A List of Ten Stalking Solution Resources

Are you being tormented by a troublesome or dangerous stalker? Perhaps an ex-spouse or lover has you in his sights. Are you in danger? Here are some resources which may prove helpful. A summary of the resource is included as well as a link.

  1. The “Escape Stalkers” info series is a Free e-mail privacy course written by privacy expert and author, Grant Hall. This seven part series is available for the asking and serves as an introductory course in stalking prevention.
  2. How to Escape a Stalker in Twelve Hours is an article written by Grant Hall. This piece provides help for those who face an emergency and want to leave their stalker behind in record time. Be prepared for a life-changing event while avoiding future problems with your tormentor.
  3. Privacy Living has overlapping effects and certain aspects of a privacy plan transfer to other areas which may be valuable to the privacy seeker. “Right to Privacy: How to be Invisible as you Drive” provides the solution to stalkers who may have their victim’s Motor Vehicle information.
  4. Self Defense may become necessary for those who are faced with a stalking problem One website we believe is helpful provides information on self defense.
  5. A women’s health website we recommend as an information source can benefit female stalking victims.
  6. Stalkers often go to great lengths to corner their prey. It is not uncommon for a predator stalker to obtain the banking information of the person being stalked. To keep money under the radar, it is necessary to learn to bank anonymously and though the common belief is that money privacy is dead in the water, Grant Hall has proved otherwise, and it is indeed possible to bank secretly in the U.S.A. Here is a free course on banking anonymously. And Hall wrote a complete e-book on how to keep money and assets private. The e-book is called Privacy Crisis Banking and it is available for sale and immediate download.
  7. One of the most challenging privacy living endeavors is working privately. Due to certain employers’ requirements as well as government and private data banks that track one as she works, keeping the source of your livelihood a secret may prove to be difficult-unless you copy someone who has been successful or use proven methods to work privately. How to Escape a Stalker: Work Secretly by Grant Hall is an actual case history of a person who learned how to work under the radar. The article is free of charge.
  8. The most comprehensive study on all aspects of privacy living is Privacy Crisis, an e-book by Grant Hall which covers how to work secretly in detail as well as all other aspects of personal and business privacy living.
  9. Free information on how to establish home privacy and an alternate identity is covered in a recent blog article. And while, one who is searching for stalking solutions may not relish the idea of changing their name to rid themselves of their stalker, Privacy Crisis, author, Grant Hall believes an alternate identity used for non-official purposes is paramount to privacy success-at the higher levels of personal privacy.
  10. Keeping medical treatment private is important to those who want to live privately and escape a stalker. One can also avoid the expensive problem of identity theft while practicing privacy during medical treatment. Here is an article on medical privacy that will be invaluable to the individual who has committed to getting rid of his stalker.  James Clark King, LLCPublisher

Dangerous Stalker Solutions: Create an Alternate Identity

Becoming someone else for all unofficial purposes lays the foundation for an alternate identity that is necessary to avoid stalkers who have been persistent and may become dangerous and life threatening.

How can you create a new identity? Simply begin using your new name as a privacy policy. There has been no need to make any official announcements, file papers or go before a court to do this, in most western civilization countries. Just to be sure, check the laws in your location and make certain to abide by the current statutes on the books. It’s not necessary to break laws to obtain high-level privacy.

Once a person is known by a pen name or alternate name for everything except “official business,” the link to the old you is broken.

The long term solution to keeping a troublesome ex-lover, ex-spouse or other tormentor at bay is through a systematic, foolproof, privacy living plan designed to keep you safe. One can defeat stalkers through a disciplined, planned effort though it is always a time consuming and sometimes expensive endeavor to rid yourself completely from these people.

There’s tons of privacy information available for the dedicated privacy seeker who desires safety and peace of mind. And the upside to the tragedy of being stalked is the proven solutions to the problem through the implementation of a plan for personal and business privacy living.

We are confident, you’ll be able to develop stalking solutions once you learn the ropes of privacy living.

Sandra Stallengsworth