Home Privacy key to stalking harassment worries

Home privacy is a key component of personal privacy. This article provides options for establishing living quarters that will not be accessible to soldiers of the state, aggressive sales people, dangerous stalkers, identity thieves, and other criminals.

Home privacy and a non traditional living style are essential for claiming your right to privacy.

Renting a home

Renters must not allow property managers access to their most personal and confidential infomation lest they show up in data bases. That aggressive ex-dreamboat could become your most dreaded nightmare in the form of a dangerous stalker. If you are being bothered-by anyone, it’s prudent to stop the  stalking through high level privacy living.

Becoming a roommate may be an option and this method has broken the paper trail and solved the stalking problems for many stalking victims in record time.

“Owning” a home

Homes ownership may be the American dream, but public property records can ruin your home privacy unless you’re prepared. You can own the home in the name of the most private of entities; an irrevocable trust and use the trust manager principle to stop stalking.

Mobile Lifestyle

Mobility provides for the privacy seeker to be out of privacy invasive data banks. Generally, utilities are held in third party names when one lives in hotels, motels, extended stay hotels, or in RV parks.

The foundation of the privacy lifestyle is your private home. Make sure you understand the best privacy principles and methods for living anonymously as you seek to live under the radar.

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For those who want to learn how I escaped my “stalkers” over the long term, review the home privacy chapters in my e-book, Privacy Crisis: Identity Theft Prevention Plan and Guide to Anonymous Living.

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financial privacy is key to consumer privacy planning

Financial privacy is a key component of your personal privacy planning program. Indeed, consumer privacy is enhanced greatly when you follow my three decades of experience model for personal privacy and business privacy as outlined in my many articles and book. Let’s review some financial privacy and banking secrecy principles. Here is an excerpt from my e-book, Privacy Crisis:

Chapter 15, Anonymous Banking, page 189

Check Cashing stores

“Many people successfully handle their personal finances without using a bank.

Check cashing companies provide these services to customers who are either on the lam, illegally working in the country, have previously had banking problems and are unable to open accounts with banks, or require very high level financial privacy and do not want to risk clearing checks through a bank or having a bank account of any kind.”

Keep your money hidden and safe from searches and asset seizures

Bank Secrecy” through the use of a check cashing store is fine for your current account needs when you exercise your right to financial privacy and insist that your most private information is kept off of the “account.” I recommend that you not provide your Social Security number or Employer identification number to the institution.

Asset protection or how to hide assets

While the goal of a traditional asset protection plan is to control everything and own nothing, certain privacy experts protect identity, privacy, and achieve asset protection through the use of a bank secrecy and financial privacy program. Privacy Crisis has six chapters on modern financial privacy. You can begin to regain your personal privacy in minutes from now as you read what has proven to be the best personal and business privacy strategies for asset protection and financial privacy.

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Can a bank account garnishment be avoided with banking privacy?

Does banking privacy prevent a bank account garnishment? Yes.

Bank Secrecy

Financial privacy and anonymous banking may be achieved in the U.S.A. or anywhere in the world today.

Stop listening to the talking heads who want you to believe that big government has a right to know your business and where you park your cash. Further, certain media sources would like for you to believe that it is perfectly fine for your assets and bank account holdings to be visible to big government. Why would you want anyone-government included to know your business? Do you want your employees-government to know where you keep your money? You are provided with a right to privacy according to the U.S. constitution. Exercise your privacy rights.

Through the use of certain non traditional banking resources in the U.S.A. and traditional banks offshore, one’s right to financial privacy is assured. Indeed, it is possible to bank online without the use of a Social Security number while using a U.S. financial institution. Details are explained and resources are provided in my New Book, Bank Secrecy: Financial Privacy Crisis Plan and Resource Guide. Look for the e-book to be available soon through our website at: www.PrivacyCrisis.com.

Timeliness of an asset protection program

In order to withstand the test of fraudulent conveyance, assets must be transferred prior to any knowledge of an action.

Assets cannot be seized when they cannot be found through asset searches. However, if one were served with a summons and deposed, he or she should, of course, disclose their true holdings and tell the truth if they were put under oath.

It is important to abide by all laws in your given jurisdiction as you practice bank secrecy. Banking privacy and/or asset protection can be achieved the right way while transferring assets to an entity that cannot be pierced nor can the assets held by the entity be used to satisfy the judgment of an individual limited partner of this company.

A Nevada Limited Partnership has been the choice of many who practice asset protection. It is important to register the company anonymously in order to preserve personal privacy. Once you do this according to the information in Privacy Crisis, you can control all assets while owning nothing.

This article is not intended to offer legal advice. Consult competent professionals for your accounting, legal and tax advice.

Cash and Carry

The ultimate “bank” secrecy program is accomplished by opening an “account” with a privacy-friendly institution that provides check cashing services to individuals and businesses. Once the check is cashed on the spot as it is presented, the individual or business manager receives the cash and carries it away for safe keeping.

The funds are now under control of the person and may be stored anonymously through the use of private companies providing safe deposit boxes or deposited into a “safe” entity under one’ control.

Resources are provided in my upcoming book, Bank Secrecy.

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Can a stalking victim have workplace privacy?

Many data bases contain new hires information and government agencies and private sources can track and trace employees, including stalking victims whose goal is workplace privacy. This post will provide information on how to stop stalking through a successful workplace privacy plan.

The new job

Distance will not matter If you are being followed by an abusive stalker who has the means and persistence to track you. In today’s world, people can be followed through information technology with key pieces of information, mainly the name, date of birth and Social Security number.

Social Security number and other identity information for employment monitoring

Successful privacy advocates who are in the know recognize they have a right to privacy. With that right in mind, it is up to you to make the adaptations necessary at work to learn how to be invisible as you make a living. This is crucial for the stalking victim whose abusive stalker  may go to the end of the earth to find her. This means paying private investigators, bribing those with access to employment new hires data banks and whatever else he must do to locate you at your new place of employment.

Workplace privacy

I know many tout the benefits of self employment as a path to independence and workplace privacy. The truth is that only about one in five businesses ever make a profit. And bouncing around selling trinkets for cash-another “solution” offered by authors for workplace privacy, may indeed enable you to work beneath the radar, but probably won’t keep you out of the bread lines.

You can learn how to be invisible as you work

A number of people have been able to structure their employment to accommodate their workplace privacy requirements. Once you learn employment privacy living principles and bring something valuable to the work negotiation, you will be on your way to learning you to escape your stalker.

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Protect identity and the secret to avoiding identity theft

Consumer privacy principles will provide identity theft self insurance.  One secret used to protect identity and avoid identity theft is the use of a pen name as explained in this anonymous living article.

Official uses of a true identity

One may choose to use a pen name or an alternate name for all non-official purposes.

All official business including contacts with government agencies, police and law enforcement, property matters and other official business require one’s true identity. Also, use your true name any other time the laws in your jurisdiction require you to do so.

Right to privacy

Are you exercising your rights to privacy and your right to protect your identity? Protect identity through the use of an alternate name or a pen name for identity protection and privacy purposes.

How to create a new identity and how to disappear completely and never be found

Generally, one may begin to use any name he/she chooses for privacy purposes.

Common names are best suited for the purpose of personal privacy and to avoid identity theft. One can create a new identity without going through the courts in most western civilization countries.

Please check the laws in your state or country prior to using a new identity whether the purpose is to protect identity or accomplish other personal privacy or business privacy goals and objectives.

Once a new identification is assumed for all non-official business, an individual can easily avoid a privacy invasion that another may be subjected to when unnecessarily providing their true name when not required by law to do so.

For instance, you may be at risk of a privacy invasion when you allow personnel at the service station to know your true name, home address, home phone number and credit card information. One who uses an alternate name, mail drop address, anonymous cell phone number and pays for car services with cash may avoid a privacy invasion.

You can avoid identity theft and protect identity. You may be interested in a free course on how to protect identity and our personal privacy book and identity theft book, an e-book, Privacy Crisis; Identity Theft Prevention Plan and Guide to Anonymous Living.


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Prevent medical id fraud

This article provides a quick reference guide on how to prevent medical identity theft. The crime of medical id fraud is growing rapidly and through assertiveness of one’s right to privacy, it is possible for individuals to prevent medical id fraud.

Stand alone and DO NOT relinquish your rights to privacy.

Keeping that new doctor’s clerks happy is a surefire way to the poor house. The literature is full of id theft fraud cases, and medical id fraud is going through the roof at an average case damage figure of $20,000.00.

Here is a list designed to help you avoid that $20,000.00 loss while preventing medical  identity theft.

1.) Insist on your privacy. Do not be intimidated by the perceived authority-type figures who represent doctors in the often, rude form of medical office clerks. Develop the proper attitude and recognize that how you think and act is Everything.

2.) Once you have had your behavioral adjustment, take a deep breath and relax. Prepare to not provide your Social Security number to medical providers-Ever.

3.) Recognize that medical identity theft can come from an inside job. Click here to see one such example. Now, do you really want Ms. Clerk to take possession of your most crucial, confidential and personal information?

4.) Provide your insurance policy number and carrier Only at the time of service. DO NOT provide it over the phone to the clerk who wants to verify your coverage two weeks prior to your appointment. Will she even be working there in two weeks?

M.D.’s and their army of medical clerks, X-Ray technicians, medical billing staff, and the rest are there to service your medical needs, not to intimidate you into giving up your privacy rights. Exercise your rights to privacy and do the opposite of what the masses do, and you will be on the way to preventing medical id theft.

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