Check Cashing Store Managers: Key to “Banking Secrecy”

I have not used this store for a year and a half to cash business checks. I am in town and want to keep the business relationship. The store “manager” assures me they can make all decisions necessary on a Sunday afternoon when I call prior to taking the trip across town. I wonder…and elect to take her word for it.

Fifty minutes later, I sign the checks after being promised by clerk number one that they look fine. Enter clerk number two, a large lady who notices I have not been in for a while. “It’s time to update your information, ” she says. I agree and assist in every way possible: telephone, address verification, business name, everything. She asks if I’m the owner of the Limited Liability Company. “I manage it.” She insists I write “DBA” on the back. I explain that’s for sole proprietorships. She doesn’t know the difference and calls on Clerk number three. Number three makes a call to the District Manager. I know him and address him by name. She isn’t impressed. She has to leave a message as he’s not in. Clerk number four enters and says I’ll have to bring in all the paper work-all over again. I explain I’ve been a customer since 2007. She advises she doesn’t want to argue. I leave my name, business name and phone number for the district manager. After leaving the store, I swear for half a minute.

On Monday, Bill, the district manager calls. I remind him that we’ve met. He looks at his message and advises the staff made a mistake and should have cashed my checks, and says to come in again at my convenience. Later in the day, I make a second trip and hand over the checks to a very polite young man who reviews the district manager’s notes and repeatedly says how sorry he is for the problems their staff caused me the day before.

The key to banking secrecy and personal and business privacy is to state your goals to the managers who have the ability and responsibilty to meet your needs as a responsible consumer. Try not to waste your time with clerical folks. Today, most clerks have no idea how to handle any extraordinary needs as far as privacy is concerned. I always deal with top level managers whenever possible and attempt to meet them in person. And make sure you do everything according to the laws in your jurisdiction.

Grant Hall

Home Privacy and How to Disappear Completely

Relationships are key to home privacy. Establish a working relationship with the property manager or owner of the house or apartment that you and your family want to rent while making certain your personal privacy is respected, and your name, address, Social Security number, and financial information must not entered into the credit bureau databases. How does one rent anonymously? It may be an easier task than you think though this important privacy tactic will normally take more time than the average person spends to find an apartment or house to rent.

Seek out entrepreneurial managers and owners, not inflexible types who insist on invading your personal and business privacy. Searching publications’ homes and apartments for rent and following up with telephone interviews will yield a group of candidates. Often explaining your privacy needs and making a great first impression on the telephone and in person will persuade the property owner/manager to cut corners on your behalf. However, expect to spend some extra time to obtain home privacy, and as I have said many times, privacy is always more expensive than living as the masses live. Time is money and it takes extra time to seek out those who will rent to you with few privacy invasions.

Take your home privacy seriously as it is the cornerstone of your personal and business privacy program and will provide many worthwhile benefits that the masses seldom enjoy. You will avoid identity theft as identity thieves will not be able to associate your name with your home address. And if you are going to use your true name, make sure your name and home address are not entered into databases that will reveal this sacred information. When you are seeking the highest level of personal privacy possible, it is imperative that you learn how to change your identity and use an alternate name for unofficial purposes, and your home privacy is strengthened as you create a new identity for privacy living purposes.

Our privacy living series is a free e-mail course that may be of interest as you learn to live privately.

Grant Hall

Author, Privacy Crisis Series of books

personal privacy crisis living tools and terms

Your rights to personal privacy and financial privacy are compromised when you follow the masses who like sheep succumb to their masters’ whims. Is it not your responsibility to provide freedom to yourself and your family? Privacy is a key component of a free lifestyle.

 These terms and principles are taken from the glossary of my best-selling e-book, Privacy Crisis: Identity Theft Prevention Plan and Anonymous Living:

Administrative Trustee: A person designated on Trust documents to perform limited and specific duties as a Trustee.

Author’s note: The Administrative Trustee Concept has been used to register an entity anonymously and keep the control of a URL confidential. Review chapter 21, Business Entities.

Nevada Limited Partnership: A business entity registered with the Nevada Secretary of State. A General Partner controls the partnership and has unlimited liability. Limited Partner(s) have limited liability and have little or no control of the partnership.

Author’s note: The Nevada Limited Partnership has been recommended for holding liquid assets. This entity can be registered anonymously through the use of the Administrative Trustee Concept.

Always obtain proper legal and other professional advice for your particular business needs.

This column provides privacy information only and is not meant to replace or substitute for legal, accounting, or tax advice.

Bank Secrecy and Financial Privacy are the most sought after privacy principles. How does one obtain bulletproof financial privacy and banking privacy or banking secrecy today? You may want to begin your research by reading one of my first essays on the subject that was published during 2010 on a well known website. The Money Privacy Crisis was popular among those interested in financial privacy and inspired me to write my new book, Privacy Crisis Banking that will soon be available.

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harassment stalking and personal privacy living

Stalking harassment presents the stalking victim with unwanted dangers unless he or she chooses action to thrwart the stalker’s efforts. How can one stop stalking and eliminate the continued threat of harassment stalking? This article will provide ideas on geographic choices for personal privacy living that may be of value to the man or lady whose stalker refuses to give up the chase.

While employment considerations may be of great importance to many, often safety comes as the top priority for the stalking victim. I have written about workplace privacy through the use of a separate entity in another article that may be of value once a new location has been established. Let’s assume the job, occupation or profession is secondary to safety from the harassment stalking problem, and that the recommendations in the aforementioned article and information in my best-selling e-book, Privacy Crisis are used for personal privacy, and that the primary consideration is escape from a dangerous stalker.

Location Choices for Personal Privacy Living

Certain states generally provide less personal privacy for “residents” than others. New York and California are two states that are known to check identification often when even routine goods are purchased or everyday services are sought. For instance, we have encountered vendors who want to check identification for money order purchases in California.

We are aware of privacy advocates having success in cities, towns, and rural areas in a number of states. Cities offer the great population and the opportunity to blend in with an abundance of readily available goods and services. Towns of medium size provide for some valuable privacy features as well especially when transients frequent these areas, particularily college students and vacation travelers. Rural areas, while seemingly the most private, sometimes make privacy living difficult as certain residents will be insistent on knowing the business of all their neighbors.

States in the Western United States are the best choices for privacy advocates based on our many years of privacy living. You may want to consider these if your harassment stalker has stalked you for a period of time: Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, Idaho, Montana, South Dakota. Other states may be considered, too.

Your success as you travel, work, bank, and live anonymously will depend on who you are as well as what you know. You may be interested in our free information e-mail course, Outsmarting Stalkers. This privacy course is Free and will provide basic information on how to cope with the stalking problem.

Privacy Crisis: Identity Theft Prevention Plan and Guide to Anonymous Living is available for purchase and immediate download. Four chapters are devoted to the behavioral aspects of privacy living and this information will empower you to get what you need without undue personal privacy sacrifices. Stalking victims have written me and claimed to have escaped their stalker while using these principles and techniques.

Grant Hall

California personal privacy crisis; communism in the U.S.A.

The small, sixty-something man limps as he walks toward the service counter. He’s the manager and possibly the owner of the mail center. They’re under contract with the U.S. Postal Service, provide mailing services for extra fees, and serve as agents for private shipping companies. And they sell money orders. Today, I want to pay a fifteen hundred dollar bill. He claims he needs a copy of my I.D. and can only sell money orders totaling one thousand dollars. I say no. I explain personal privacy and how money orders provide for financial privacy for paying bills. He sneers. He doesn’t want to debate it. After I explain my posititon, he refuses service. Now, he doesn’t want to sell me a money order for any amount. I remain firm on my position of personal privacy and leave.

A supermarket provides what I need without questions. The polite lady offers me the use of her pen. Californians often exhibit very good manners.

We’re traveling in California and want to spend time in locations as short term residents. Nearly everyone wants identification and a few want to run credit reports. Several claim criminal investigations will be done. We do not allow nonsense in our lives. Discussions about locked up credit reports and other privacy protection measures are brought up. Few “managers” see my freedom point of view. Many seem brain washed and think it perfectly okay for private industry and government to merge their data banks to watch you. Do you feel free California? Or are you past the point of rational reasoning? I suspect most fit into the latter category.

We are ready to head back to familiar territory and stop at a large supermarket to grab supplies. A police car sits near the entrance. Cameras watch our every move as we drive through the parking lot and I choose a spot some distance from the store. A security guard rolls by and gawks at us. Once inside, we pay with cash. The clerk seems surprised, places the bill toward the light for inspection and nods. It will be good to get home.

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My best-selling e-book, Privacy Crisis is available for sale and immedicate download.

You can learn to travel, bank, work, and live anonymously in the U.S.A. or anywhere in the world today.

Grant Hall

what are the keys to personal privacy living?

Establish a personal privacy program in the U.S.A. or anywhere in the world today. Here are some important components to personal privacy living:


You can bank secretly and make money and assets invisible. Front entities registered privately provide for anonymous banking. U.S. banks and brokerage companies are best for those living in the U.S.A.

Use a U.S. safe deposit box and leave no trace to your true identity. This is accomplished by using an entity to hold the box through a U.S. bank. A second option is to use a private company that does not require identity information.  


Through the use of anonymous phones and privately registered ISP accounts, you can become anonymous as you communicate and surf the internet. Do not follow the masses and allow yourself to be tracked and traced. Avoid contracts, credit card payments, and checks when you buy these important services.


Privacy advocates who want work privacy can prevent or stop wage garnishments and beat government tracking databases. Whose business is your job anyhow? Does any agency or individual really have a right to know your source of funds? No. Not in a free society.

This author encourages all readers to pay their debts and family obligations and to follow all laws in their jurisdiction.


Through the use of privacy living principles, you can become “invisible.”

You can lock out snoops from your credit files, avoid stalkers, identity thieves, and all other unwanted intrusions-from everyone.


Is it possible to obtain a “permanent” driver’s license? Certain privacy seekers have claimed to avoid returning to the DMV for many years when they get a driver’s license from one state that offers this privacy principle.


Bank secrecy techniques are explained in chapters 15, 17, 18.

Phone and computer privacy information may be found in chapters 13 and 14.

Work privacy solutions are found in chapter 22.

Learn how to be invisible by reading chapters 6-8 and 19.

A “permanent” driver’s license may be able to be obtained by information gleaned from chapter 4.

Free privacy information courses may be of interest to you.

You may purchase my e-book, Privacy Crisis: Identity Theft Prevention Plan and Guide to Anonymous Living and begin reading how to travel, bank, work, and live anonymously. You can be reading the book in just five minutes from now.

Thank you for reading.

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financial privacy is key to consumer privacy planning

Financial privacy is a key component of your personal privacy planning program. Indeed, consumer privacy is enhanced greatly when you follow my three decades of experience model for personal privacy and business privacy as outlined in my many articles and book. Let’s review some financial privacy and banking secrecy principles. Here is an excerpt from my e-book, Privacy Crisis:

Chapter 15, Anonymous Banking, page 189

Check Cashing stores

“Many people successfully handle their personal finances without using a bank.

Check cashing companies provide these services to customers who are either on the lam, illegally working in the country, have previously had banking problems and are unable to open accounts with banks, or require very high level financial privacy and do not want to risk clearing checks through a bank or having a bank account of any kind.”

Keep your money hidden and safe from searches and asset seizures

Bank Secrecy” through the use of a check cashing store is fine for your current account needs when you exercise your right to financial privacy and insist that your most private information is kept off of the “account.” I recommend that you not provide your Social Security number or Employer identification number to the institution.

Asset protection or how to hide assets

While the goal of a traditional asset protection plan is to control everything and own nothing, certain privacy experts protect identity, privacy, and achieve asset protection through the use of a bank secrecy and financial privacy program. Privacy Crisis has six chapters on modern financial privacy. You can begin to regain your personal privacy in minutes from now as you read what has proven to be the best personal and business privacy strategies for asset protection and financial privacy.

Grant Hall

how to vanish today

Do you want to learn how to vanish? Do you need to make a dangerous ex husband or wife, or ex lover stop stalking you and monitoring your every move? Want to learn how to achieve personal privacy of the highest level? It is not as difficult as you may think when  you create a new identity for non-official use. How can you learn how to create a new identity?

Begin by using a pseudo name for privacy purposes. Authors, certain actors, and others use pen names. Why can’t you create a new identity, too? You can.

Make certain to check the laws within your jurisdiciton prior to implementing a new identity for privacy purposes. Always follow the law when you practice my privacy principles.

Home Privacy and how to vanish in one day

Not much has changed since I wrote the privacy article providing information on how to disappear completely and never be found- all  within one day. You can learn how to vanish within such a short period of time when you are motivated to succeed and through the use of privacy living principles. Read and study my privacy principles on this blog and website.

Through the use a new identity and a home rented in your newly created identity, you will see how simple it is to learn how to vanish from all data bases that contain your official identity information. You can break the paper trail from yourself to the new you within one day.

When you have achieved home privacy and provided your new name to the butcher, the baker, and the candlestick maker instead of allowing these service providers access to your true identity, you will be able to meet personal privacy goals and objectives.  So, when you want to learn how to vanish, carefully and lawfully enrich your privacy through privacy principles designed to take power away from your enemies.

Can you really learn how to vanish completely? Yes. However, home privacy is only one important component of your total personal and business privacy program.

For a comprehensive privacy living and financial privacy guide, you can purchse my best-selling e-book, Privacy Crisis  and achieve total business and personal privacy.

how to protect your identity with one personal privacy decision

The single most important personal privacy decision you can make to protect your identity and avoid identity theft is to refuse to provide your Social Security number to anyone unless you are required by law to provide it.

Prevent identity theft through personal privacy living that includes guarding your Social Security number. And when you do this, there will be positive personal privacy gained as money, assets, home, property, and other personal information will be difficult to access when the identity thief cannot find your SSN anywhere.

If you’re liable for taxes, it will be necessary to provide your SSN on a personal tax return. Those in the know limit their use of this nine digit numberical identifier to the tax return. Nothing else unless a statute requires providing it. The other exception may be that when a good or service is so valuable that the providing of the SSN to receive said good or service might justify giving it to the agency or business requesting it.

I have not memorized my SSN. So, in the event someone or an agency requests it, advance notice will be required in order for me to comply-if I decide to comply.

You may be interested in our Free information series on how to prevent identity theft. This series is available by e-mail to those who request it.

For those who want other Free information on other aspects of personal privacy and business privacy living principles and methods, check here.

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financial privacy: the practice

Why is financial privacy so important in the new police-like state? Because as local, state, and federal government agencies go broke, their agents are scrambling to increase revenue from any and all sources possible in order to attempt to keep control over their “subjects.” And make no mistake about it, money and property seizures are a “resource” for the agencies that police the population while tampering with citizens’ rights and invade every aspect of your life.

“Banking” Anonymously

In order to break the paper trail from your assets to you, it is necessary to have an awareness of what is happening and the motivation to learn how to prevent an invasion of your personal and business privacy.

You could decide to “bank” without using a commercial bank in order to keep your money private. The use of a check cashing store is one way of keeping your money anonymous.

Check Cashing Stores

These are the retail outlets that use their corporate accounts to clear customers’ personal or business accounts. Some years ago, it was difficult to find such operations that would cash business checks. Today, many openly advertise their service of cashing company checks for managers of businesses who do not want to be subjected to the raids that periodically occur on business bank accounts.

When you use a check cashing store to cash your checks-business or personal, you won’t have to worry about a lien on your bank account or a garnishment. You have no money on deposit with a check cashing store “account.” Your cash is given to you on the spot when you present a check.

Does this method of financial privacy appeal to you as an individual? How about as a manager of a business? Are you up to the task of handling your cash rather than entrusting a bank to store it for you or your business? If so, you will need to make the preparations necessary to deal on a cash basis without depending on banks.

You may be interested in our free information courses on privacy subjects that are available via e-mail.

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