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Questions and answers concerning how to stop stalking are reproduced with permission of the stalking victims for the benefit of readers. The stalking victim questions contained herein are real and the names were changed for privacy protection purposes.

Money and banking privacy

Janice: I am settled in a new location and am in the process of creating a new identity for privacy living. Is my checking account in danger? It is under my name. What about my safe deposit box contents that I took with me when I escaped my stalker ex husband?

Grant Hall: Review these Privacy Crisis; Identity Theft Prevention Plan and Guide to Anonymous Living sections: Banking Secrecy-Chapters 15, 17, 18. You need an anonymous safe deposit box as explained in the book.

Helen: What are the chances my ex will find me through the credit bureaus?

Grant Hall: See chapters -6,7,8 of Privacy Crisis. Your credit bureau files must not lead to your home, work, or any phone numbers in order for you to prevent a dangerous privacy invasion or more harm from your stalking ex.

Carol: Will there be a good chance he will locate me through my work when I move 2,000 miles away? I work as a legal secretary?

Grant Hall: It will take some time for you to implement the workplace privacy principles as outlined in chapter 22, but you can and must work under the radar in order to prevent additional harm to you, and your case demonstrates the inability of law enforcement to always be effective in stalker victim cases-even though you advised me the court order is in place.

Grant Hall is the author of Privacy Crisis, an e-book that provides proven privacy living principles that provide information on how to travel, bank, work, and live anonymously. The book is available for purchase and download here.

Hall has spent considerable time writing articles on privacy and finance articles that are available at these sites and blogs and others:

Can a stalking victim disappear and never be found?

Fearful of being harmed or murdered by a stalking ex husband? Many stalking crimes result in injury or death to the stalking victim. This article provides an overview the problems of a persistent, obsessive stalker and provides references and information on how to disappear completely and never be found.

Behavioral aspects of an abusive ex husband or ex boyfriend

Relationships are difficult to terminate. An abusive ex will typically have good traits as well as his undesirable ones. Everyone has some good in them. However, the controlling and abusive ex may become a danger to the abused woman.

The abused woman must decide

Codependents have addictive characteristics to dependent relationships. Though difficult to break off, an abusive relationship may be unhealthy long-term, and present a danger.

Abused women make their decisions on whether to stay or leave the woman abuser.

Counseling and support

Counseling for abused women and telephone hot line support may provide immediate comfort to the abused woman. Peer support offers mutual understanding of the abusive relationship.

Breaking free from an abusive ex and how to stop stalking

Once an abused woman makes a decision to leave her abusive ex, she will want to prevent stalking by making certain to break the paper trail to her identity. This is important because controlling ex husbands often become a stalking nightmare for an abused woman who may soon find herself a stalking victim unless she learns how to disappear and never be found.

Review these chapters of Privacy Crisis:

Chapter 3, Using I.D. to Disappear

Chapter 7, The Anonymous Resident

Chapter 10, Driving Secretly

Chapter 15, Anonymous Banking

Privacy Crisis: Identity Theft Prevention Plan and Guide to Anonymous Living by Grant Hall is available for purchase and immediate download.

Harassment stalking and how to avoid a telephone stalker

This piece will provide telephone privacy information for the purpose of stopping a telephone stalker. Harassment stalking is a crime and telephone stalking crimes should be taken seriously by a stalking victim.

Telephone stalking crimes

Are you being stalked? Receiving harassing telephone calls? Take your stalking ex’s telephone stalking seriously as it is a stalking crime that may lead to your physical harm.

The following citation is taken from the website below and a description of telephone stalking crimes is provided, and this is  a direct quotation from this same website.

  • Harassing Telephone Calls in Interstate Communications. This statute makes it a federal crime to use a telephone or other telecommunications device to annoy, abuse, harass, or threaten another person at the called number. (47 U.S.C. Section 223(a)(1)(C))

Anonymous telephone calls

Avoid a telephone stalker by making anonymous telephone calls that cannot be traced to your person, home, or place of business. Receive calls only from a very select group of people.

Pay phones

Pay phones are scarce these days and those that are still standing do not generally offer the best location for a pleasant conversation. Often, they are positioned outside in noisy areas and the environment is less than desirable for a phone conference. Hotels may have private pay phones that will work well for outgoing business and personal calls.

Cell phones

Buy a cell phone over the counter at a retail store, avoid providing your true name, load it with an anonymous cell telephone card. The phone card must be purchased with cash to preserve your telephone privacy. Avoid cell telephone contracts.

Voice mail

Buy a stand alone voice mail number with no connection to you to avoid the telephone stalker’s potential privacy invasion into your life.

Land line telephones

Perhaps you want one at the office or other business cite.

I would not advise having a land line phone in the home as the phone stalker can trace the phone number to your front door when he gets the phone number.

Significant stalking behavior patterns to consider

This information is included for reference and information purposes and is quoted verbatim from the website listed below:

A stalker’s behavior might include:

• Following
• Waiting outside of a home or workplace
• Making harassing or persistent phone calls
• Sending letters or emails
• Sending unwanted gifts or flowers
• Contacting, threatening, or harassing friends and family
• Hurting or killing pets
• Vandalizing property
• Manipulative behavior, for example, threatening suicide in order to force contact
• Spreading lies about a victim, for example, filing false reports, posting or distributing personal or false information
• Collecting information about the victim’s personal life and habits
• Subscribing to services in the victim’s name
• Interfering with utilities or services, for example, having phone service disconnected
• Impersonating the victim or family member
• Accessing personal information through computer files or email accounts

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abused women use stalking book to stop stalking

Often abused women become stalking victims following their escape from an abusive ex husband or ex boyfriend. This article will outline some anonymous living principles that empower a stalking victim to stop stalking.

Bank Secrecy

Make money invisible. Learn how to hide assets and establish banking privacy. Open a safe deposit box without identification or a Social Security number.

Ensure phone and computer privacy

Prevent government phone taps and e-mail monitoring….stop hackers cold. Prevent a telephone stalker from stalking harassment.

work anonymously

Beat government tracking databases and prevent a stalking ex from finding your place of employment.

how to be invisible as you travel

Do you know the most private way to register an automobile? Contrary to popular belief, a Limited Liability Company is not the choice of high-level privacy seekers, and the insurance company may refuse to insure an LLC owned car. Our e-book explains how to travel anonymously by car. Make certain you learn what you are doing prior to registering your car as mistakes are difficult to undo with a government agency.

get a permanent U.S. driver’s license

There is a way to obtain a valid driver’s license that is good until age sixty-five. This may be of interest to you if you do not what a stalking ex  or his band of private investigator goons checking DMV databases for your whereabouts every few years.

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