How to be Invisible on Paper for Safety and Privacy

Are you suffering from a privacy crisis? Today, unless you take personal privacy precautions, you and your family as well as your personal and business property could be in danger. How can you guard against such disasters as becoming a stalking victim, prevent identity theft, both business and personal, and live privately while participating in the “normal” activities of work and socialization?

It is possible to become “invisible” on Paper by creating a self totally separate from the real you. And your life does not have to be disrupted in the process. Your new privacy living priorities will, however, separate you from the crowd, and you will, of course be more selective in the people you associate with as well as careful about who knows details of your intimate, private life.

A worthwhile objective if you’re convinced you need to take your privacy to the next level is to establish a new identity, create an alter ego-an identity to be used only for the sake of privacy and safety, and to be used for non-official purposes.

Once, you become someone else-on paper, stalkers will have no clue to your whereabouts, and your days of being a stalking victim will cease. You will no longer have to endure the harm “he” caused.

What about money and financial privacy? Worried about all the privacy invasive measures banks, brokers, currency dealers, and others ask for when you want to invest or buy expensive items? It is possible to do all of this and do it according to the policies of these institutions while not skirting laws or putting yourself at risk. It’s just that you’ll need to teach yourself how to bank anonymously-as anonymous as is necessary to keep unwanted identity thieves and others-perhaps an ex-spouse from draining your accounts or running up your credit card bills.

Learn to bank and hold property privately by reading Grant Hall’s financial privacy e-book, Privacy Crisis Banking.

While your banking and brokerage accounts will be under your control, the accounts will be titled under entity names. And these entities can be registered anonymously when registration is a requirement. Home privacy can be established when you buy a home by titling the property in a trust or an investment property in a Limited Liability Company. These privacy crisis principles will enable you to establish your financial privacy while keeping everything on the up and up.

Grant Hall wrote Privacy Crisis and this e-book contains an entire section on financial privacy. Chapter topics in the book, Privacy Crisis include Anonymous Banking, Private Bill Payments, Private Investments, Real Estate and Hard Assets, Credit Bureaus, and Retirement Accounts.

Establishing financial privacy as described above empowers one to control all financial matters without revealing his/her identity on these assets to the outside world. Thus, one’s financial life becomes invisible to the outside world.

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Stop Being a Stalking Victim: Establish Home Privacy, Alternate Identity

Stopping a dangerous stalker is the most difficult part of the stalking experience. And while the word, victim implies helplessness, that’s often the predicament one finds themselves in if they are unfortunate enough to draw a personality disorder dead set on playing the predator role for as long as it takes to conquer the stalked. Indeed, stalkers’ level of seriousness vary. Some will cease and desist rather quickly while others chase their prey for years and years. The risk a “victim” faces is failing to detect the level of seriousness of the hunter unless and until harm is done.

This article is for the individual who wants solutions. Stopping a stalker is not an easy task. And time, effort and money are required to regain one’s freedom.

Once a person enters the desperation phase and realizes his or her life is at stake, the level of seriousness often shifts to survival mode.

Changing one’s location is a first step to breaking the trail from the tormentor. It’s a drastic step, but remember, we’re talking about survival-traditional remedies will have already been exhausted. Restraining orders, law enforcement assistance, good intentioned social agencies all have their place, and admittedly, these agencies have all helped stalking victims. But we’re interested in solutions only you can achieve to gain your independence when everything else has failed and you know you’re in danger.

Home privacy is perhaps the most important part of any privacy program. If you can be found by way of a credit report, you can be found by the stalker hunting you. You will not be able to escape unless you resort to non-traditional home privacy methods-principles used by privacy experts who have to succeed, and you will be wise to copy these guys and gals in order to survive.

Surprisingly, once one is serious and realizes their life is on the line and proper techniques and principles are used to escape, the time it takes to “disappear” is only a day or so. You can escape a dangerous stalker by this time tomorrow once you learn what is required to do it.

Establishing an alternate identity may sound like a measure you would like to avoid. I don’t blame you. It’s inconvenient, requires some none of your business types of fibbing and is one of the most effective methods of escaping a stalker, forever.

You are well on your way to freedom and safety once you have relocated and there is no paper trail to your home or name by way of traditional data base searching methods. However, the use of an alternate identity and a residence that allows you to live under the radar are only the beginning of your new life away from your stalker.

You will probably have to work. Can you work and keep your privacy? Yes. But, that presents a whole new set of challenges. For now, let’s just say that it can be accomplished and we’ll leave that subject for another article as it is a specialized privacy principle.

J.B. Zanshartzen

stalking victims stop stalking with home privacy

Home privacy is key to stopping stalking and stalking victims must take the time to learn how to live anonymously whether they rent or own their home.

Home privacy is the foundation of a stalking victim’s personal privacy program to stop stalking.

Here are some articles that may provide valuable information for stalking victims who risk danger from an abusive husband, disgruntled ex, internet stalker, or other stalker.

It is possible to rent a home or apartment without revealing your most personal and confidential information. Most of the time, you will be asked for your name, Social Security number, place of employment, previous home address, and financial information. The reason why it is impossible to have home privacy when such details are revealed to a property manager is because your credit report will reflect the inquiry made as you apply for a rental property, thus alerting your tormentor or his goon squad of your whereabouts when they tap into your credit bureau files.

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As a newbie to privacy living, you will want to reap the benefits of proven ways to stop stalking by reading Grant Hall’s  e-book, Privacy Crisis.

It is possible to learn how to disappear completely and never be found when the privacy crisis principles and methods are implemented.

There are overlapping effects to various aspects of personal privacy. We recommend you study and learn all you can about business and personal privacy living in order to escape from your troublesome, dangerous stalker.

Look for Privacy Crisis Banking, Grant Hall’s new book. Available everywhere, Fall, 2011.

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home privacy key to harassment stalking crime prevention

Stalking victims who have read our Free e-mail information series and my privacy book and privacy articles find solutions to the harassment stalking crime by adhering to strict personal privacy living and home privacy guidelines.

The stalking victim who is threatened by phone stalking will be able to break the connection from herself and prevent further stalking harassment by using an unlisted, cell telephone only while making certain to not include any name or other personal and confidential information when buying and registering the telephone. Phone stalking is quite a common method of harassment stalking and can easily be avoided when cell phones are purchased for cash and loaded anonymously while buying pay as you go cards for cash. And telephone harassment stalking will cease once there is no link from your phone number to you. In order to assure home privacy, this measure is a necessary stalking crime prevention measure and should be a priority for stalking victims.

The stalking victim can learn how to disappear completely and never be found when a dangerous stalker is posing threats to the stalked, and a very secure form of home privacy can be accomplished rather quickly. An article on the subject of home privacy for stalking vicitms appears Here.

One can regain their personal privacy and stop stalking through a variety of consumer privacy methods that are explained in various article written on the website and blog, and these are: and

Remember to take the crime of stalking seriously as a large percentage of stalking victims are injured by their dangerous stalkers.

Grant Hall

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can you make him stop stalking you?

Create a New Identity

Begin using a new name immediately to break the paper trail from your old identity. Stored data won’t be relevant once you begin to be someone else for all unofficial purposes.

Do not lie to law enforcement concerning your true identity. Using an alternate name once you create a new identity should be done only when it’s legal to do so. It is imperative that you check the laws in your jurisdiction prior to assuming a new identity.

When you use a new identity during every day living without revealing the real you to those without a need to know, you can successfully avoid harassment stalking. Privacy living is easier than you may think and your stalker will stop stalking you as his trail to you will be lost.

Avoid harassment stalking through creating a new identity

Renting in a pseudo name will prevent harassment stalking to a degree. This is the first step to escaping a troublesome and dangerous ex spouse or ex lover.

When you buy a house, your use of a pen name for privacy purposes. This privacy living principle combined with holding the property in a trust’s name will do wonders to enhance your personal privacy and home privacy. This is one of the most important aspects of successful privacy living.

Travel, bank, work, live anonymously

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My e-book has privacy living principles and concepts that provide methods to avoid cyber stalking, phone stalking, and stalking victims have found it most valuable as they learn how to disappear completely and never be found.

Grant Hall

Jane’s battle for banking privacy to stop stalking

Money and banking secrecy are important to Jane. She’s now divorced and has recently become a stalking victim. Her ex-husband has been arrested twice and she has a restraining order against him that is supposed to keep her safe. Sadly, despite Jane’s many confrontations with her stalker, he seems to be winning the battle to control “his property” as he refers to her. And, even though Jan relocated to another state, her ex’s private investigator tracked her through her bank accounts. You see, Jane’s financial life is an open book that has to be closed if she ever expects to escape  her stalker. And banking privacy is a top priority to empower her to live happy and free again.

Banking privacy? IF you listen to the talking heads who dominate the airwaves and act as the mouth pieces for the fascist administration, you might think “banking privacy” is the biggest oxymoron of the past few decades. After all, banks “require” your full name, date of birth, two forms of “acceptable identification”- one government issued, Social Security number- unless you’re an illegal alien Mexican, of course, home address, work address, chexSystems clearance, and in some cases, finger prints-yes finger prints to cash checks in certain cases, once the bank account has been opened. Now, who on earth could write an article claiming banking privacy is really doable in today’s fascist U.S.A.?

Jane’s case is not all that unusual as stalkers often work the system to track their prey and use their resources-private investigators or others to tap into bank account data bases to find their stalking victims’ bank accounts. Once the money is discovered, the individual can often be located rather easily unless the stalking victim has taken precautions to keep her confidential information-mainly her home address, Social Security number, telephone number, and e-mail address off of the bank’s records.

Most stalking victims suffer many falls prior to escaping their stalker-IF they ever manage to defeat their stalker. And, of course, few know anything about financial privacy or banking secrecy-they’ve been told it’s not possible or cannot be done or some other such nonsense-usually by those same talking heads that place the masses in trance-like states as they scoop propoganda and lies into their non-thinking skulls.

Sadly, the American public is brain-dead, brain washed, and illiterate, enmass. According to an expert on the subject, Frosty Woolridge, a speaker, writer, former educator, and researcher, 50 million American adults cannot read at fourth grade level. (Source: Frosty Woolridge’s guest appearance with talk show host, Jeff Rense, September, 2010, ). With that kind of mass illiteracy, is it any wonder that many have no idea how to cope with a privacy crisis such as being stalked by a stalking criminal?

Escaping a stalker is hard work and requires intelligence, resources, and literacy.

Back to Jane’s quest for banking privacy. Jane can accomplish banking secrecy through the use of commercial banking’s third cousins, the check cashing stores. These are the little stores that used to cater to the banking industry’ black listed and shunned customers. But, now, these check cashing stores are becoming most popular among some former banking customers-like Jane who just discovered one through her research and by reading the big red, white, and blue book to the right of this column. Now, she has the ability to have bank secrecy and financial privacy that not even her ex’s goons can uncover.

Jane has learned the ropes and has discovered how to bank anonymously in the U.S.A.

James Clark King, LLC

Stalking victims nightmare and how to disappear and never be found

It’s difficult being hunted. Trying to sleep can be a fearful, wide-eyed, worrisome, affair filled with the anxiety of wondering when he will find you. How can you be certain he won’t find you? Your abusive husband, the dangerous stalker, promised he would stalk you to the end of the earth if necessary. And he is doing just that. How can you stop the stalking? You need to learn how to disappear and never be found.

Step one: Make certain you remove all traces of your money links to you before you make your clean getaway. Financial privacy and bank secrecy are both key to avoiding a stalker. This means the closing of all bank and brokerage accounts under your name.

Step two: Arrange for an alternate way to hold money so that he or his goons will never discover it. Your individual circumstances will dictate your needs. Check cashing stores are a good option for clearing checks payable to you. Anonyous safe deposit boxes and safes can be used to hold cash. Investment funds can be held in a Nevada Limited Parntership registered anonymously the way I describe in Privacy Crisis: Identity Theft Prevention Plan and Anonymous Living.

About your job; This is a quick link to you when you work under your name and Social Security number. It will be necessary to break that trail, too. If you want to succeed in your escape from your tormentor, you will have to take some serious and drastic measures to do it. This means working under another entity name so that you cannot be traced through the new hire data bank that government agencies, private investigators and stalkers use to find their subjects. Again, refer to my book.

Thanks for reading.

Grant Hall

Should you say “no” to Ms. Clerk and keep your consumer privacy?

Can you learn to just say “no” when asked to sacrifice your consumer privacy? That’s what successful privacy advocates do when their right to privacy is threatened. And by the way, why is there a double standard as far as privacy is concerned in the U.S.A.?

Is government and corporate America  stealing your privacy rights and is there a double standard?

I am talking about your president, Mr. Obama. Why has he not answered the calls from hundreds of thousands of U.S. citizens who demand he prove he is one of them? Seems like a perfectly rational and logical request to me. IF Mr. Obama has nothing to hide, it would seem that in view of the bill boards, court cases, chatter and blog talk, that he would simply hold a press conference and clear up the matter-once and for all by providing his proper paperwork to prove his eligibility to serve as President of the United States of America. But, no, he continues to spend-or someone continues to spend more dollars than you earn for ongoing legal costs to keep the cases brought forth by attorneys, Berg and Taitz out of court.

But, oh boy, you surly have to show that utility bill,  driver license, declare all family members by name, and have them present their papers if you want to rent that post office box, don’t you?

Define your privacy living standards to preserve your consumer privacy and to save thousands and avoid a privacy invasion

I’d say that in view of what is clearly a consumer privacy invasion, a breach on freedom, the best course is to declare your freedom, internally while learning how to beat the system-legally of course. And at the heart of that task or ongoing tasks, is the ability to decipher what is required to avoid having a path beat to your door as well as fulfilling your other personal and business privacy requirements. It is doable in the U.S.A. and everywhere. Few take the time, make the effort or spend the dough to do it, however, until an emergency emerges. And then, it’s a rush job, but it can still be done when one has the information.

For instance, many stalking victims did not take preventive measures to avoid a dangerous stalker. They may be  forced to address the matter of privacy living following an incident that causes them bodily harm or emotional damage.

Back to Ms. Clerk and why it might be wise to learn to just say “no”

Ms. Clerk III has a desk  where the buck stops. She can be found in offices of physicians, dentists, license-issuing offices, city service buildings-everywhere you need to go for routine services. So, you’re going to come face to face with her when you buck the system, just a bit. I promise you that.

Since, I am an old hand at talking back to those who attempt to talk down to me or rape me of my privacy rights, I have any number of answers for Ms. Clerk, and I know my requirements. Here are some of my right to privacy requirements that may be valuable for you to ponder:

1.) I do not provide my Social Security number unless it is required by law to do so or unless the service is so valuable that I believe it is worth the risk to provide this most important identifier. I do not have my SSN memorized so it would be necessary for me to have advanced notice in order to provide it.

2.) I never provide banking information to service providers of any kind with the possible exception of using a credit line to pay a large bill.

3.) My home address, personal phone number and utility bills are not provided for goods and services.

There are other privacy guide lines that are necessarily followed as one walks down the path of high level consumer privacy living and avoids the pitfalls and huge time and money expenses of stalking problems, identity theft or a money or property seizure from criminals of all types.

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Privacy Crisis: Identity Theft Prevention Plan and Guide to Anonymous Living by Grant Hall is available for purchase and immediate download.

Can a stalking victim have workplace privacy?

Many data bases contain new hires information and government agencies and private sources can track and trace employees, including stalking victims whose goal is workplace privacy. This post will provide information on how to stop stalking through a successful workplace privacy plan.

The new job

Distance will not matter If you are being followed by an abusive stalker who has the means and persistence to track you. In today’s world, people can be followed through information technology with key pieces of information, mainly the name, date of birth and Social Security number.

Social Security number and other identity information for employment monitoring

Successful privacy advocates who are in the know recognize they have a right to privacy. With that right in mind, it is up to you to make the adaptations necessary at work to learn how to be invisible as you make a living. This is crucial for the stalking victim whose abusive stalker  may go to the end of the earth to find her. This means paying private investigators, bribing those with access to employment new hires data banks and whatever else he must do to locate you at your new place of employment.

Workplace privacy

I know many tout the benefits of self employment as a path to independence and workplace privacy. The truth is that only about one in five businesses ever make a profit. And bouncing around selling trinkets for cash-another “solution” offered by authors for workplace privacy, may indeed enable you to work beneath the radar, but probably won’t keep you out of the bread lines.

You can learn how to be invisible as you work

A number of people have been able to structure their employment to accommodate their workplace privacy requirements. Once you learn employment privacy living principles and bring something valuable to the work negotiation, you will be on your way to learning you to escape your stalker.

Grant Hall