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You can protect your privacy when you have the informaton and resources based on your unique needs and circumstances and apply yourself to obtain the privacy that you require. Protecting privacy is basic to living as a free person.

A subscriber writes with the following questions:

“How can I open a bank acccount and avoid having it discovered if an investigator searches for my money? How can I prevent a garnishment if I ever have a problem that may make me subject to one?




Grant Hall: Opening a bank account that will not be discovered during an asset search is doable. Personal and business money can be protected when one has the information and resources necessary to keep your money and assetss private. Preventing seizures of any kind requires that your name and tax identifiers do not lead to the money you intend to protect. Also, entities should be used to hold business and personal money. See the books for study and more explanation for your specific needs.


Here is a promotional  piece reproduced by the publisher, James Clark King, LLC:
Privacy Crisis Banking empowers readers with high-level
financial privacy and banking secrecy principles and resources that are used by
the pros. Bank, cash checks, open an safe deposit box without a Social Security
number. Create an “invisible home mortgage,” protect identity and family from
home, work, privacy invasions.

Privacy Expert, Jack Dunning, says this about Privacy Crisis Banking: “Beat the
Bankers at their own game with the Ultimate
Bank Secrecy Account.” 
Here is Jack’s
review of the book:

“I want to tell you about a fascinating man
I have known for over six years who has probably forgotten more about privacy
than most privacy advocates know. His name is Grant Hall and he has just
published his latest book on the subject: Privacy Crisis Banking; Bank Secrecy Plan & Resource Guide to Protect
Identity, Money, and Property.
If you are looking
for the ultimate in privacy protection, Grant will show you how it’s done in
the volume’s 175 pages.”
Jack Dunning, Daily Kos

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