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Your rights to personal privacy and financial privacy are compromised when you follow the masses who like sheep succumb to their masters’ whims. Is it not your responsibility to provide freedom to yourself and your family? Privacy is a key component of a free lifestyle.

 These terms and principles are taken from the glossary of my best-selling e-book, Privacy Crisis: Identity Theft Prevention Plan and Anonymous Living:

Administrative Trustee: A person designated on Trust documents to perform limited and specific duties as a Trustee.

Author’s note: The Administrative Trustee Concept has been used to register an entity anonymously and keep the control of a URL confidential. Review chapter 21, Business Entities.

Nevada Limited Partnership: A business entity registered with the Nevada Secretary of State. A General Partner controls the partnership and has unlimited liability. Limited Partner(s) have limited liability and have little or no control of the partnership.

Author’s note: The Nevada Limited Partnership has been recommended for holding liquid assets. This entity can be registered anonymously through the use of the Administrative Trustee Concept.

Always obtain proper legal and other professional advice for your particular business needs.

This column provides privacy information only and is not meant to replace or substitute for legal, accounting, or tax advice.

Bank Secrecy and Financial Privacy are the most sought after privacy principles. How does one obtain bulletproof financial privacy and banking privacy or banking secrecy today? You may want to begin your research by reading one of my first essays on the subject that was published during 2010 on a well known website. The Money Privacy Crisis was popular among those interested in financial privacy and inspired me to write my new book, Privacy Crisis Banking that will soon be available.

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Grant Hall

You can have bank secrecy and regain financial privacy

Wondering how to keep your liquid assets under the radar in a world where governments, corporations, and nearly everyone whom you do business with thinks they have a right to your personal and confidential money matters? How can banking secrecy be achieved? Is financial privacy a thing of the past? Perhaps it is time to give up, let the fascists, snoops, and identity thieves win, and accept what an estimated nine out of ten people already believe: letting certain businesses and government agencies have the capability of tracking and tracing one’s money is unavoidable. What a crock! Do not believe it. You can have as much financial privacy as you desire when you learn what you’re doing.

Primary financial privacy and banking secreecy considerations:

If you want to avoid the pitfalls of the masses, you’ll have to stop behaving as they do.

Here are some ideas that will ensure you won’t have your cash grabbed when someone or a company says you owe them money:

1. Avoid checks as a payment method for routine bills. Instead, withdraw the cash, purchase money orders and pay your bills anonymously. This is an automatic safeguard for seasoned privacy advocates.

2. Use a trust to hold a non interest bearing checking account for non investment funds. Use the trust’s EIN, not your SSN on the account as explained in Privacy Crisis. You as trustee can deposit checks made payable to the trust or to you individually.

3. Cash is the most private way to make purchases. Buy gas, groceries, supplies with currency.  Large purchases can also be made with cash.

As for the ultimate in banking secrecy, the Ultimate Bank Secrecy Account provides an opportunity to avoid the most costly of privacy invasions: identity theft, garnishments, liens, and bank fraud. Look for more on this advanced privacy principle later.


How can stalking victims hide their money from abusers and stop the stalking forever?

Abusive stalkers often go to great lengths to track and trace their victims and follow their money through the use of private investigators’ data bank searches. Stopping a stalker can be a difficult task to be sure. A stalking victim will be well served to understand the bank secrecy methods used by the most skilled privacy advocates-today, without the use of nominees or other risky, nonsensical, privacy ideas that some claim to be the answer to money privacy and financial privacy. My advice about nominees for banking is clear; do not use them.

Bank secrecy can be accomplished through the use of check cashing stores’ debit cards sold at these retail establishments that cash business and personal checks. Open an account without providing a trail to your door and without providing your most personal of all identifiers-your Social Security number, and you will be on your way to having bank secrecy and his investigators won’t be able to find that account in the data bases they search as they try to catch you and locate your source of funds.

Combine the above bank account with an anonymous safe deposit box, a check cashing store for clearing your work or personal checks, and you will be on your way to breaking the money trail to you.

As you are certain to be under “investigation” by him or his goons for a long, long while, you will want to implement the principles outlined in the big red, white, and blue book to your right. You can learn to travel, bank, work, and live anonymously-in the U.S.A. or anywhere in the world.

Keep visiting this blog and the website and download a copy of the soon to be for sale, Bank Secrecy Book, Bank Secrecy: Financial Privacy Crisis Plan and Resource Guide soon.

Grant Hall