are you a woman abused by harassment stalking?

Now that you’ve “broken up,” he won’t stop stalking. He keeps calling, shows up unexpectedly at your job, and you have no workplace privacy. He manages to discover where you shop for groceries, and shows up there, too. You avoid his contact attempts and screen your calls while not returning his in spite of his pleading telephone messages. Once he made threats over the phone. You are a stalking victim and a woman abused by an ex who is now engaged in harassment stalking.

Do you want to learn how to disappear and never be found?

That’s a big order to fill. Can it be done? Of course. Is it a lot of  work, expensive and will you make personal and business sacrifices in order to accomplish all of the above? Yes.

Travel, Bank, Work, Live Anonymously

Stalkers have no boundaries and have been known to stalk their victims for up to forty years according to author, Christine Ohlson. That’s a long time. There’s more bad news; nearly one in ten women will be stalked during their lives and a huge number of this percentage will be abused-physically or mentally by their harassment stalker. Check out these articles:

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Privacy Crisis is an e-book available for purchase and immediate download. Through the principles and concepts as described in the book, one can learn to travel, bank, work, and live anonymously in the U.S.A. or anywhere in the world.

Grant Hall

Author, Privacy Crisis: Identity Theft Prevention Plan and Guide to Anonymous Living

Can a wealthy divorced dad achieve banking privacy?

Can a wealthy divorced dad have banking privacy and total financial privacy? You bet, he can. This article outlines key points for bulletproof financial privacy.

One may want to practice bank secrecy for any number of reasons.

Our website and blog provides information for readers to use at their discretion.

We recommend all who use our free courses, articles and paid products follow the laws in their jurisdictions.

Private registration of entities

All investments must be kept secret and must not be linked to the true name of the individual.

A Nevada Limited Partnership has been recommended for holding liquid assets. A single individual may form and control a limited partnership and maintain full control of the assets.

A Nevada Limited Liability Company may be used for many purposes. An LLC can hold a business or investment real estate.

Through the use of the Trust Manager Principle, businesses and investments can be kept private. In fact they must be kept totally secret if banking privacy is the goal as business names must not be linked to the bank secrecy program signers or controllers.

Workplace privacy

The self employed and professional practitioners can register their business names anonymously for high level business privacy.

Employees must keep their names out of new hires’ databases. How?

Form an LLC or other entity as the front entity to shield your wages, salary, commissions or other compensation.

Home privacy

The owned home can be kept confidential through the use of a trust. Renters can learn how to live under the radar while not providing property managers with personal and confidential data.

An offshore address has been used for privacy purposes with a degree of success. Key to this privacy principle is to make certain data bases that contain home addresses record this address, not the individual’s  place of residence.

Check cashing stores

Certain business men and ladies utilize these operations to clear their business or personal checks and then store the cash themselves.

Safes and safe deposit boxes

A safe held in a company name that is registered privately may provide a high level of financial privacy. Also, certain companies offer safe deposit boxes for rent without a name, identification or a Social Security number.

Privacy living and high level privacy

At the highest levels, privacy living is hard work and most who try to escape an obligation do not succeed according to an attorney friend. In fact, about 90% of all who try to escape the system are found within five or six months according to this same attorney.

We encourage our readers and customers to abide by all laws and to act responsibly as they use our privacy book to practice banking privacy.

Grant Hall

stalking victim report

The content of this article is true and the names were changed for privacy purposes.

Workplace privacy or does the world know where to find me during 1/3 of my life?

Sue worked for an insurance company as a claims adjuster. Following the closing of a claimant’s case file, she received weekly telephone calls from him. During the third telephone discussion, she requested the man not call her again.

Telephone stalking leads to a home privacy crisis

The phone stalking was the beginning of  Sue becoming a stalking victim.

Having followed her from her work parking lot to the house where she resided, the stalker knocked on her door at 10:00 p.m. on a Friday evening. Sue answered the door, promptly called the police, and later filed a police report. A restraining order was issued and Sue believed the system would help her free herself from the unwanted, privacy intrusion by the harassment stalker.

Repeat offender and the fear of being stalked

The stalker persisted in following his stalking victim as Sue noticed him peeking in her windows on multiple occasions following the issuance of the restraining order. No resolution came despite her reporting the incidents to police.

Stop stalking me!

Desperate, tired from a lack of sleep and emotionally traumatized, Sue became a scared, abused woman without a stalking solution.

She sought the advice of a friend of a friend who has law enforcement background.

Armed with “professional advice,” Sue reinforced her home security system, changed her phone numbers, and attempted to live with her fears associated with the stalker abuse that was now a stalking crime.

Stalking Crime

The abusive stalker continued terrorizing his prey over a period of months. One day, approximately one year after the stalking began, the man’s stalking behavior turned violent.

Sue was approached by the stalker while attempting to enter her home and was attacked following her refusal to let him inside.

Her injuries included a broken nose, a mild concussion, and a fractured wrist, and a serious neck injury.

Sue began the process of filing more police reports and attempted to get the restraining order enforced, again.

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Keys to personal privacy and how to stop stalking and avoid a dangerous stalker

1.)  Keep your home address a secret and do not receive mail at home. Keep your name and address out of data bases by renting anonymously and using a front entity to own the home.

2.) Keep business, employment, and investment accounts secret. Practice bank secrecy, workplace privacy and learn to live under the radar.

3.) Keep communication systems anonymous as described in Privacy Crisis; Identity Theft Prevention Plan and Anonymous Living by Grant Hall.

All of the principles and stalking solutions are fully described in the book.

Stop Stalking and how to disappear and never be found

A stalking victim can stop stalking and learn how to disappear and never be found through the use of consumer privacy principles and concepts as outlined in this article.

Personal privacy and consumer privacy methods

The privacy living principles and concepts are described in detail in the 28 chapter, 390 page e-book, Privacy Crisis; Identity Theft Prevention Plan and Guide to Anonymous living. The book is available for purchase and immediate download HERE.

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Anonymous travel will stop stalking

You can title the vehicle in a separate entity that has no registration requirements anywhere. Make certain your name is not included on the DMV registration.

Certain high-level privacy seekers have kept their name off of proof of insurance forms. They have the trust’s name only on the form and their name as the insured is kept confidential by the insurance company. How do they do this?

Communication is an essential part of privacy living

Who are you?

Learn to negotiate in a way that enables you to get what you want.

Privacy Crisis contains four chapters on the Behavioral Aspects of privacy living.

Banking privacy is necessary to stop stalking

Stalking victims who have a checking account or hold investments in their own name risk having these assets discovered by their stalking ex or persistent, obsessive, dangerous stalker who is engaged in threatening, harassment stalking. And many stalking victims are harmed and killed by the criminal who uses stalking harassment as he/she intimidates the person being stalked.

Bank secrecy can be accomplished through the use of a trust bank account, trust checking account, Nevada Limited Partnership, anonymous safe deposit boxes, certain check cashing stores, and other banking privacy methods as described in my free privacy courses, and these details are explained fully in the privacy book, Privacy Crisis.

Workplace privacy

This will be a challenging privacy living endeavor.

How can you escape the new hire data bases that are accessible to many government agencies? Does your stalking ex husband or stalking ex boyfriend work for the government? Will your cyber stalker or phone stalker bribe or hire a private detective to locate you through a data base that tracks your place of employment and prevents you from having workplace privacy?

Successful stalking victims use a front entity to shield their name and Social Security number from the aforementioned databases.

You can learn how to do the same when you read my information-packed stalking book,  Privacy Crisis. See chapter 22.

Home privacy

You cannot stop stalking and eliminate the risks being stalked poses unless and until you have home privacy.

Renting anonymously and owning a home through an entity under your control will empower a stalking victim to establish home privacy.

All details on anonymous travel, home privacy, and bank secrecy are explained in the book.  An in depth case study on how to work under the radar is included as well.

Thanks for reading.

Grant Hall

Harassment stalking victim emergency escape plan

Stalking victims are in great danger of physical harm and the associated emotional anguish, and may be killed by their harassment stalker. This article cites murder cases for study and provides emergency stalking victim resources.

Stalking harassment

A stalking victim may be in danger as stalking victims murders are well documented. Further, police may be unable to stop harassment stalking crimes.

Murder case of a stalking victim

Stalking victims cannot always depend on third party agencies to protect them from a dangerous, harassment stalker. One such murder case that was not prevented can be found at this web page:

Portions of this story are included below and are direct quotes from the web page above:

“The grieving husband of a Queens woman whose heart and lungs were cut out said Thursday they pleaded with police to protect her from a stalker – but cops let them down.”

“Whatever happened before the murder, they could have handled better,” Yung Wei Guo told the Daily News.”

Serious consequences of a dangerous stalker

One stalker murderer had allegedly been following his stalking victim for two years prior to murdering her. The story can be seen at this link:

Direct quotes from the story at the above link are included below:

“When the couple returned to work from lunch Monday, they headed for their separate workstations. Shortly thereafter, Blanton was confronted by Roger Troy, 61, who had allegedly been pursuing her for two years, police said.”

Escape planning  for the stalking victim

1.) Communication: Receive mail away from home, utilize a proxy server to hide computer location(s), use anonymous telephone communication.

2.) Travel anonymously through a trust owned automobile without information leading to the trustee.

3.) Bank anonymously: anonymous bank safe deposit box (privately registered company), anonymous private facility safe deposit box.

4.) Workplace privacy: Use a front entity to receive payments under an E.I.N. to avoid new hire databases

5.) Home privacy:Rent or own a home while using home privacy concepts. Rent in a pen name. Own the house through the use of a trust without mention of your name in county records.

Harassment stalking resources for stalking victims

Readers may be interested in our free stalking information e-mail courses.

I wrote Privacy Crisis; Identity Theft Prevention Plan Prevention Plan and Guide to Anonymous Living. Those who desire privacy living information and freedom from a harassment stalker may purchase the e-book.

Grant Hall

help for stalking victims stalking ex husband

Questions and answers concerning how to stop stalking are reproduced with permission of the stalking victims for the benefit of readers. The stalking victim questions contained herein are real and the names were changed for privacy protection purposes.

Money and banking privacy

Janice: I am settled in a new location and am in the process of creating a new identity for privacy living. Is my checking account in danger? It is under my name. What about my safe deposit box contents that I took with me when I escaped my stalker ex husband?

Grant Hall: Review these Privacy Crisis; Identity Theft Prevention Plan and Guide to Anonymous Living sections: Banking Secrecy-Chapters 15, 17, 18. You need an anonymous safe deposit box as explained in the book.

Helen: What are the chances my ex will find me through the credit bureaus?

Grant Hall: See chapters -6,7,8 of Privacy Crisis. Your credit bureau files must not lead to your home, work, or any phone numbers in order for you to prevent a dangerous privacy invasion or more harm from your stalking ex.

Carol: Will there be a good chance he will locate me through my work when I move 2,000 miles away? I work as a legal secretary?

Grant Hall: It will take some time for you to implement the workplace privacy principles as outlined in chapter 22, but you can and must work under the radar in order to prevent additional harm to you, and your case demonstrates the inability of law enforcement to always be effective in stalker victim cases-even though you advised me the court order is in place.

Grant Hall is the author of Privacy Crisis, an e-book that provides proven privacy living principles that provide information on how to travel, bank, work, and live anonymously. The book is available for purchase and download here.

Hall has spent considerable time writing articles on privacy and finance articles that are available at these sites and blogs and others:

identity protection tactics for personal and business identity theft prevention

Theft of identity whether it be a personal id theft, a business identity theft, or a medical identity theft costs the fraud victim between $3,500.00 and $20,000.00 on average. These costs do not include the many hundreds of hours it takes to repair the identity fraud-If it can be repaired at all. This article provides fraud protection tactics for identity theft prevention.

It is far less work and most cost effective to prevent identity theft rather than try to fix the problem if it occurs.

Workplace privacy and home privacy

Employees and business owners alike benefit greatly through the practice of home privacy and workplace privacy.

Use a mail nominee to receive mail rather than receive mail at your home or place of business.

Utilize business privacy registration practices as described in Privacy Crisis; Identity Theft Prevention Plan and Guide to Anonymous Living. It is possible to have no known links to a business under your control. For information on this e-book or to buy the book, CLICK HERE.

Employees may utilize a front entity for the receipt of payments for labor. A Nevada Limited Liability Company may be registered anonymously and enable the working person to avoid being tracked through new hire data bases.

A home may be owned by a trust that requires no registration anywhere.

Renters have successfully rented properties in an alternate name.

Nominees may be used to hold utility accounts or these accounts may be held in an entity name.

These home and workplace privacy principles will help guard against the costly crime of identity theft.  An identity thief will be stopped cold when he/she attempts to track ownership of the home or business that is controlled by one whose name is kept out of databases that store the names of the masses.

A free identity theft prevention course is offered by e-mail HERE.

Grant Hall

Medical identity theft prevention plan

Avoiding medical identity theft is more important than ever before as nearly 6% of all Americans are id theft victims of medical identity fraud. Medical identity theft prevention recommendations are included in this article.

Hospitals, Doctors’ offices, Medical provider testing centers, and surgery centers encompass some of those who will want to engage in a consumer privacy invasion. Avoid medical identity theft by paying attention and practicing polite and assertive communication.

I recommend you treat the above providers and facility personnel as the strangers they are. Would you give a stranger you met just minutes ago your drivers license, Social Security number, date of birth, mother’s maiden name, home address, telephone number, employer’s name, work telephone number, work address, credit card number, and personal references for emergency contact? No, you would not.

It is becoming more and more apparent that medical identity theft crimes are following the patterns of many crimes. That is, this segment of identity theft, medical identity theft, the most costly of all categories of id theft, is quickly becoming a boon for insiders.

I am reading more and more articles citing medical identity theft inside jobs. See the site below with direct quotes from that site following the URL.

“Identity theft has become a major problem in the medical practice.  While this is often the case when a patient attempts to use another identity to receive medical treatment or prescriptions, it also occurs when doctors or staff members sell a patient’s information to members of the black market.  The information is then used to create fraudulent records or to obtain items and drugs to sell on the street.  Needless to say, this is a very profitable crime for all parties with the exception of the legitimate patient.”

And while management of various offices might try to curtail these crimes through better personnel management, it is the opinion of this author that the responsibility of preventing medical identity theft lies with the individual receiving the medial treatment.

Consumer privacy practices will prevent identity theft. You may be interested in one of the free information series on identity theft prevention and  privacy living. For a Free e-mail course, click here.

Prevent medical identity theft by politely providing medical providers with the same information you would provide any stranger when beginning a business relationship.

Avoid medical identity theft by withholding your Social Security number, state issued drivers license, home address, home telephone number, and bank and credit card  information. It is also a good idea to maintain workplace privacy.

If that sounds a bit much and non-traditional, it is, and it is necessary in order to greatly reduce your risk of losing the average amount of a medical identity theft of $20,000.00.

Grant Hall

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