Why is consumer privacy living better than id theft insurance?

Privacy living principles provide consumer privacy without the need for identity theft insurance-the oxymoron of the twenty-first century in the opinion of this privacy expert and author. In fact, identity theft insurance is actually a risk to consumer privacy-again based on my experienced opinion. Identity theft prevention is best accomplished through personal privacy principles based on my researce, experience and in my opinion.

Giving corporate clerks, mid-level managers, or managers of identity theft insurance companies your personal and confidential information is a huge risk in my opinion. Why on earth would a consumer privacy seeker want to turn over his/her Social Security number, home address, home and work telephone numbers, credit bureau information, employer, and more to strangers-no matter whether they work for an identity theft insurance policy or not? THEY ARE STRANGERS.

Through privacy living, one can prevent identity theft and make no mistake about it, preventing identity theft should be a priority today. It continues to lead the list of fraud crimes year after year.

Read Privacy Crisis: Identity Theft Prevention Plan and Guide to Anonymous Living.  Here’s what you will find in the book:

Ensure phone and computer privacy

Data protection ensures that you protect identity from privacy-invasive data banks. Prevent government phone taps and e-mail monitoring. SEE CHAPTERS 13, 14

Work Anonymously

Stop wage garnishmnets…beat government tracking databases. SEE CHAPTER 22

Be “Invisible”

Lock out snoops from your credit files…avoid stalkers, identity thieves, and unwanted intrusions. SEE CHAPTERS 6-8, 19

Get a “PermanentU.S. Driver’s License

…No returning to the DMV for 50 years. SEE CHAPTER 4

Bank Secrecy

Make money and assets invisible. Open a U.S. safe deposit box without identification or a Social Security number. SEE CHAPTERS 15, 17, 18

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Grant Hall