Stop Being a Stalking Victim: Establish Home Privacy, Alternate Identity

Stopping a dangerous stalker is the most difficult part of the stalking experience. And while the word, victim implies helplessness, that’s often the predicament one finds themselves in if they are unfortunate enough to draw a personality disorder dead set on playing the predator role for as long as it takes to conquer the stalked. Indeed, stalkers’ level of seriousness vary. Some will cease and desist rather quickly while others chase their prey for years and years. The risk a “victim” faces is failing to detect the level of seriousness of the hunter unless and until harm is done.

This article is for the individual who wants solutions. Stopping a stalker is not an easy task. And time, effort and money are required to regain one’s freedom.

Once a person enters the desperation phase and realizes his or her life is at stake, the level of seriousness often shifts to survival mode.

Changing one’s location is a first step to breaking the trail from the tormentor. It’s a drastic step, but remember, we’re talking about survival-traditional remedies will have already been exhausted. Restraining orders, law enforcement assistance, good intentioned social agencies all have their place, and admittedly, these agencies have all helped stalking victims. But we’re interested in solutions only you can achieve to gain your independence when everything else has failed and you know you’re in danger.

Home privacy is perhaps the most important part of any privacy program. If you can be found by way of a credit report, you can be found by the stalker hunting you. You will not be able to escape unless you resort to non-traditional home privacy methods-principles used by privacy experts who have to succeed, and you will be wise to copy these guys and gals in order to survive.

Surprisingly, once one is serious and realizes their life is on the line and proper techniques and principles are used to escape, the time it takes to “disappear” is only a day or so. You can escape a dangerous stalker by this time tomorrow once you learn what is required to do it.

Establishing an alternate identity may sound like a measure you would like to avoid. I don’t blame you. It’s inconvenient, requires some none of your business types of fibbing and is one of the most effective methods of escaping a stalker, forever.

You are well on your way to freedom and safety once you have relocated and there is no paper trail to your home or name by way of traditional data base searching methods. However, the use of an alternate identity and a residence that allows you to live under the radar are only the beginning of your new life away from your stalker.

You will probably have to work. Can you work and keep your privacy? Yes. But, that presents a whole new set of challenges. For now, let’s just say that it can be accomplished and we’ll leave that subject for another article as it is a specialized privacy principle.

J.B. Zanshartzen

Protecting Privacy in the Digital Age

An e-mail correspondent ends each of his notes with the question, “Do you feel free?.” Others who write regarding questions on privacy and specifically, banking privacy and financial privacy almost universally express their dissatisfaction with the current state of affairs, and many are seeking information on home privacy and fear a bank account garnishment or seizure. And everyone wants to know how to prevent identity theft, and stalking victims would love to know the formula to stop stalking. This article is intended to provide information and resources to help with protecting privacy. Keep in mind that privacy principles and concepts have overlapping effects.

Are you aware of the current state of affairs? If you are dependent on the mainstream news media such as television and more television, and the highly touted radio talk show hosts-there are three or four, I suggest you miss a great deal. Are you open minded? Will you at least entertain some new ideas and look at the evidence? If so, I highly recommend a relatively new newspaper done the old fashioned way-the way papers are best read, in hardcopy form. It is called, “The Sovereign” Newspaper. Write for subscription information:

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If you are interested in preserving your freedom, privacy may be an important issue for you and your family. Come to think of it, a few short years ago, a very fine radio talk show host, Frank Whelan expressed that freedom was closely related to personal and business privacy, and this was during my early interviews with Frank during the early stages of promoting my first book, Privacy Crisis: Identity Theft Prevention Plan and Guide to Anonymous Living. Certain radio interviews on privacy living and identity theft prevention and other privacy-related topics are archived on our website. You may want to tune in and perhaps you can benefit from our free privacy e-mail privacy courses that are e-mailed to subscribers each day for several days. These are introductory courses to personal privacy.

Privacy Crisis will provide a foundation of information on general privacy. You can learn to travel, work, and live anonymously. As the digital age offers challenges to the privacy advocate, the book provides details on how to keep ISPs your business. You can remain anonymous in all your internet affairs. And it is a good idea to do so.

Privacy Crisis Banking, my new book provides financial privacy and banking secrecy information and specific resources used by pros worldwide to accomplish banking privacy and secrecy in all money and property affairs. Read trade reviews and customer reviews and more customer reviews.

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Stop Stalking with Banking Privacy and Financial Privacy

Stalkers and investigators track and trace  using the SSN and banking records.

Are you concerned with someone or an agency finding your bank account(s), brokerage accounts, or source of funds?

Generally speaking, the majority of the populations’ banking information, brokerage accounts, home mortgage information can be found by an investigator or stalker within minutes after accessing a database available to subscribers who want to perform such searches. Unfortunately, these searches often lead to the garnishment or confiscation of these funds-sometimes without cause.

Through the use of privately registered entities, one can create a financial privacy plan that includes banking privacy for storing money used for ongoing expenses and an asset protection plan for investments.

Home privacy and business privacy will benefit you and your family as these personal privacy measures will prevent identity theft, stop stalking, and avoid a privacy invasion. Privacy living principles have overlapping effects.

We have Free articles and e-mail courses that may be of benefit to you as you strive to avoid identity theft, stop stalking, and obtain banking secrecy. In addition, we sell two e-book, Privacy Crisis and Privacy Crisis Banking. And Privacy Crisis Banking is available as a hardbound book at bookstores and through online sources in the U.S. and worldwide.

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Grant Hall’s new book, Privacy Crisis Banking explains how to stop abusive ex-spouses, private investigators, nosey agencies, and all stalkers from finding you and your money with the ultimate bank secrecy account. Keep the SSN off of accounts for banking privacy and make your family safe with home privacy. The “invisible mortgage” keeps home loans private. Credit bureaus and all who view them will not know where you live. Financial privacy and banking secrecy keep investments safe from garnishment and seizure. Use Banks, brokers, private safe deposit box companies used by pros worldwide. These financial institutions’ names, addresses, phone numbers, websites are inside the book. Privacy Crisis Banking is sold at Barnes & Noble stores, Amazon, and other booksellers. The e-book version can be purchased and downloaded within minutes.

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How to Disappear from an Abusive Ex-Husband

Are you a stalking victim who wants to learn personal privacy principles to stop the stalking of an ex-husband? As the statistics are skewed toward men who are dangerous stalkers, this article who focus on stalking victims who are women who want to know how to stop the stalking of an ex-husband or other stalker.

It is possible to learn how to disappear and never be found. One article that explains how to disappear may be of interest and this link is provided for your use:

If you are worried about a stalking problem with an ex-spouse or other stalker, our free privacy living course on how to stop stalking may be of interest to you and it is free and can be received by e-mail over a period days. Here is the link:

While the above course addresses stalking problems in particular, many privacy principles have overlapping effects. One can avoid stalking through the practical application of privacy principles. For instance, the private registration of an automobile will prevent a stalker from learning your identity when he runs your license plates. Here is an article on travel privacy:

If you are serious about escaping a troublesome and dangerous ex-husband or abusive spouse, we suggest you learn how to make your life private. An important component of business and personal privacy is financial privacy, and we have a Free information e-mail course on banking privacy, and you may receive this course over a period of days. Sign up at:

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How to Disappear from an Abusive Spouse

How does one learn how to disappear from an abusive spouse and never be found by an abusive husband or wife? Should a stalking victim depend on law enforcement or other agencies to protect their privacy? We believe individuals who become stalking victims or who want to disappear from an abusive spouse  should take responsibility for themselves and stop the stalking through high-level personal privacy living principles. This article will address key consumer privacy living principles and concepts that will ensure the  safety of one who becomes a stalking victim and needs to take the steps to avoid an exhusband’s stalking-or the stalker could be an exwife as well. Key personal privacy living concepts include:

Home Privacy

Home privac is the most important part of any consumer privacy program. A traditional mortgage allows anyone to see where you live through accessing credit bureau files or county databases.

If you borrow money, learn to disguise the source of funds. Borrowing money privately for a home purchase is key  to establishing home privacy.

Create an “invisible home mortgage” as described in Privacy Crisis Banking.

Mobile living is the most prvate of all home privacy plans.

Travel Privacy

Make the automobile used for travel have no links to you. This requires knowledge of how to register the car. A Trust as the owner has worked quite well for many who use travel privacy to disappear from an abusive spouse. The car’s plates must not reveal your name  when the dangerous stalker runs the license plates through a database. See the travel section of Privacy Crisis.

Banking Privacy

Financial privacy and banking privacy are key to losing your abusive spouse. Utilize the concepts I have outlined in Privacy Crisis Banking. You have choices as well as resources. Certain financial institutions will help you meet your financial privacy needs. Credit card privacy is also essential and you can be tracked through the credit card purchases. Use gift cards to preserve credit card privacy as per the book. One resource offers a $500 card with no registration requirement.

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Protecting Privacy and how to Stop Stalking

How can you protect your privacy when you are stalked by a dangerous exhusband or become the victim of another engaged in harassment stalking? What elements of privacy living are most important for the stalking victim who needs to protect identity and be free from stalking harassment? This article will outline a number of key principles to stop stalking, and readers should use the books to the right this article to position themselves to be free from stalkers.

Financial privacy in general and banking privacy in particular are necessary privacy principles for those who become stalking victims. Keep assets and money separate from your personal identity. Use the entities, resources as explained  in the books.

Home privacy is the most important part of a privacy program. Utilize the invisible mortgage principle as explained in Privacy Crisis Banking when money is borrowed to purchase your home.

Create a new identity for all non-official purposes to protect identity. This concept is not as difficult as you might imagine. Follow the fictitious character Alex Corbin in the book, Privacy Crisis. He was able to evade all who followed him through the use of a new identity for privacy purposes. Make sure to follow the laws in your jurisdiction while using your pen name or stage name.

You can protect privacy and escape a dangerous stalker when you are dedicated and have the correct information and resources. Make certain to use your true  name for all official purposes. Living under the radar is essential. Use entities for your banking secrecy and financial privacy plan as explained in the books.

Stopping a stalker through the use of home privacy, banking privacy, and the full use of all available resources will allow the stalking victim to escape a stalker.

Grant Hall

Stop Stalking with financial privacy and a banking secrecy plan

Do you want to learn how to disappear and never be found?

You may want to read my popular article, Escape a Stalker in Twelve hours at:

Once you’ve taken care of the basics of privacy living including home privacy, travel privacy, work privacy, and established a communication system that will enable you to live under the radar, it’s time to think about money and banking privacy. Here are some key financial privacy principles to remember and follow:

1. Home owners who finance their property must borrow money privately. Learn how to create an “invisible home mortgage” by reading the chaper on that topic and follow the flow chart that defines this home privacy principle. It’s all in the red, white, blue, and green book to the right of this article. Have a look.

2. Banking secrecy provides for financial privacy and freedom from being tracked and traced by your tormentor. You have several options. The Ultimate Bank Secrecy Account is the best and provides the best banking secrecy.

3. Check Cashing stores keep your account balance at $0.00. Use them along with an anonymous safe deposit box or a money safe.

Phone stalking, cyber stalking, unwanted private investigations, and garden variety “followers” are all cause for concern, and I would treat each of these privacy intrusions as serous invasions of personal privacy. Any or all of these stalkers will attempt to locate your money, and it will be easier for them to continue their stalking behavior if they know your source of funds. When they cannot find your bank account, home address, investments, you will be on your way to being free again. That’s why banking privacy and financial privacy in general are so important to stopping a stalker.

Key resources you may want to read are both books to the right of this article. With these, you can learn to travel, bank, work, and live anonymously, and my latest book, Privacy Crisis Banking provides resources for bank secrecy, anonymous safe deposit boxes, and all information necesary for keeping your financial life private.

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Financial privacy and banking secrecy will stop stalking

Financial privacy and banking secrecy are important personal privacy considerations necessary for stalking victims who want their abuser to stop stalking.

As a stalking victim, you will want to utilize business and personal privacy principles and methods proven to be successful-the ones the pros use who practice privacy on a daily basis and who live under the radar.

We would like to call your attention to our best-selling e-book, Privacy Crisis that may be of interest to you when your life is being ruined by an internet stalker or the garden variety, stalker. It matters not how you are being stalked-the imporant thing is to begin to make your life private in order to stop the stalking and regain your freedom.

Typically, the very serious stalker will tap into credit reports or hire investigators to access your personal property information and banking and investment information. Because of these serious privacy invasions, the stalking victim will want to utilize all of our proven personal and busines privacy resources as described in our books.

In case you want to know how privacy experts and customers regard the book, Privacy Crisis, take a look at these testimonials:

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books have useful perspectives but are
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David Jack Quilty (alternate name)

Privacy Crisis contains information on all aspects of business and personal privacy and is jam packed with proven principles and concepts that empower you to travel, bank, work, and live under the radar.

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The New book, Privacy Crisis Banking is packed full of guidance on how to make your personal and business financial life private and banking secrecy resources are included.


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stalking victims stop stalking with home privacy

Home privacy is key to stopping stalking and stalking victims must take the time to learn how to live anonymously whether they rent or own their home.

Home privacy is the foundation of a stalking victim’s personal privacy program to stop stalking.

Here are some articles that may provide valuable information for stalking victims who risk danger from an abusive husband, disgruntled ex, internet stalker, or other stalker.

It is possible to rent a home or apartment without revealing your most personal and confidential information. Most of the time, you will be asked for your name, Social Security number, place of employment, previous home address, and financial information. The reason why it is impossible to have home privacy when such details are revealed to a property manager is because your credit report will reflect the inquiry made as you apply for a rental property, thus alerting your tormentor or his goon squad of your whereabouts when they tap into your credit bureau files.

You may want to subscribe to our Free e-mail course on how to stop stalking.

As a newbie to privacy living, you will want to reap the benefits of proven ways to stop stalking by reading Grant Hall’s  e-book, Privacy Crisis.

It is possible to learn how to disappear completely and never be found when the privacy crisis principles and methods are implemented.

There are overlapping effects to various aspects of personal privacy. We recommend you study and learn all you can about business and personal privacy living in order to escape from your troublesome, dangerous stalker.

Look for Privacy Crisis Banking, Grant Hall’s new book. Available everywhere, Fall, 2011.

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stop harassment stalking with an offshore address

Stop harassment stalking by utilizing an offshore address to make the world and your internet stalker or other stalker believe you have moved out of the country.

Your ruse address will have to appear real in order to avoid a home privacy invasion or other personal privacy intrusion that stalking victims endure. Are you serious about stopping your stalking problem?

You can escape your enemy, but you’ll have to “move” in order to accomplish this feat. And your new home address will necessarily have to be recorded in all data bases that matter. This means your mail nominee at your official address-in whatever country you choose to move to-will have to receive your mail and forward it back to you.

We have evidence over many years of privacy experts using this offshore address privacy tactic to secure themselves and their families. Stalking victims, too, have repeatedly using this privacy principle as well as other concepts to escape their stalker.

Perhaps you are interested in our Free information series on how to defeat a stalker.

Our best-selling e-book, Privacy Crisis: Identity Theft Prevention Plan and Guide to Anonymous Living provides comprehensive information on all aspects of privacy living.

Through the use of the principles and concepts outlined in this book, stalking victims will be able to stop stalking and regain their personal privacy and freedom.

You can be reading the book within Five minutes from now. Buy the book and solve your privacy crisis through the principles and concepts used by privacy experts throughout the world.

Thanks and enjoy the book.

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