Stalking victims nightmare and how to disappear and never be found

It’s difficult being hunted. Trying to sleep can be a fearful, wide-eyed, worrisome, affair filled with the anxiety of wondering when he will find you. How can you be certain he won’t find you? Your abusive husband, the dangerous stalker, promised he would stalk you to the end of the earth if necessary. And he is doing just that. How can you stop the stalking? You need to learn how to disappear and never be found.

Step one: Make certain you remove all traces of your money links to you before you make your clean getaway. Financial privacy and bank secrecy are both key to avoiding a stalker. This means the closing of all bank and brokerage accounts under your name.

Step two: Arrange for an alternate way to hold money so that he or his goons will never discover it. Your individual circumstances will dictate your needs. Check cashing stores are a good option for clearing checks payable to you. Anonyous safe deposit boxes and safes can be used to hold cash. Investment funds can be held in a Nevada Limited Parntership registered anonymously the way I describe in Privacy Crisis: Identity Theft Prevention Plan and Anonymous Living.

About your job; This is a quick link to you when you work under your name and Social Security number. It will be necessary to break that trail, too. If you want to succeed in your escape from your tormentor, you will have to take some serious and drastic measures to do it. This means working under another entity name so that you cannot be traced through the new hire data bank that government agencies, private investigators and stalkers use to find their subjects. Again, refer to my book.

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Avoid being stalked by a telephone stalker

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A telephone stalker will be unable to trace his stalking victim when telephone privacy tactics are used. Potential stalking victims can avoid being traced by a telephone stalker when they use an anonymous cell telephone and voice mail.

Through the use of high-level privacy living principles and concepts, you can defeat that harassment stalker who may harm you-IF he hasn’t already. Or you can avoid being stalked, though principles of privacy as described in Privacy Crisis.

Voice mail as a means of avoiding a telephone stalker

Set up a stand alone telephone number with only a voice mail feature in an alternate name. Check messages at your leisure and call back whomever you choose. Pay phone (voice mail) bills via money orders. Leave not a trace to the real you for the ultimate in telephone privacy and you will not become a victim of a telephone stalker. I promise.

Land line phones are in the dreams of a telephone stalker

We have not had a land line telephone in our home for years. With a land line telephone number, a telephone stalker can trace his stalking victim to their door steps. Give the wrong person your land line number and he will know where you sleep. Do you want “him” to know where to find you after working hours?

Cell telephones can prevent a telephone stalker from finding you

I recommend you not sign a contract for a cell telephone and give your true name,  credit information, home address, and other privacy-invasive information to a telephone company. Instead, opt out of the normal way of phone communication. Buy a phone off the shelf of a retail store, register it anonymously, load it with minutes from phone cards purchased with cash and prevent anyone from being your worst nightmare as a telephone stalker.

Grant Hall

Stop stalking, end harassment stalking by creating a new identity

This article will provide stalking victims with a quick-start method to end harassment stalking through creating a new identity. A stalking victim can  stop stalking in order to no longer be subjected to the dangers stalking victims face from their criminal stalkers.

Are you being stalked?

Naturally, every stalking victim would like a quick fix to end their stalking problem. Are you being stalked? Think moving around from apartment to apartment will make him stop stalking? I doubt it. Serious measures are sometimes necessary in order to prevent abuse from a persistent ex-husband, ex-boyfriend, or other tormentor.  Besides, he or she will probably go to great lengths to find you-even to the extent of tapping into your credit bureau files or accessing other data bases that contain the addresses of the masses.

How to create a new identity

How to change your identity? How to create a new identity? Simply begin using a new name in order to escape your troublesome, obsessive, criminal stalker for personal privacy purposes. This technique is legal in most western cultures. Still, to be sure, make certain to check the laws in your given jurisdiction.

Home privacy is the single most important component of privacy living

Unless your home is secure, you won’t have a chance of escaping your stalker. If you are being stalked by a persistent stalker, it is imperative that you recognize the seriousness of the problem. Without home privacy, your privacy living plan will be a flop. Take the time to learn how to do it right. Personal privacy living is best accomplished while using a pen name or alternate name to rent your new place. Home privacy can be accomplished by buying a property in the name of a trust while using a new identity for all non-official purposes.

Privacy Crisis; Identity Theft Prevention Plan and Guide to Anonymous Living by Grant Hall contains proven privacy living principles and concepts that enable stalking victims to avoid stalkers or lose a persistent stalker.

Grant Hall