Will you be able to prevent SSN identity theft?

Identity theft can occur when an identity thief uses an identity theft victim’s SSN to commit identity theft, the leading fraud crime in the country for about seven straight years in a row.

SSN identity theft

SSN theft can result in  credit card id fraud, medical identity theft, business identity theft and a host of other fraud crimes. How can one prevent SSN identity theft? My rule of thumb is to not provide my Social Security number to anyone unless it is required by law to do so.

Medical identity theft

The most expensive identity theft of all is medical identity theft. Preventing medical identity theft goes hand in hand with preventing SSN identity theft. In fact, often, medical identity thieves use the SSN as a starting point to commit medical identity fraud.

Think privacy

In order to prevent SSN identity theft and protect identity, learn to modify your behavior to emphasize consumer privacy and privacy principles rather than adhering to agency and corporate clerks’ demands for your SSN.

As you practice privacy living, you will be rewarded by keeping your most personal identifier, the SSN private and free from SSN identity theft.

Grant Hall