Keys to protecting privacy

Here are some of my most important privacy protection principles and the chapters where these key privacy living principles are found in my best-selling e-book, Privacy Crisis.

Financial privacy is essential for freedom. Who has any business tracking and tracing your money and property?


Make money and assets invisible. Open a U.S. safe deposit box without identification or a tax payer identification number or Social Security number. See chapters 15, 17, 18.


Prevent wage garnishments, beat government and private databases. See chapter 22.


Lock out identity thieves. Prevent medical identity theft-the fastest growing i.d. theft crime in the world. Prevent unwanted intrusions. Hide your home address-no matter whether you rent or own your home. See chapters 6-8, 19


Prevent government phone taps and e-mail monitoring…stop hackers. See chapters 13, 14.


No returning to the DMV for 50 years. See chapter 4

All of this and more in my best-selling e-book, Privacy Crisis.

Look for my new book, Privacy Crisis Banking. Coming soon.

Grant Hall

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avoid medical identity theft through privacy protection

You can prevent medical identity theft and avoid all types of identity theft through privacy living. The Social Security number is the most important personal identifier and it must be protected in order to successfully avoid medical identity theft.

Avoid identity theft while protecting personal privacy

When scheduling a medical appointment, carefully guard your Social Security number, not just to avoid medical identity theft, but to avoid Social Security number fraud, too. Fifty million illegal aliens and countless white collar criminals who practice identity theft as their crime of choice want your Social Security number. Avoid providing your SSN to Ms. Senior Clerk who shoves forms at you when you arrive for your medical appointment or asks for it over the phone when you call to make an appointment for yourself or your family member.

How can you avoid medical identity theft through keeping your SSN mum when it’s “required” on the medical form? Take a peek at my article written on the subject. These happenings are true and will provide some guidance on how to retain your privacy when you need it most. You will find as you continue to live privately that communication is important to getting what you want. And for the record, I have encountered resistance only once in twenty years from a medical provider while refusing to provide my SSN.

Identity theft and fraud crimes are skyrocketing as an economic depression grips the U.S.A. And medical identity theft is making headlines these days. It’s especially dangerous if you or your family are medical id theft victims as this crime could cause your health insurance policy to be placed on hold, thus preventing you from receiving important treatment while the mess is being sorted out.

You may be interested in our Free information series on personal privacy living. These e-mail courses will provide basic information for those who want to live beneath the radar and protect identity through privacy living.

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Financial privacy to protect identity

During our four year study on personal privacy, the data gathered conclusively demostrated the following consumer privacy priorites:

1.) Financial privacy, property ownership privacy, and bank secrecy were the top privacy priority for respondents.

2.) Stalking Solutions and stalking prevention ranked number two for those who participated in the study.

3.) Identity theft (all types) was number three.

4.) General privacy concerns including internet and computer privacy, travel and home privacy, and all other categories of personal and business privacy was number four.

Let’s focus on the number one consumer privacy concern; money, property, banking privacy.

Privacy protection has overlapping effects. Protect identity properly and you gain a good deal of financial privacy during the process. For instance, when you do not hold investments-liquid or illiquid in your name and under your Social Security number, it will be difficult for the most sophisticated of identity thieves to commit id theft and you will be exercising your right to financial privacy and gain bank secrecy when you utilize a privately registered entity that cannot be traced to you individually, and have no tax identification number or Social Security number that can be associated with your identity. Think this is impossible to accomplish today as the alphabet agencies and recrently created other sham agencies tell you through their bought-off talking heads that you must relinquish your financial privacy-all for the sake of the security of the homeland? Hogwash!

Learn to follow the leaders of the financial privacy movement who practice their freedom and keep their constitutional rights by keeping their money and property under their control and away from those “hawks” who claim they need to watch over you and your finances.

Review the principles of the Ulimate Bank Secrecy Account by following the link in the above paragraph. More on this in my upcoming book. Stay tuned.

Grant Hall

help for stalking victims stalking ex husband

Questions and answers concerning how to stop stalking are reproduced with permission of the stalking victims for the benefit of readers. The stalking victim questions contained herein are real and the names were changed for privacy protection purposes.

Money and banking privacy

Janice: I am settled in a new location and am in the process of creating a new identity for privacy living. Is my checking account in danger? It is under my name. What about my safe deposit box contents that I took with me when I escaped my stalker ex husband?

Grant Hall: Review these Privacy Crisis; Identity Theft Prevention Plan and Guide to Anonymous Living sections: Banking Secrecy-Chapters 15, 17, 18. You need an anonymous safe deposit box as explained in the book.

Helen: What are the chances my ex will find me through the credit bureaus?

Grant Hall: See chapters -6,7,8 of Privacy Crisis. Your credit bureau files must not lead to your home, work, or any phone numbers in order for you to prevent a dangerous privacy invasion or more harm from your stalking ex.

Carol: Will there be a good chance he will locate me through my work when I move 2,000 miles away? I work as a legal secretary?

Grant Hall: It will take some time for you to implement the workplace privacy principles as outlined in chapter 22, but you can and must work under the radar in order to prevent additional harm to you, and your case demonstrates the inability of law enforcement to always be effective in stalker victim cases-even though you advised me the court order is in place.

Grant Hall is the author of Privacy Crisis, an e-book that provides proven privacy living principles that provide information on how to travel, bank, work, and live anonymously. The book is available for purchase and download here.

Hall has spent considerable time writing articles on privacy and finance articles that are available at these sites and blogs and others:

stalking help for a stalking ex

Are you being stalked?Already a stalking victim?

Whether you are stalked by an ex boyfriend or  an abusive husband/wife, you may become the victim of a dangerous stalker. This article provides information on how to disappear completely and never be found by a stalking ex through the use of an offshore address.

How to disappear completely (on paper)

Credit bureaus monitor changes of addresses of their subjects like clockwork. You as a debtor are kept under their proverbial thumbs as their network of subscribers report your payment history and residence changes. At this time, U.S. credit bureaus do not record foreign addresses in their normal personal data files. However, you can add your new address in the comments section when you move offshore. This new address change can then be viewed by all who see your credit report-including your stalking ex.

“Moving offshore” and the importance of an offshore address

While sitting at a computer, you can arrange for an offshore mailing address to create a location illusion for privacy protection. All of this can be accomplished through e-mail communication and snail mail.

An English speaking first world country is the choice of most Americans who want an offshore address to serve as their primary address.

Creating a location illusion with an offshore mail drop for privacy is the first step to stopping stalking.

Woman murdered by stalker

Think all of this is too much trouble? Are you hesitant about spending a few hundred dollars to learn how to disappear and never be found?

The following website contains information on a woman murdered by her stalker and the direct quotes are taken from this same website:

“Alissa Blanton, 23, of Cocoa, Fla., was shot and killed Monday in the parking lot near her new job at an AT&T call center in Orange County, Fla. Police said her killer, 61-year-old Roger Troy, fatally shot himself immediately afterward.

About a week before she died, Blanton asked a judge for an order of protection against Troy, whom she said had been stalking her for two years. Despite the evidence she presented — her petition contained more than 70 pages of harassing e-mails Troy sent to her — Brevard County Circuit Court Judge Dean Moxley said he didn’t have enough information to rule on the petition.”

Click here for Free information on how to defeat harassment stalking.

Grant Hall

Prevent medical identity theft with patient privacy protection

As previously emphasized in this column, patient privacy protection tactics are crucial in order to prevent medical identity theft. This article will provide consumer privacy protection recommendations to avoid identity theft while receiving medical services.

Id theft can cost $20,000 or more when one is an id theft victim of medical identity theft.

We advised the dangers of medical office and medical facility personnel having your crucial medical and identity information in previous articles.

Our worst fears are documented in a piece from this website and the following are direct quotes form this same site page:

“Dixon points to a case at the Cleveland Clinic in Weston, Fla., where Isis Machado, a front-desk office coordinator, pled guilty to selling information involving more than 1,000 patients. Although the hospital had browser controls to limit the number of records that employees could view, no one noticed Machado was exceeding that limit regularly, Dixon said. Machado’s case resulted in $7 million in Medicare fraud.

“It’s a very profitable crime,” Dixon said, adding that thefts happen most often in large institutions or at clinics. “We’re looking at this as more of an insider threat.””

For the most security possible while receiving medical services, we recommend these privacy protection tactics:

1.) Do not provide your Social Security number to medical personnel/medical office staff

2.) Do not provide your home address to anyone, anywhere, anytime unless you want that person to visit you at home

3.) Use a passport, not a drivers license as primary identification.

4. ) Provide medical insurance information at the time of receiving medical services, not over the telephone.

You can receive a free privacy living information series via e-mail and read more about id theft prevention. We support identity theft prevention.

Grant Hall

Stopping cyber stalking

This piece will provide consumer privacy principles and concepts for a stalking victim who is being abused through internet stalking.

Create a new identity

Learn to tell “none of your business lies” as you surf the web. This mean using an alternate name to prevent stalking and switching from your true name to a pseudo name if you are a stalking victim.

Do not associate your true name with internet business or pleasure unless it is official business.

E-Mail communication

It’s fast, efficient, fun and easy. Everyone uses e-mail.

Learn to do it to for privacy protection purposes. Keep your true name off e-mails.

Encrypt e-mail if that makes you feel more secure.

Proxy servers are great-when they work.

Most of the time, they work fine, but a few have been known to fail at the most inopportune times. I use one.

Internet service providers

Those serious about their personal privacy, never, ever establish communication services in their own name.

Follow the serious privacy advocates and learn how to keep your communication system private. There are solutions, but you will have to do the due diligence and learn the ropes prior to implementing them. And ISP privacy, like telephone privacy, covered in a previous article, is key to stopping stalking from a cyber stalker who has you targeted as his internet stalking victim.

Internet purchases

Use a debit gift card registered anonymously to protect your identity and lose the dangerous cyber stalker who may already have your credit card information.

Stopping stalking is serious business. A free information series on how to defeat harassment stalking is available via e-mail. We also sell a stalking book from the website.


Grant Hall

Privacy protection will help battered women with stalking ex

Those who need help with a stalking ex risk becoming a battered woman statistic. Privacy protection basic measures concerning finances are explained in this article and will assist the stalking victim in making personal adjustment decisions.

Breaking up is hard to do

If you are a battered woman, it is emotionally difficult to break away from the abusive husband or ex boyfriend who may be stalking you. Once you have made the decision to break up, financial privacy will become a chief concern as money secrets are essential for eliminating control measures imposed upon you by a controlling, stalking ex.

How to obtain bank secrecy

Banking privacy is best obtained through the use of check cashing stores and an anonymous safe deposit box that your stalking ex cannot access under any circumstances. Bite the bullet and pay the 1.9% to 2.9% principal amounts charged by check cashing services in order to obtain financial privacy and take immediate possession of cash derived from salary, wages, commissions, or self employment draws.

Help for battered women

Support groups and/or therapists may provide support for damages caused by an abusive ex husband or ex boyfriend. Seek professionals for emotional support as an adjunct to your financial privacy adjustment plan.

Competent professionals and law enforcement may provide assistance to battered women who are abused by a stalker ex.

Helping battered women is a goal of this column and the associated website. Free advice is available through the website in the form of solutions to stop stalking, and this information series can be obtained privately through e-mail.

Stalking victims avoid harassment stalking with home privacy

Harassment stalking presents serious problems for the stalking victim who may be physically or mentally abused or killed due to a stalking crime. This article will focus on the importance of home privacy measures as an effective way to stop stalking crimes.

Those who are stalked can greatly reduce their chances of becoming harmed or killed through the use of high level home privacy tactics.

Stalking victims are most likely to be female

Nearly one in ten women will be a stalking victim during their lives. The percentage of men who are stalked is slightly less.

Stalking crime statistics

According to Kristin Ohlson, who wrote, Stalking the Divine; Contemplating Faith With the Poor Clares, most stalking is done by ex-husbands and previous boyfriends who refuse to let go of a relationship.

More than 80 percent of women who are stalked by a current or former lover are assaulted by him, and 31 percent of these same women are sexually assualted. Ms. Ohlson also wrote that 76 percent of the women murdered each year were previously stalked by their killers.

Stalking cases last from eighteen months to forty years according to Ms. Ohlson.

Home privacy can prevent stalking crimes

Why is home privacy such an important part of preventing a stalking crime? Because about one in four violent stalking crimes occurred near or at the victims home according to a Bureau of Justice statistic for 2003.

When a criminal stalker has no way of tracing his victim to their home, the potential for violence to the stalking victim under surveillance by the stalker will be greatly reduced.

Rent or own a home anonymously for home privacy

One can become a roommate while using a pen name and break the paper trail to their previous life, and ensure that no one can track or trace them to their new residence through traditional investigative methods.

Buying a home as a trustee of a trust that becomes the legal owner of the house shields one’s name from property ownership records.

Traditional lending practices must be modified or eliminated to regain home privacy following the stalking victim’s escape.

Home privacy and all aspects of privacy living are topics that should be studied for privacy protection and to avoid a privacy invasion.

Thanks for reading.

Grant Hall