home privacy key to harassment stalking crime prevention

Stalking victims who have read our Free e-mail information series and my privacy book and privacy articles find solutions to the harassment stalking crime by adhering to strict personal privacy living and home privacy guidelines.

The stalking victim who is threatened by phone stalking will be able to break the connection from herself and prevent further stalking harassment by using an unlisted, cell telephone only while making certain to not include any name or other personal and confidential information when buying and registering the telephone. Phone stalking is quite a common method of harassment stalking and can easily be avoided when cell phones are purchased for cash and loaded anonymously while buying pay as you go cards for cash. And telephone harassment stalking will cease once there is no link from your phone number to you. In order to assure home privacy, this measure is a necessary stalking crime prevention measure and should be a priority for stalking victims.

The stalking victim can learn how to disappear completely and never be found when a dangerous stalker is posing threats to the stalked, and a very secure form of home privacy can be accomplished rather quickly. An article on the subject of home privacy for stalking vicitms appears Here.

One can regain their personal privacy and stop stalking through a variety of consumer privacy methods that are explained in various article written on the website and blog, and these are: www.PrivacyCrisis.com and www.PrivacyCrisis.com/blog.

Remember to take the crime of stalking seriously as a large percentage of stalking victims are injured by their dangerous stalkers.

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Harassment stalking and how to avoid a telephone stalker

This piece will provide telephone privacy information for the purpose of stopping a telephone stalker. Harassment stalking is a crime and telephone stalking crimes should be taken seriously by a stalking victim.

Telephone stalking crimes

Are you being stalked? Receiving harassing telephone calls? Take your stalking ex’s telephone stalking seriously as it is a stalking crime that may lead to your physical harm.

The following citation is taken from the website below and a description of telephone stalking crimes is provided, and this is  a direct quotation from this same website.


  • Harassing Telephone Calls in Interstate Communications. This statute makes it a federal crime to use a telephone or other telecommunications device to annoy, abuse, harass, or threaten another person at the called number. (47 U.S.C. Section 223(a)(1)(C))

Anonymous telephone calls

Avoid a telephone stalker by making anonymous telephone calls that cannot be traced to your person, home, or place of business. Receive calls only from a very select group of people.

Pay phones

Pay phones are scarce these days and those that are still standing do not generally offer the best location for a pleasant conversation. Often, they are positioned outside in noisy areas and the environment is less than desirable for a phone conference. Hotels may have private pay phones that will work well for outgoing business and personal calls.

Cell phones

Buy a cell phone over the counter at a retail store, avoid providing your true name, load it with an anonymous cell telephone card. The phone card must be purchased with cash to preserve your telephone privacy. Avoid cell telephone contracts.

Voice mail

Buy a stand alone voice mail number with no connection to you to avoid the telephone stalker’s potential privacy invasion into your life.

Land line telephones

Perhaps you want one at the office or other business cite.

I would not advise having a land line phone in the home as the phone stalker can trace the phone number to your front door when he gets the phone number.

Significant stalking behavior patterns to consider

This information is included for reference and information purposes and is quoted verbatim from the website listed below:


A stalker’s behavior might include:

• Following
• Waiting outside of a home or workplace
• Making harassing or persistent phone calls
• Sending letters or emails
• Sending unwanted gifts or flowers
• Contacting, threatening, or harassing friends and family
• Hurting or killing pets
• Vandalizing property
• Manipulative behavior, for example, threatening suicide in order to force contact
• Spreading lies about a victim, for example, filing false reports, posting or distributing personal or false information
• Collecting information about the victim’s personal life and habits
• Subscribing to services in the victim’s name
• Interfering with utilities or services, for example, having phone service disconnected
• Impersonating the victim or family member
• Accessing personal information through computer files or email accounts

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Stalking victims avoid harassment stalking with home privacy

Harassment stalking presents serious problems for the stalking victim who may be physically or mentally abused or killed due to a stalking crime. This article will focus on the importance of home privacy measures as an effective way to stop stalking crimes.

Those who are stalked can greatly reduce their chances of becoming harmed or killed through the use of high level home privacy tactics.

Stalking victims are most likely to be female

Nearly one in ten women will be a stalking victim during their lives. The percentage of men who are stalked is slightly less.

Stalking crime statistics

According to Kristin Ohlson, who wrote, Stalking the Divine; Contemplating Faith With the Poor Clares, most stalking is done by ex-husbands and previous boyfriends who refuse to let go of a relationship.

More than 80 percent of women who are stalked by a current or former lover are assaulted by him, and 31 percent of these same women are sexually assualted. Ms. Ohlson also wrote that 76 percent of the women murdered each year were previously stalked by their killers.

Stalking cases last from eighteen months to forty years according to Ms. Ohlson.

Home privacy can prevent stalking crimes

Why is home privacy such an important part of preventing a stalking crime? Because about one in four violent stalking crimes occurred near or at the victims home according to a Bureau of Justice statistic for 2003.

When a criminal stalker has no way of tracing his victim to their home, the potential for violence to the stalking victim under surveillance by the stalker will be greatly reduced.

Rent or own a home anonymously for home privacy

One can become a roommate while using a pen name and break the paper trail to their previous life, and ensure that no one can track or trace them to their new residence through traditional investigative methods.

Buying a home as a trustee of a trust that becomes the legal owner of the house shields one’s name from property ownership records.

Traditional lending practices must be modified or eliminated to regain home privacy following the stalking victim’s escape.

Home privacy and all aspects of privacy living are topics that should be studied for privacy protection and to avoid a privacy invasion.

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