Hall appear in quotes in these articles. The content of her story is true.

“I had settled down and had the assurance of knowing that my alternate identity would prevent him or his investigators from finding my apartment through credit bureau reports or government databases. I could cash my checks without leaving a bank or account number as a paper trail. My car was properly held by a trust and the registration records revealed only the trust’s name-not mine as the driver. Now, it was time to go back to work. I would face my biggest privacy challenge as he always found me through my work. His investigators are good and his money resources enabled him to spend whatever it took to find me-at least until this time.

“I work in the medical field in a technical and professional job. Fortunately, there is a demand for my services today.”

“I formed a trust for the purpose of being the manager of the Limited Liability Company that would serve as the buffer between myself and the world and enable me to work anonymously. Once this was done, I filed all the paper work as you described in Privacy Crisis. Now, a trust was listed as the manager of the LLC on state records and the trust manager principle eliminated any ties to me and the company that would be receiving the checks-the LLC that was formed specifically to shield my employment from him and his investigators.”

G.H.: How did you manage to get hired?

“I visited registries that supply medical personnel to various employers. After signing up with these registries, I began getting calls in a few days. I work for various employers. Sometimes, I stay a few days or a week. Other times, I stay longer. I feel fortunate because I am good at my job and always have work.”

G.H.: How about the paperwork that you had to fill out at the registries? Was that complicated and did you feel like your work privacy was compromised?

I am a good negotiator. They have what they need. Today, I receive checks payable to the LLC and these go to a faraway mail drop. Once I receive them via mail forwarding, I cash them at a check cashing service. Every so often, I take a trip to my anonymous safe deposit box and store money privately- just like you wrote about in Privacy Crisis.

Hall, Grant, Privacy Crisis: Identity Theft Prevention Plan and Guide to Anonymous Living, James Clark King, LLC, 2006,
Copyright: James Clark King, LLC, September 7, 2009

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