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Protecting privacy is crucial today as privacy invasions abound. This article will provide access to privacy crisis resources. Articles, posts, our best-selling privacy book and other resources may be found through the use of this privacy protection article.

Travel Privacy during the Privacy Crisis.

Remaining anonymous as you drive prevents identity theft and empowers the driver to retain his/her travel privacy.

Preventing Identity Theft without Identity Theft Insurance

How can you protect identity without the privacy-invasive underwriting application and data privacy invasion that comes with traditional identity theft insurance? Identity theft “self insurance” through the use of high level privacy living tactics as explained in our best-selling e-book, Privacy Crisis: Identity Theft Prevention Plan and Guide to Anonymous Living has worked for many privacy advocats. And once a privay living plan is in place, the money required for identity theft insurance premiums is saved. The concept of identity theft insurance is a controversial subject and certain identity theft insurance companies have been charged with fraudulant practices. Do you really want to give your Social Security number and home address to identity theft insurance company representatives?

How can you protect identity? You can protect yourself from identity theft when you understand how to implement personal privacy principles and methods into your lifestyle.

What about medical identity theft? It is the fastest growing segment of the identity theft crime industry. You can protect yourself from the horrible crime of medical identity theft when you are careful to protect identity during your medical treatment with medical providers.

Free e-mail information courses on all aspects of privacy living are available to readers.

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Can a wealthy divorced dad achieve banking privacy?

Can a wealthy divorced dad have banking privacy and total financial privacy? You bet, he can. This article outlines key points for bulletproof financial privacy.

One may want to practice bank secrecy for any number of reasons.

Our website and blog provides information for readers to use at their discretion.

We recommend all who use our free courses, articles and paid products follow the laws in their jurisdictions.

Private registration of entities

All investments must be kept secret and must not be linked to the true name of the individual.

A Nevada Limited Partnership has been recommended for holding liquid assets. A single individual may form and control a limited partnership and maintain full control of the assets.

A Nevada Limited Liability Company may be used for many purposes. An LLC can hold a business or investment real estate.

Through the use of the Trust Manager Principle, businesses and investments can be kept private. In fact they must be kept totally secret if banking privacy is the goal as business names must not be linked to the bank secrecy program signers or controllers.

Workplace privacy

The self employed and professional practitioners can register their business names anonymously for high level business privacy.

Employees must keep their names out of new hires’ databases. How?

Form an LLC or other entity as the front entity to shield your wages, salary, commissions or other compensation.

Home privacy

The owned home can be kept confidential through the use of a trust. Renters can learn how to live under the radar while not providing property managers with personal and confidential data.

An offshore address has been used for privacy purposes with a degree of success. Key to this privacy principle is to make certain data bases that contain home addresses record this address, not the individual’s  place of residence.

Check cashing stores

Certain business men and ladies utilize these operations to clear their business or personal checks and then store the cash themselves.

Safes and safe deposit boxes

A safe held in a company name that is registered privately may provide a high level of financial privacy. Also, certain companies offer safe deposit boxes for rent without a name, identification or a Social Security number.

Privacy living and high level privacy

At the highest levels, privacy living is hard work and most who try to escape an obligation do not succeed according to an attorney friend. In fact, about 90% of all who try to escape the system are found within five or six months according to this same attorney.

We encourage our readers and customers to abide by all laws and to act responsibly as they use our privacy book to practice banking privacy.

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id theft protection and how to protect identity without id insurance

Identity theft insurance complaints continue and consumer privacy may be a better answer to identity theft prevention than id theft insurance.

Lifelock to pay $12,000,000.00 to settle FTC lawsuit

See key portions of the story below. These are direct quotes from this site:

“LifeLock, Inc., the oft reported on (and never in a good light) so-called Identity Protection company has apparently settled fraud claims in 35 states pertaining to it’s false claims regarding the company’s promotion of its identity theft protection services, the safeguarding of customer data, and other massive fails committed by the firm during it’s  questionable and dubious existence. More information, inclusive of linkage appears after the jump. Continue reading

Protect identity and prevent identity theft with the identity theft book

Consumer privacy essentials are included as privacy living principles necessary to prevent identity theft. Identity protection references are provided.

Protecting privacy

In order to be successful at preventing identity theft, protecting privacy is essential. Travel, bank, work, and live anonymously for identity theft prevention.

Home privacy

Renters should preserve their banking privacy. Do not provide bank account information or credit card account numbers to potential landlords or landladies. Bank secrecy will prevent a garnishment and credit card fraud.

Do not provide a Social Security number or credit bureau file information to property managers/owners.

Successful privacy living and home privacy can be accomplished when there is no link from your true name and your home address.

Workplace privacy

Avoid business identity theft by registering your business or professional practice anonymously.

Utilize a mail nominee to receive mail.

The average business identity theft costs approximately $10,000 so it is worth your time, effort, and money to learn to protect the business from an id thief.

Banking privacy

Protecting banking privacy is necessary to avoid a money or banking privacy invasion by an identity thief.

Safe deposit boxes should be held anonymously. Use a private company or a bank safe deposit box that is held by a separate entity.

Travel anonymously

Hold the car in the name of a trust without reference to you as trustee on the registration paperwork.


Protecting privacy is serious business today as identity theft crimes run rampant. For about seven years in a row, the leading fraud crime is identity theft.

Our consumer privacy book and business privacy book, Privacy Crisis; Identity Theft Prevention Plan and Guide to Anonymous Living by privacy expert, Grant Hall will provide proven privacy living principles to the business manager or business owner who wants to avoid a costly business identity theft. The individual or family who want to avoid identity theft can learn how to practice high level privacy by practicing the methods as described by Hall in this e-book.

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Financial Privacy EBook

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Stop Stalking and how to disappear and never be found

A stalking victim can stop stalking and learn how to disappear and never be found through the use of consumer privacy principles and concepts as outlined in this article.

Personal privacy and consumer privacy methods

The privacy living principles and concepts are described in detail in the 28 chapter, 390 page e-book, Privacy Crisis; Identity Theft Prevention Plan and Guide to Anonymous living. The book is available for purchase and immediate download HERE.

Readers may subscribe to free privacy living courses Here.

Anonymous travel will stop stalking

You can title the vehicle in a separate entity that has no registration requirements anywhere. Make certain your name is not included on the DMV registration.

Certain high-level privacy seekers have kept their name off of proof of insurance forms. They have the trust’s name only on the form and their name as the insured is kept confidential by the insurance company. How do they do this?

Communication is an essential part of privacy living

Who are you?

Learn to negotiate in a way that enables you to get what you want.

Privacy Crisis contains four chapters on the Behavioral Aspects of privacy living.

Banking privacy is necessary to stop stalking

Stalking victims who have a checking account or hold investments in their own name risk having these assets discovered by their stalking ex or persistent, obsessive, dangerous stalker who is engaged in threatening, harassment stalking. And many stalking victims are harmed and killed by the criminal who uses stalking harassment as he/she intimidates the person being stalked.

Bank secrecy can be accomplished through the use of a trust bank account, trust checking account, Nevada Limited Partnership, anonymous safe deposit boxes, certain check cashing stores, and other banking privacy methods as described in my free privacy courses, and these details are explained fully in the privacy book, Privacy Crisis.

Workplace privacy

This will be a challenging privacy living endeavor.

How can you escape the new hire data bases that are accessible to many government agencies? Does your stalking ex husband or stalking ex boyfriend work for the government? Will your cyber stalker or phone stalker bribe or hire a private detective to locate you through a data base that tracks your place of employment and prevents you from having workplace privacy?

Successful stalking victims use a front entity to shield their name and Social Security number from the aforementioned databases.

You can learn how to do the same when you read my information-packed stalking book,  Privacy Crisis. See chapter 22.

Home privacy

You cannot stop stalking and eliminate the risks being stalked poses unless and until you have home privacy.

Renting anonymously and owning a home through an entity under your control will empower a stalking victim to establish home privacy.

All details on anonymous travel, home privacy, and bank secrecy are explained in the book.  An in depth case study on how to work under the radar is included as well.

Thanks for reading.

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