What can you do if he does not stop stalking?

You have been abused both physically and mentally. Support groups help, but offer no permanent resolution. Restraining orders promised to rid you of his contacts and threats, and the police have been called. Still, he does not stop stalking. Your harassment stalker is an abusive ex-husband who will not let go. And you are his prey.

You are worried, tired, sick of it all, and have no one to turn to in your time of need. You are desperate. Perhaps, you have tried all options. You may be suffering from his abusive treatment-physically or mentally.  Your abusive husband may be a threat to you forever unless you learn how to “disappear.”

Do you wish you could leave, never look back, and be rid of his shadow-forever. You can.

It’s hard, a drastic step to be sure, but you can learn how to disappear and never be found-if you are dedicated and know how, that is.

The most successful at performing the permanent disappearing act are those with a need to do it and the right information.  It takes courage, determination, and a will to win-at great sacrifice in order to do it. This is the case when you have an abnormal situation-a stalker who will not let go. Are you determined enough? Is your case that serious?

In order to leave no trace to the real you, it will be necessary for you to leave and never look back. That’s a difficult process. Men who are stalkers are often determined to keep their women (previous lover, wife) under their control regardless of the status of the relationship. Recognize what you are up against before making a decision to leave and “disappear” forever.

If you are serious, really serious, learn how to do it the way the pros have managed to do it.  As the hunted, you will have distinct advantages over the hunter if you have the right information and the determination to escape a stalker forever.


Grant Hall

Considerations for stalking victims who create a new identity

Behavioral aspects of privacy living affect the stalking victim as attempts are made to make the stalker stop stalking. This article will provide insight for those who create a new identity for privacy protection, and to eliminate harassment stalking.

Adjustments have to be made in order to avoid being  stalked forever

Those who create a new identity to break the paper trail from their true name to their new identity face adjustments. Key preparation considerations include:

1. ) Relocation

2.) New personal relationships

3.) Employment changes

4.) Behavioral aspects of privacy living adjustments (general)

Relocation to a new city, state, country

It is a wise decision to place distance between yourself and your dangerous stalker. However, geographical changes alone will not keep a stalker at bay If he or she is serious. And many are serious about their prey. In order to stop stalking, your will need to do more than a “geographical”.

New personal relationships will require you to relate under a new identity

Successful privacy living is complicated, expensive, and time consuming. And it is worth every nickel and every thought and plan necessary to live under the radar, and every hour it takes to do it right. Don’t skimp on your education IF you want to play in the big leagues. There’s a lot to learn. Learning how to handle the new identity (non-official) is imperative if you want to permanently escape a stalker who has been engaged in harassment stalking for a period of time.

Front entities to hide you from the new hire data bases

Few people can be successful working for themselves. Most will have to practice traditional employment in order to make a living wage or salary. That’s okay, but you need to utilize another entity to receive payments on your behalf-just like the movie stars and others. You’ll need to know how to establish workplace privacy and you will need to know how to negotiate your way into this new employment privacy world. It can be done.  I did it and so can you.

General privacy considerations for the stalking victim

Recognize that you will be living a schizophrenic life of sorts, but in a healthy way. It is absolutely necessary to create a new identity for privacy purposes in order to successfully stop stalking in the opinion of this experienced privacy expert and author.

“None of your business lies” will necessarily have to be told in order to successfully avoid harassment stalking, and defeat your stalker.

Make sure to check your jurisdiction concerning laws and the use of a new identity. Follow all laws as you practice privacy living.

Grant Hall