Grant Hall on Protecting Financial Privacy and Preventing Identity Theft

Keeping finances and property ownership a secret will protect identity and prevent identity theft and help you avoid privacy invasions.

Financial Privacy is a core privacy principle for all privacy advocates and will prevent bank identity theft and make you and your family and your property invisible.

Exercising your right to financial privacy is imperative as you attempt to protect your privacy from a number of predators who may wish to harm or steal from you and your family. Potential kidanppers will not be able to identify you as a worthwhile target when your bank secrecy and home privacy measures are in place. Use home privacy and banking privacy as described in the Privacy Crisis series.

Identity Theft Prevention is a huge benefit derived from obtaining home privacy. Of particular interest to many today is how to prevent a thief from stealing your identity in order to receive medical treatment under your name or the name of a family member. Preventing medical identity theft is a priority today as this form of identity theft is the white collar crime of choice among many identity thieves. Keep insurance policy names, numbers, group names, and the identities of all covered members private until the services are rendered. Refuse to provide policy information over the telephone to medical providers and do not provide Social Security Numbers, home addresses, home land line telephone numbers to providers. Instead, substitute mail drops, voice mail numbers, and omit the SSN for personal privacy reasons. These types of identity theft prevention tactics are necessary as many identity thieves have worked for medical providers and some have taken these jobs to gain  access to patients’ records.

These articles on how to prevent identity theft may be of interest as you learn to live privately.

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Privacy Crisis Banking provides financial privacy principles and banking privacy resources for the business manager or individual who wants to practice bank secrecy and keep money and investment affairs private.

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Bank without SSN and Disappear Completely

How can you keep money and assets out of reach from those who may want to steal from you and your family? Can banking secrecy be accomplished today?

You may want to keep your money, assets, home invisible for any number of reasons.  Most will choose banking privacy to protect identity, money, and property.

Privacy Crisis Banking: Bank Secrecy Plan & Resource Guide to Protect Identity, Money, and Property provides new information and resources. Bank and live anonymously. Learn how to bank without a SSN, keep your family safe and make your home your private castle with an “invisible mortgage.” Avoid home intrusions, live off the grid. Here are reviews:

Editorial Book Reviews: Privacy Crisis Banking

As more money is poured into banks, more security becomes vital. Privacy Crisis Banking: Bank Secrecy Plan & Resource Guide to Protect Identity, Money, and Property discusses the importance of security and privacy when managing one’s personal finances and accounts, how to prevent identity theft, and other concerns keep in mind for when banks go wrong. Privacy Crisis Banking is a choice pick for anyone worried about their personal finances. —Midwest Book Review

Privacy expert Grant Hall has written an astonishing new book, Privacy Crisis Banking: Bank Secrecy Plan and Resource Guide to Protect Identity Money and Property. The book provides many real life examples of exactly how to do things like create an invisible mortgage, or open and manage a completely private bank account for personal or business use. Hall even details how and where to store large amounts of cash or financial instruments in a secret untraceable storage vault opened without the use of your social security number! Try to open a new bank account today anywhere in the United States and you’ll find yourself signing documents which incriminate you and violate the Fifth Amendment of the Constitution.
The book also describes how to set up a system where your identity cannot be stolen in the future. Privacy Crisis shows that you can achieve financial privacy amidst the greatest privacy invasion in the history of the world. Recommended! —The Sovereign Newspaper

Buy the e-book and begin reading it within minutes. Buy the hardbound book online or at Barnes and Noble and other retail stores and online sources worldwide.

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Prevent Identity Theft with a Financial Privacy Plan

How can identity protection be accomplished in order to prevent identity theft? How can one stop identity theft? Is it possible to avoid identity theft as this crime continues to pace all fraud crimes? Yes. This article will provide guideance for consumer privacy with an emphasis on financial privacy for the purpose of protecing privacy-specifically with identity theft prevention as the privacy living objective.

Consumer privacy is essential to prevent identity theft and a high-level financial privacy plan is key to protect identity and empower one and his/her family to escape id theft.

Once one’s financial privacy has been established, id theft risk will be reduced substantially. Imagine the confusion an identity theft criminal will experience when he finds no money or assets under his target’s name. In order to make an identity theft fraud crime next to impossible to commit, one needs to have the aforementioned financial privay plan in place before the identity thief attempts to strike and make you and yours an identity theft victim.

In order to avoid identity theft, bank secrecy and personal privacy principles are necessary, and some of the key concepts include:

Credit Card Privacy: Freeze credit bureau files and avoid using credit cards for routine purchases. Use credit lines and cards for major purchases. Request account number changes from the issuing financial institution when you believe it to be necessary for personal privacy protection.

Banking Privacy: Once can obtain banking secrecy when the Ultimate Bank Secrecy Account is used as per the information and resources in my new book Privacy Crisis Banking. Banking privacy can be increased  when checks are cashed without using a Social Security number.

Home Privacy: You can learn to create an Invisible Home Mortgage to make the source of funds used to purchase a home unknown. Fraudsters will be unable to find your home address when they tap into government databanks that contain home owners’ names and home addresses. Likewise, the viewing of credit reports will be of no help as the funds used to buy the house will not lead to the home purchased with the “invisible mortgage.”

Comprehensive personal and business privacy is fully explained in my e-book, Privacy Crisis: Identity Theft Prevention Plan and Guide to Anonymous Living.

My new book, Privacy Crisis Banking: Bank Secrecy Plan & Resource Guide to Protect Identity, Money, and Property provides information and resources for financial privacy and banking secrecy plans. This book is available as a hardcover or as an e-book.

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Live Under the Radar and Prevent Identity Theft

Is it possible to protect identity and avoid identity theft through privacy living? How can one avoid identity theft fraud without the use of questionable identity theft insurance? And how can we stop identity theft dead in its tracks as this white collar crime remains the fraud crime of choice for those who prey on the unsuspecting identity theft victim and his or her family?

Identity theft fraud ruins the lives of many who have no awareness of what consumer privacy should be. Indeed, personal privacy can be preserved when one initiates the principles in this article and in my books to live under the radar. And once a privacy living program is in place, there is no need for costly, privacy-invasive identity theft insurance. Here are some key privacy living principles to help you and your family avoid identity theft:

Financial Privacy Planning

You and your family have a right to financial priavcy and you must maintain a level of banking secrecy in order to protect identity and prevent bank identity theft, business identity theft, medical identity theft or the garden variety type of identity theft. Keep money matters private and focus on banking privacy to ensure that your money isn’t stolen from insiders or others.

Nevada Limited Partnership

Certain privacy advocates utilize an anonymously registered Nevada limited partnership to hold liquid assets. When this entity is set up properly, one controls money and assets and holds these assets anonymously.

Home Privacy

The use of the “Invisible Mortgage” has made the source of funds to borrow money for a home remain a mystery to those who might attempt to invade your home privacy or peek at your credit bureau report. This concealment of the source of the loan and the private registration of the property make one’s home address private, and these home privacy principles are essential to protecting privacy and identity.

Grant Hall


Protecting Privacy: avoid identity theft with privacy living principles

As stated previously on this privacy blog, personal and business privacy has overlapping effects. That is, protecting privacy through high level privacy living prevents identity theft and empowers one to avoid business identity theft and unwanted privacy intrusions by police and others who have no business bothering innocent citizens at home. If you truly want to protect identity and avoid a home privacy invasion, you will want to conceal youself and your family as the police state strengthens it’s power to bother and harass ordinary individuals by tracking and tracing them through databanks that house personal and business information.
We encourage all to follow the laws in their given jurisdiction. And we believe free people have a right to personal privacy, banking privacy, and financial privacy.
Here are some useful links and resources to help you learn about privacy principles that really work:
Do you want to know how to protect your family from unlawful police raids?
Use these privacy tactics:
“Invisible Home Mortgage”: Structure debt to conceal the source of funds used to purchase a home.
Bank, cash checks, open a safe deposit box without a Social Security number or Employer Identification number.
Prevent garnishments, property seizures, and bank identity theft.
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privacy crisis protection articles

Protecting privacy is crucial today as privacy invasions abound. This article will provide access to privacy crisis resources. Articles, posts, our best-selling privacy book and other resources may be found through the use of this privacy protection article.

Travel Privacy during the Privacy Crisis.

Remaining anonymous as you drive prevents identity theft and empowers the driver to retain his/her travel privacy.

Preventing Identity Theft without Identity Theft Insurance

How can you protect identity without the privacy-invasive underwriting application and data privacy invasion that comes with traditional identity theft insurance? Identity theft “self insurance” through the use of high level privacy living tactics as explained in our best-selling e-book, Privacy Crisis: Identity Theft Prevention Plan and Guide to Anonymous Living has worked for many privacy advocats. And once a privay living plan is in place, the money required for identity theft insurance premiums is saved. The concept of identity theft insurance is a controversial subject and certain identity theft insurance companies have been charged with fraudulant practices. Do you really want to give your Social Security number and home address to identity theft insurance company representatives?

How can you protect identity? You can protect yourself from identity theft when you understand how to implement personal privacy principles and methods into your lifestyle.

What about medical identity theft? It is the fastest growing segment of the identity theft crime industry. You can protect yourself from the horrible crime of medical identity theft when you are careful to protect identity during your medical treatment with medical providers.

Free e-mail information courses on all aspects of privacy living are available to readers.

Grant Hall

can financial privacy protect assets?

Want to protect your personal financial privacy and protect assets without the high costs of an asset protection attorney? Do you know how to hide assets without the high costs of forming an offshore asset protection trust or an onshore entity that will withstand an asset search by a troublesome investigator? Certain succsssful privacy experts believe the best asset protection strategies are privacy and due diligence when one has a limited budget and is pressed for time.

This blog and website encourages all readers to abide by applicable laws in their given jurisdiction and the author is not engaged in rendering any professional advice pertaining to legal asset protection. The articles are for privacy protection, banking privacy, banking secrecy, and are intended to empower readers to exercise their rights to financial privacy and  consumer privacy. See a competent professional for accounting, legal, and tax advice.

For bulletproof banking secrecy, set up an “account” with a check cashing store. You will be asked to provide proof of identity with a valid identity document. I never, ever provide a Social Security number or employer identification number to these retail oulets. Likewise, your home address can and should be protected. Keep home privacy by using a mailing address for your business and home in lieu of your actual physical address. Use untraceable phones as your phone contacts.

Once checks are cashed, the storage of cash and other liquid assets without a trace to your name will enable you to protect your assets and prevent asset seizures. And inancial privacy and asset protection provides for other privacy benefits; you can protect identity, preserve home privacy, and avoid identity theft when you practice banking secrecy and financial privacy.

Our Free information series of privacy courses may be of value to you for financial privacy and for asset protection strategies.

Our e-book,  Privacy Crisis is available for sale and immediate download. You will learn how to protect assets regardless of your personal and business privacy needs. Financial privacy can be achieved through the use of a sophisticated asset protection program or simply through  hiding assets while exercising your righ to financial privacy.

Grant Hall

identity theft solutions: prevent bank identity theft

Identity theft solutions are your responsibility! You have the power to protect your identity and your money when you practice personal privacy living methods and principles.

Protect your identity and your money by practicing financial privacy without using a bank or through the use of another entity in place of your name.

Trust Checking Account

Through the use of a trust as the holder of the checking account, you can create a “new identity” to protect your identity and avoid having your name surface when identity thieves attempt to find your money. Care must be taken, however. Keep the trust’s name unrelated to your name and obtain the Employer Identification number anonymously. Perhaps you can convince a banker to open the account your way. I did. And why shouldn’t you be able to have the account titled as you want it? It is your money. If you can’t get the trust account set up as you want it, you may want to consider opting out and ditch commercial banking altogether.

Check Cashing Stores

I have used check cashing stores for many years. These are the retail outlets that loan money to consumers at highway robbery interest rates. I’m indifferent about their loans because I don’t use them. However, I do favor these services for consumer privacy or “banking privacy,” as these institutions are far more consumer friendly than banks in my experienced opinion and based on my years of using them to accomplish bank secrecy.

You can accomplish banking secrecy and prevent bank identity theft through the use of a check cashing store. Don’t provide your Social Security number or home address, and don’t give them a thumb or finger print. I’m amazed at how many consumers roll over like timid little puppies when asked by “authority types” to sacrifice their privacy. Not I. I keep my privacy-financial and otherwise. Perhaps you should learn how to prevent bank identity theft, too as well as avoid property seizures and bank account garnishments. It’s all in my best-selling e-book, Privacy Crisis. You can buy the book and begin reading how to regain your financial privacy and avoid identity theft in just five minutes from now!

Grant Hall

avoid medical identity theft through privacy protection

You can prevent medical identity theft and avoid all types of identity theft through privacy living. The Social Security number is the most important personal identifier and it must be protected in order to successfully avoid medical identity theft.

Avoid identity theft while protecting personal privacy

When scheduling a medical appointment, carefully guard your Social Security number, not just to avoid medical identity theft, but to avoid Social Security number fraud, too. Fifty million illegal aliens and countless white collar criminals who practice identity theft as their crime of choice want your Social Security number. Avoid providing your SSN to Ms. Senior Clerk who shoves forms at you when you arrive for your medical appointment or asks for it over the phone when you call to make an appointment for yourself or your family member.

How can you avoid medical identity theft through keeping your SSN mum when it’s “required” on the medical form? Take a peek at my article written on the subject. These happenings are true and will provide some guidance on how to retain your privacy when you need it most. You will find as you continue to live privately that communication is important to getting what you want. And for the record, I have encountered resistance only once in twenty years from a medical provider while refusing to provide my SSN.

Identity theft and fraud crimes are skyrocketing as an economic depression grips the U.S.A. And medical identity theft is making headlines these days. It’s especially dangerous if you or your family are medical id theft victims as this crime could cause your health insurance policy to be placed on hold, thus preventing you from receiving important treatment while the mess is being sorted out.

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Grant Hall on how to avoid identity theft through privacy living

You can prevent identity fraud and avoid identity theft, a serious and costly crime when you ensure your privacy protection by living privately. Privacy living does not have to be uncomfortable, expensive, and time consuming. However, you will need to gain some knowledge and expertise in order to make certain to protect your identity without identity theft insurance. Instead of entrusting your personal and business privacy to a third party insurance carrier, I recommend you “self insure” your identity to avoid identity theft.

Home Privacy

Protect identity through the use of a trust, a front entity as the owner of your private castle.

Use the trust’s administrative trustee as required to sign on all county documents. Where do you find such a willing participant? An attorney is a good choice. Perhaps the one who formed the trust will assume those duties.

Mortgage or Cash for funding the home purchase?

I recommend you fund the purchase with borrowed funds that are disguised as explained in Privacy Crisis.

Make certain to follow the terms of your contract(s) with all lenders and institutions that have granted you credit lines.


Don’t blow your cover by facilitating a stolen identity when Mr. White Collar identity thief spots your attractive spread and tries to trace you through utility providers. Keep yourself hidden by making certain your electricity, water, gas, trash, telephone(s), Internet Service Provider, and other providers of household services have no link to you individually. A separate entity-the trust or a nominee or other company can buy these services for your use while keeping your name beneath the radar.

Live under the radar and avoid identity theft and prevent identity fraud thorough these simple home privacy principles.

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Grant Hall