Protecting Privacy and how to Stop Stalking

How can you protect your privacy when you are stalked by a dangerous exhusband or become the victim of another engaged in harassment stalking? What elements of privacy living are most important for the stalking victim who needs to protect identity and be free from stalking harassment? This article will outline a number of key principles to stop stalking, and readers should use the books to the right this article to position themselves to be free from stalkers.

Financial privacy in general and banking privacy in particular are necessary privacy principles for those who become stalking victims. Keep assets and money separate from your personal identity. Use the entities, resources as explained  in the books.

Home privacy is the most important part of a privacy program. Utilize the invisible mortgage principle as explained in Privacy Crisis Banking when money is borrowed to purchase your home.

Create a new identity for all non-official purposes to protect identity. This concept is not as difficult as you might imagine. Follow the fictitious character Alex Corbin in the book, Privacy Crisis. He was able to evade all who followed him through the use of a new identity for privacy purposes. Make sure to follow the laws in your jurisdiction while using your pen name or stage name.

You can protect privacy and escape a dangerous stalker when you are dedicated and have the correct information and resources. Make certain to use your true  name for all official purposes. Living under the radar is essential. Use entities for your banking secrecy and financial privacy plan as explained in the books.

Stopping a stalker through the use of home privacy, banking privacy, and the full use of all available resources will allow the stalking victim to escape a stalker.

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Home Privacy key to stalking harassment worries

Home privacy is a key component of personal privacy. This article provides options for establishing living quarters that will not be accessible to soldiers of the state, aggressive sales people, dangerous stalkers, identity thieves, and other criminals.

Home privacy and a non traditional living style are essential for claiming your right to privacy.

Renting a home

Renters must not allow property managers access to their most personal and confidential infomation lest they show up in data bases. That aggressive ex-dreamboat could become your most dreaded nightmare in the form of a dangerous stalker. If you are being bothered-by anyone, it’s prudent to stop the  stalking through high level privacy living.

Becoming a roommate may be an option and this method has broken the paper trail and solved the stalking problems for many stalking victims in record time.

“Owning” a home

Homes ownership may be the American dream, but public property records can ruin your home privacy unless you’re prepared. You can own the home in the name of the most private of entities; an irrevocable trust and use the trust manager principle to stop stalking.

Mobile Lifestyle

Mobility provides for the privacy seeker to be out of privacy invasive data banks. Generally, utilities are held in third party names when one lives in hotels, motels, extended stay hotels, or in RV parks.

The foundation of the privacy lifestyle is your private home. Make sure you understand the best privacy principles and methods for living anonymously as you seek to live under the radar.

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For those who want to learn how I escaped my “stalkers” over the long term, review the home privacy chapters in my e-book, Privacy Crisis: Identity Theft Prevention Plan and Guide to Anonymous Living.

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harassment stalking and personal privacy living

Stalking harassment presents the stalking victim with unwanted dangers unless he or she chooses action to thrwart the stalker’s efforts. How can one stop stalking and eliminate the continued threat of harassment stalking? This article will provide ideas on geographic choices for personal privacy living that may be of value to the man or lady whose stalker refuses to give up the chase.

While employment considerations may be of great importance to many, often safety comes as the top priority for the stalking victim. I have written about workplace privacy through the use of a separate entity in another article that may be of value once a new location has been established. Let’s assume the job, occupation or profession is secondary to safety from the harassment stalking problem, and that the recommendations in the aforementioned article and information in my best-selling e-book, Privacy Crisis are used for personal privacy, and that the primary consideration is escape from a dangerous stalker.

Location Choices for Personal Privacy Living

Certain states generally provide less personal privacy for “residents” than others. New York and California are two states that are known to check identification often when even routine goods are purchased or everyday services are sought. For instance, we have encountered vendors who want to check identification for money order purchases in California.

We are aware of privacy advocates having success in cities, towns, and rural areas in a number of states. Cities offer the great population and the opportunity to blend in with an abundance of readily available goods and services. Towns of medium size provide for some valuable privacy features as well especially when transients frequent these areas, particularily college students and vacation travelers. Rural areas, while seemingly the most private, sometimes make privacy living difficult as certain residents will be insistent on knowing the business of all their neighbors.

States in the Western United States are the best choices for privacy advocates based on our many years of privacy living. You may want to consider these if your harassment stalker has stalked you for a period of time: Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, Idaho, Montana, South Dakota. Other states may be considered, too.

Your success as you travel, work, bank, and live anonymously will depend on who you are as well as what you know. You may be interested in our free information e-mail course, Outsmarting Stalkers. This privacy course is Free and will provide basic information on how to cope with the stalking problem.

Privacy Crisis: Identity Theft Prevention Plan and Guide to Anonymous Living is available for purchase and immediate download. Four chapters are devoted to the behavioral aspects of privacy living and this information will empower you to get what you need without undue personal privacy sacrifices. Stalking victims have written me and claimed to have escaped their stalker while using these principles and techniques.

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can a stalking victim stop stalking with financial privacy?

Harassment stalking cases are on the rise as ex spouses and others attempt to secretly monitor the life of their former mate. And the practice may present danger for the stalking victim as crimes are often committed against the stalked by the stalker-sometimes acts of violence.

Monitoring resources often used by the stalker include financial resources such as bank and brokerage accounts held by a victim of harassment stalking.

This article will outline certain steps to break the money paper trail and enable the stalked to gain financial privacy and freedom from the stalker.

Private Bill Payments

An essential privacy principle is the use of non traceable financial instruments to avoid detection of your whereabouts by the stalker or his investigator goons who he may be paying to tap into your credit reports or find your money via asset searches.

Adopt anonymous payment styesms that may include; money orders, cash, prepaid debit cards and gift cards, wire transfers not traceable through the banking system.

Personal Financial Privacy

The use of check cashing stores will eliminate the paper trail of commercial bank accounts and records. Certain stalking victims and others use my highest level of bank secrecy to establish bulletproof financial privacy, and this is the Ultimate Bank Secrecy Account.

Check cashing stores with management cognizant of the needs of those who need banking privacy have made substitute number exceptions for key identifiers including the Social Security number. This will prevent privacy-invasive searches by investigators, stalkers, and others who track their prey through traditional data bases.

Look for more information and resources in this column on the Ultimate Bank Secrecy Account soon.

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What can you do about his stalker behavior?

Approximately 85% of stalker behavior is the result of a man stalking a woman. Are you being stalked and what can you do about his stalking behavior and how can you stop stalking?

Stalking behavior patterns

In order to escape a dangerous stalker, it is important to recognize the behavior patterns of stalkers. Here are types of stalking behavior and this information is quoted from a website page that may be seen here:

“Types of Stalking Behavior

  • Visiting or following the victim or victim’s family harassing telephone calls, which includes obscene calls and hang-ups
  • Sending threatening mail, which is a federal felony
  • Trespassing
  • Burglary which often shows no forced entry because the stalker has a key
  • Vandalism
  • Leaving unwanted objects such as dead flowers on fences at victim’s home or work place
  • Killing or injuring pets
  • Unscrewing outside security lights
  • Disabling alarm system
  • Disabling victim’s vehicle
  • Disabling telephone
  • Transferring telephone line to another line to monitor messages
  • Plant listening devices
  • Filing change of address form with the Post Office in order to intercept mail.”

Every single type of stalking behavior quoted above can be thwarted by a stalking victim or one can avoid a stalking problem when consumer privacy and business privacy is practiced.

Telephone stalking is an ineffective means of harassing a stalking victim when one does not have a land line or cell telephone linked to their true name.

E-mail and snail mail privacy can be achieved through the use of pseudo names or pen names used for privacy purposes and the use of a mail nominee.

Trespassing, vandalism and burglary are impossible when one rents a home anonymously and holds an owned home through a trust with privacy living principles used to conceal all links to the trustee or controller of the trust. This is not expensive to do, but requires anonymous living information that will prevent stalking or enable one to escape her stalker.

Workplace privacy can be accomplished when expert communication skills are used to negotiate a working relationship that enables the employee or subcontractor to receive payments through another entity.

One can travel anonymously when a vehicle is properly registered with the Department of Motor Vehicles. A trust may be used to hold the vehicle. Make certain you do it right as it is difficult to undo when mistakes are made. The trust-owned car must have no links to you in the agency database.

Summary of how to avoid stalking behavior or stop stalking

All stalking harassment can be stopped when one who is a stalking victim takes the time to learn how to travel, bank, work and live anonymously.

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Stop Stalking and how to disappear and never be found

A stalking victim can stop stalking and learn how to disappear and never be found through the use of consumer privacy principles and concepts as outlined in this article.

Personal privacy and consumer privacy methods

The privacy living principles and concepts are described in detail in the 28 chapter, 390 page e-book, Privacy Crisis; Identity Theft Prevention Plan and Guide to Anonymous living. The book is available for purchase and immediate download HERE.

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Anonymous travel will stop stalking

You can title the vehicle in a separate entity that has no registration requirements anywhere. Make certain your name is not included on the DMV registration.

Certain high-level privacy seekers have kept their name off of proof of insurance forms. They have the trust’s name only on the form and their name as the insured is kept confidential by the insurance company. How do they do this?

Communication is an essential part of privacy living

Who are you?

Learn to negotiate in a way that enables you to get what you want.

Privacy Crisis contains four chapters on the Behavioral Aspects of privacy living.

Banking privacy is necessary to stop stalking

Stalking victims who have a checking account or hold investments in their own name risk having these assets discovered by their stalking ex or persistent, obsessive, dangerous stalker who is engaged in threatening, harassment stalking. And many stalking victims are harmed and killed by the criminal who uses stalking harassment as he/she intimidates the person being stalked.

Bank secrecy can be accomplished through the use of a trust bank account, trust checking account, Nevada Limited Partnership, anonymous safe deposit boxes, certain check cashing stores, and other banking privacy methods as described in my free privacy courses, and these details are explained fully in the privacy book, Privacy Crisis.

Workplace privacy

This will be a challenging privacy living endeavor.

How can you escape the new hire data bases that are accessible to many government agencies? Does your stalking ex husband or stalking ex boyfriend work for the government? Will your cyber stalker or phone stalker bribe or hire a private detective to locate you through a data base that tracks your place of employment and prevents you from having workplace privacy?

Successful stalking victims use a front entity to shield their name and Social Security number from the aforementioned databases.

You can learn how to do the same when you read my information-packed stalking book,  Privacy Crisis. See chapter 22.

Home privacy

You cannot stop stalking and eliminate the risks being stalked poses unless and until you have home privacy.

Renting anonymously and owning a home through an entity under your control will empower a stalking victim to establish home privacy.

All details on anonymous travel, home privacy, and bank secrecy are explained in the book.  An in depth case study on how to work under the radar is included as well.

Thanks for reading.

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How can an abused woman escape domestic violence?

This article provides a way for an abused woman to escape her abusive ex within a short period of time. Specific recommendations are provided for the initial escape and references and resource links are contained  in the article.

Help hot lines and domestic violence shelters

Those who operate these domestic violence facilities are to be commended for their efforts. And to be fair, these companies provide their share of help to abused women. In fact, the hot line may have provided substantial supportive counseling prior to the time the abused woman is ready and willing to end the domestic violence against her by making a clean getaway from her abusive husband or ex boyfriend.  Once this decision is made by the battered woman, it is time to establish a defensive plan-an immediate, emergency plan to stop stalking efforts of her abusive ex who will surely come looking for her once he discovers she has left the nest.

Stopping Stalking

Nipping the stalking problem in the bud is the best strategic plan If it can be accomplished. This means the stalking victim should, if possible, learn how to lose her stalker ex immediately upon leaving the home where the domestic violence took place.

Create a new identity and become a roommate

Begin the escape plan by becoming known by a pen name or alternate name in order to break the paper trail to the real you. How will your stalking ex pick up the trail on Mary Sue Davidson when she is now known as Kathy Washington in her new apartment which she shares with a roommate who has all house utilities in her name?

For more information, please review this article on harassment stalking:

Privacy living tactics

Once an escape has been made, the staking victim and former abused woman will need to adopt high-level privacy living principles in order to establish bank secrecy, ensure home privacy, develop workplace anonymity, and learn to travel secretly.

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Our e-book, Privacy Crisis; Identity Theft Prevention Plan and Guide to Anonymous Living is a stalking book that will provide all the information necessary to prevent stalking or lose an obsessive ex or other stalker who wants to make you his stalking victim. You can purchase the e-book and begin reading it in just Five minutes from now.

IF you question whether you should take the crime of stalking or the crime of domestic violence seriously, please be advised that stalkers are very persistent in some cases and have been known to stalk their victims from one year to as long as forty years.  Consider this piece of stalking information and these stalking statistics taken as direct quotes from the website below:

“Stalking According to the Stalking Resource Center:

  • 1,006,970 women and 370,990 men are stalked annually in the United States.
  • 1 in 12 women and 1 in 45 men will be stalked in their lifetime.
  • 77% of female and 64% of male victims know their stalker.
  • 87% of stalkers are men.
  • 59% of female victims and 30% of male victims are stalked by an intimate partner.
  • 81% of women stalked by a current or former intimate partner are also physically assaulted by that partner.
  • 31% of women stalked by a current or former intimate partner are also sexually assaulted by that partner.
  • The average duration of stalking is 1.8 years.
  • If stalking involves intimate partners, the average duration of stalking increases to 2.2 years.
  • 61% of stalkers made unwanted phone calls; 33% sent or left unwanted letters or items; 29% vandalized property; and 9% killed or threatened to kill a family pet.
  • 28% of female victims and 10% of male victims obtained a protective order. 69% of female victims and 81% of male victims had the protection order violated.

Stalking Resource Ctr., The Nat’l Ctr. for Victims of Crime, Stalking Fact Sheet, (citing Patricia Tjaden & Nancy Thoennes, U.S. Dep’t of Justice, NCJ 169592, Stalking in America: Findings from the National Violence Against Women Survey (1998)”


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abused women use stalking book to stop stalking

Often abused women become stalking victims following their escape from an abusive ex husband or ex boyfriend. This article will outline some anonymous living principles that empower a stalking victim to stop stalking.

Bank Secrecy

Make money invisible. Learn how to hide assets and establish banking privacy. Open a safe deposit box without identification or a Social Security number.

Ensure phone and computer privacy

Prevent government phone taps and e-mail monitoring….stop hackers cold. Prevent a telephone stalker from stalking harassment.

work anonymously

Beat government tracking databases and prevent a stalking ex from finding your place of employment.

how to be invisible as you travel

Do you know the most private way to register an automobile? Contrary to popular belief, a Limited Liability Company is not the choice of high-level privacy seekers, and the insurance company may refuse to insure an LLC owned car. Our e-book explains how to travel anonymously by car. Make certain you learn what you are doing prior to registering your car as mistakes are difficult to undo with a government agency.

get a permanent U.S. driver’s license

There is a way to obtain a valid driver’s license that is good until age sixty-five. This may be of interest to you if you do not what a stalking ex  or his band of private investigator goons checking DMV databases for your whereabouts every few years.

free stop stalking e-mail course and Privacy Crisis e-book available for purchase

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