How to Disappear from an Abusive Ex-Husband

Are you a stalking victim who wants to learn personal privacy principles to stop the stalking of an ex-husband? As the statistics are skewed toward men who are dangerous stalkers, this article who focus on stalking victims who are women who want to know how to stop the stalking of an ex-husband or other stalker.

It is possible to learn how to disappear and never be found. One article that explains how to disappear may be of interest and this link is provided for your use:

If you are worried about a stalking problem with an ex-spouse or other stalker, our free privacy living course on how to stop stalking may be of interest to you and it is free and can be received by e-mail over a period days. Here is the link:

While the above course addresses stalking problems in particular, many privacy principles have overlapping effects. One can avoid stalking through the practical application of privacy principles. For instance, the private registration of an automobile will prevent a stalker from learning your identity when he runs your license plates. Here is an article on travel privacy:

If you are serious about escaping a troublesome and dangerous ex-husband or abusive spouse, we suggest you learn how to make your life private. An important component of business and personal privacy is financial privacy, and we have a Free information e-mail course on banking privacy, and you may receive this course over a period of days. Sign up at:

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Home Privacy key to stalking harassment worries

Home privacy is a key component of personal privacy. This article provides options for establishing living quarters that will not be accessible to soldiers of the state, aggressive sales people, dangerous stalkers, identity thieves, and other criminals.

Home privacy and a non traditional living style are essential for claiming your right to privacy.

Renting a home

Renters must not allow property managers access to their most personal and confidential infomation lest they show up in data bases. That aggressive ex-dreamboat could become your most dreaded nightmare in the form of a dangerous stalker. If you are being bothered-by anyone, it’s prudent to stop the  stalking through high level privacy living.

Becoming a roommate may be an option and this method has broken the paper trail and solved the stalking problems for many stalking victims in record time.

“Owning” a home

Homes ownership may be the American dream, but public property records can ruin your home privacy unless you’re prepared. You can own the home in the name of the most private of entities; an irrevocable trust and use the trust manager principle to stop stalking.

Mobile Lifestyle

Mobility provides for the privacy seeker to be out of privacy invasive data banks. Generally, utilities are held in third party names when one lives in hotels, motels, extended stay hotels, or in RV parks.

The foundation of the privacy lifestyle is your private home. Make sure you understand the best privacy principles and methods for living anonymously as you seek to live under the radar.

You may be interested in subscribing to our Free eight part information series on home privacy living.

For those who want to learn how I escaped my “stalkers” over the long term, review the home privacy chapters in my e-book, Privacy Crisis: Identity Theft Prevention Plan and Guide to Anonymous Living.

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harassment stalking and personal privacy living

Stalking harassment presents the stalking victim with unwanted dangers unless he or she chooses action to thrwart the stalker’s efforts. How can one stop stalking and eliminate the continued threat of harassment stalking? This article will provide ideas on geographic choices for personal privacy living that may be of value to the man or lady whose stalker refuses to give up the chase.

While employment considerations may be of great importance to many, often safety comes as the top priority for the stalking victim. I have written about workplace privacy through the use of a separate entity in another article that may be of value once a new location has been established. Let’s assume the job, occupation or profession is secondary to safety from the harassment stalking problem, and that the recommendations in the aforementioned article and information in my best-selling e-book, Privacy Crisis are used for personal privacy, and that the primary consideration is escape from a dangerous stalker.

Location Choices for Personal Privacy Living

Certain states generally provide less personal privacy for “residents” than others. New York and California are two states that are known to check identification often when even routine goods are purchased or everyday services are sought. For instance, we have encountered vendors who want to check identification for money order purchases in California.

We are aware of privacy advocates having success in cities, towns, and rural areas in a number of states. Cities offer the great population and the opportunity to blend in with an abundance of readily available goods and services. Towns of medium size provide for some valuable privacy features as well especially when transients frequent these areas, particularily college students and vacation travelers. Rural areas, while seemingly the most private, sometimes make privacy living difficult as certain residents will be insistent on knowing the business of all their neighbors.

States in the Western United States are the best choices for privacy advocates based on our many years of privacy living. You may want to consider these if your harassment stalker has stalked you for a period of time: Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, Idaho, Montana, South Dakota. Other states may be considered, too.

Your success as you travel, work, bank, and live anonymously will depend on who you are as well as what you know. You may be interested in our free information e-mail course, Outsmarting Stalkers. This privacy course is Free and will provide basic information on how to cope with the stalking problem.

Privacy Crisis: Identity Theft Prevention Plan and Guide to Anonymous Living is available for purchase and immediate download. Four chapters are devoted to the behavioral aspects of privacy living and this information will empower you to get what you need without undue personal privacy sacrifices. Stalking victims have written me and claimed to have escaped their stalker while using these principles and techniques.

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can a stalking victim stop stalking with financial privacy?

Harassment stalking cases are on the rise as ex spouses and others attempt to secretly monitor the life of their former mate. And the practice may present danger for the stalking victim as crimes are often committed against the stalked by the stalker-sometimes acts of violence.

Monitoring resources often used by the stalker include financial resources such as bank and brokerage accounts held by a victim of harassment stalking.

This article will outline certain steps to break the money paper trail and enable the stalked to gain financial privacy and freedom from the stalker.

Private Bill Payments

An essential privacy principle is the use of non traceable financial instruments to avoid detection of your whereabouts by the stalker or his investigator goons who he may be paying to tap into your credit reports or find your money via asset searches.

Adopt anonymous payment styesms that may include; money orders, cash, prepaid debit cards and gift cards, wire transfers not traceable through the banking system.

Personal Financial Privacy

The use of check cashing stores will eliminate the paper trail of commercial bank accounts and records. Certain stalking victims and others use my highest level of bank secrecy to establish bulletproof financial privacy, and this is the Ultimate Bank Secrecy Account.

Check cashing stores with management cognizant of the needs of those who need banking privacy have made substitute number exceptions for key identifiers including the Social Security number. This will prevent privacy-invasive searches by investigators, stalkers, and others who track their prey through traditional data bases.

Look for more information and resources in this column on the Ultimate Bank Secrecy Account soon.

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how to vanish and create a new identity to stop stalking

If you’re being stalked, you need to learn how to vanish and create a new identity to stop the stalker. How can you stop the stalking when a dangerous abusive ex husband has you in his sights?

First, learn how to disappear and never be found. Creating a new identity will break the paper trail from your old data that is housed in various data banks. Once you have created a new name for privacy purposes, you will be able to successfully stop the stalking. Your anti social ex hubby will not be successful when he attempts to locate you through traditional investigative channels. Database searches will fail, credit reports will prove to be ineffective, and friends and relatives will be tapped for information as the last resources to possibly locate you. Your job as an ex stalking victim is to keep mum and avoid contact with all family and friends indefinitely.

When you decide to learn how to vanish, your method acting skills will necessarily be implemented as you truly must become someone else to successfully break the trail of a troublesome and dangerous stalker. You may be a stalking victim, but you can successfully turn your life around. Many stalking victims have escaped their abusive ex husbands. You can do the same.

Privacy Crisis  will provide all personal privacy information for home privacy and privacy living. Successful privacy advocates live beneath the radar by creating a new identity for privacy purposes while maintaining their official identity. It’s a balancing act to be certain, but a necessary adjustment for stalking victims who want to regain their freedom and stop the stalking and avoid a dangerous privacy invasion, probable physical and emotional injuries, and possibly death.

Thanks for reading.

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cash banking secrecy: a financial privacy option

Stalking victim, Wilma Bollockstein wants to ensure that she has financial privacy to stop the stalking that her ex husband has been engaged in for some eleven years. Wilma’s wake up call came three years ago following a broken nose, a concussion, and a left eye battered and damaged so severely that she lost thirty-five percent of her sight in that eye. This followed a fractured spine, two broken ribs and numberous beatings requiring hospitalization. It took all of this for Wilma to follow the guidelines in the big red, white and blue e-book to your right.

Today, this ex stalking victim’s task is to make her financial privacy bulletproof so that her antisocial ex and his band of private investigator goons can no longer trace her through the money trail that is left by 99.9% of the masses whose assets and property are capable of being watched-even seized by any court or agency that believes they have claim to the property. And such seizures are occurring more and more frequently as governments scramble to make fiscal ends meet now that they’re broke and cannot collect as much tax revenue as in previous years.

Wilma uses check cashing stores to clear her checks issued to her “employer,” a privately registered Nevada Limited Liability Company that receives payment for her salary as a medical technician. This arrangement was structured just as the big red, white and blue book advised, and has concealed her from those privacy-invasive data banks that any apprentice P.I. can tap into for a few hundred bucks. But he won’t find Wilma’s name there.

Wilma walks into the check cashing store, presents her bi-weekly check, receives her cash and leaves. No one can find her bank account. She uses “cash banking,” a form of money management whereby the person keeps his/her money private through the use of an anonymous private safe or other safe storage space designed for the privacy person who doesn’t want his banking secrecy or financial privacy invaded just in case a troublesome, obessive stalker-no matter what variety this “hired gun,” goon might be, decides he and his bosses want to try and seize it.

It works for Wilma and thousands more who are shifting to the total control such money privacy provides. And  this type of banking secrecy may be a good option for you, too if you want to stop the stalking, avoid being stalked, or rid yourself of the threats banks sometimes present to their customers as they struggle for solvency. It is a long and difficult process to retrieve you money from a bank when it fails. Trust me on that point. I’ve had to file claims on two FDIC insured failed institutions, and it’s a giant paper chase designed to confuse and discourage the account holder. With “cash banking,” you’ll have no such worry as your “bank account,” will be under your control entirely. Now, muster up the confidence and prepare to learn more about true business and personal privacy and financial privacy.

Thanks for reading.

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Stop Stalking with Work Privacy Crisis Solutions

New hire data banks will enable the stalker to find you through searches. Rather than try to dodge these privacy-invasive databases, it is better to avoid them altogether by establishing a front entity to receive your payments-a company that will be the entity paid when you provide work for hire services.

Successful employer/employee negotiations for work privacy will empower the stalking victim to force the hunter to stop stalking  as the hunted will have no true name  surface when an employer hires the Limited Liability Company formed to be the front entity for employment. Often employer incentives such as medical insurance waivers are used to entice the employer to do it your way. Successful negotiations also are dependent on a demand for the services you offer as an employee/subcontractor.

Make certain to utilize all private company registration principles as I have described in the book in order to disallow anyone access to your company information. Use the trust manager pricnicple as fully described in my books and articles.

Do not believe that self-employment is the answer to your work privacy crisis. Very few people have the capital and talent, not to mention the ability to be in the right place at the right time to succeed at self employment. Only about one in five new businesses make a profit after a full five years of opeation.

Breaking the trail from your employer to yourself is imperative to avoid a continuation of abuse from an abusive ex husband or other stalker who won’t stop stalking you. Your successful work for hire negotiatons with a flexible employer will provide for a win-win situation for both you and the new employer.

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The Stalking Victims Privacy Crisis

Are you battered, beaten, bruised, and feel hopeless and helpless? Tried court, court orders, restraining orders, the police, and all the rest? Perhaps it is time for a course on how to disappear completely? Once you “disappear,” you will be free and the stalker will stop stalking you.

A stalking victim may be tormented by her aggressive, troublesome, ex-husband, or other stalker for up to forty years. So if you’re being stalked, you may be in for a long ordeal. And sadly, it’s almost impossible for the system-police, the courts, to control these criminals, as they are some of the most cleaver of brutes. That being said, you could elect to take matters into your own hands; learn to disappear completely and never be found.

A New Life Stalker Free

Separating yourself from your stalker is not an impossibility, but will require diligence, intelligence, information, sacrifice, and knowledge. You may want to read an article explaining some of the stalker solutions I’ve written about previously. And while technology advancements change, giving the stalker, no matter which variety you face, new advantages in hunting you down, the hunted always has a clear advantage over the hunter-when he or she has the right foundation of knowledge to deal with the problems and privacy invasions associated with a stalker being on your trail.

The goal of the successful escapee is to travel, bank, work, and live anonymously-tall orders to be certain, and unbelieveable to many who subscribe to the belief that “we have no privacy today.” Not true. You may develop a high level of privacy today. But you will have to have the right foundation of correct information.

For starters, you may want to brush up on what it takes to learn how to disappear. This free information series is a primer on how to outsmart stalkers.

Thousands have used the proven and tried privacy principles and concepts I wrote about in a book, Privacy Crisis. It is available as an e-book for immediate purchase and download. You could be reading about the solutions you seek for the price of dinner at a medium-priced restaurant, and the book is a reference you will use over and over again. Buy the book here.

With the information in sources mentioned in this article, it is possible for you to learn how to disappear completely and never be found.

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Should a stalking victim create a new identity to stop stalking?

Will creating a new identity stop harassment stalking? Yes.

Should a stalking victim get an alternate name to prevent injury or death by a dangerous stalker? Yes.

How can assuming a new identity stop stalking? Once a new identity is assumed and one begins to live under a new name, the paper trail from the real you is stopped-when you do it right.

Living Anonymously

Renting is most practical when one begins to live under a new identity. Most property managers will want to run credit checks, check government issued identification, and obtain personal and business references as well as verify employment. Don’t do business with those who insist on invading your privacy or learn how to handle these privacy invasions. Follow the guidelines the professional privacy seekers have used to live anonymously as explained in Privacy Crisis. Plan, plan, plan and learn what you’re doing, and you will succeed.

Travel anonymously

A trust-owned automobile has proven to be a sure bet to anonymous travel when the car is registered correctly. It’s all explained in the big red, white, and blue book to the right of this column. Anonymous travel has saved many from danger and has kept quite a few from having to pay tickets generated by those sneaky cameras fixed at intersections to tag those who violate traffic laws when the police aren’t present. IF you’re cited by a camera or an officer, handle the citation according to the laws in the jurisdiction.

Privacy is something everyone can afford. Those who need a high-level privacy plan and asset protection plan will be able to afford it.

 Most privacy living principles and concepts can be implemented with average income budgets.

 Learning how to create a new identity will empower the stalking victim to escape a stalker. There’s a great deal to learn so empower yourself by gaining the knowledge necessary to succeed as you live anonymously.


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are you a woman abused by harassment stalking?

Now that you’ve “broken up,” he won’t stop stalking. He keeps calling, shows up unexpectedly at your job, and you have no workplace privacy. He manages to discover where you shop for groceries, and shows up there, too. You avoid his contact attempts and screen your calls while not returning his in spite of his pleading telephone messages. Once he made threats over the phone. You are a stalking victim and a woman abused by an ex who is now engaged in harassment stalking.

Do you want to learn how to disappear and never be found?

That’s a big order to fill. Can it be done? Of course. Is it a lot of  work, expensive and will you make personal and business sacrifices in order to accomplish all of the above? Yes.

Travel, Bank, Work, Live Anonymously

Stalkers have no boundaries and have been known to stalk their victims for up to forty years according to author, Christine Ohlson. That’s a long time. There’s more bad news; nearly one in ten women will be stalked during their lives and a huge number of this percentage will be abused-physically or mentally by their harassment stalker. Check out these articles:

We offer a free information e-mail course on stalking solutions that may be of interest to you. Follow this link:

Privacy Crisis is an e-book available for purchase and immediate download. Through the principles and concepts as described in the book, one can learn to travel, bank, work, and live anonymously in the U.S.A. or anywhere in the world.

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