protecting home privacy

Police coming into homes unannounced and without search warrants is evidence that government is out of control. Protecting home privacy is the proverbial line in the sand for without it, no barriers between you and potential enemies exist.

Avoiding privacy invasive data bases for home privacy

Renters and owners alike will be found in data banks unless home privacy tactics are utilized to prevent home intrusions as you travel and live anonymously in your permanent residence. The principles are the same; data bases containing your personal and confidential information must be avoided to live under the radar.

About home mortgages

Debt on homes is monitored through the credit bureas and your home address will be evident to thosse who trade your home mortage. It’s hard to say how many will actually have access to where you live when you borrow to finance a home as most Americans do through the traditional means of buying a home.

Borrow money for a home using property under your contro to collateralize the debt to avoid a home privacy invasion.

Property used for collateral by borrowers with the objective of establishing an invisible home mortgage may include a margin stock account, rental real estate property, or other property deemed suitable for collateral by a lender. A combination of asset classes may be collateralized as well.

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Home Privacy key to stalking harassment worries

Home privacy is a key component of personal privacy. This article provides options for establishing living quarters that will not be accessible to soldiers of the state, aggressive sales people, dangerous stalkers, identity thieves, and other criminals.

Home privacy and a non traditional living style are essential for claiming your right to privacy.

Renting a home

Renters must not allow property managers access to their most personal and confidential infomation lest they show up in data bases. That aggressive ex-dreamboat could become your most dreaded nightmare in the form of a dangerous stalker. If you are being bothered-by anyone, it’s prudent to stop the  stalking through high level privacy living.

Becoming a roommate may be an option and this method has broken the paper trail and solved the stalking problems for many stalking victims in record time.

“Owning” a home

Homes ownership may be the American dream, but public property records can ruin your home privacy unless you’re prepared. You can own the home in the name of the most private of entities; an irrevocable trust and use the trust manager principle to stop stalking.

Mobile Lifestyle

Mobility provides for the privacy seeker to be out of privacy invasive data banks. Generally, utilities are held in third party names when one lives in hotels, motels, extended stay hotels, or in RV parks.

The foundation of the privacy lifestyle is your private home. Make sure you understand the best privacy principles and methods for living anonymously as you seek to live under the radar.

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Banking privacy for illegal aliens, but not for Americans?

Illegal aliens have opened bank accounts in United States banks with Mexican matricula cards while United States citizens are required to provide government issued identification prior to opening the same type of account. Why is there  seemingly a double standard concerning banking privacy and bank account opening requirements?

Banking privacy and preferred treatment for illegals

Some months ago, my German friend visited us while we were in the Southwest. During a routine banking trip, Hans asked me if he could open an account with the commercial bank that opens accounts for non-citizens from Mexico. Hans, who speaks perfect English and was carrying a German passport accompanied me to the bank and waited his turn prior to asking Ms. Mid-level Manager about his eligibility for opening a bank account.

Upon returning from his five minute visit, he advised me that the mid level manager/clerk advised him that German passports were not on the list of “acceptable foreign identifications” for the bank’s account opening requirements. However, when questioned, the clerk did admit that the Mexican Matriculu card was acceptable.

Banking Privacy for illegals, not Americans and what about financial privacy equality?

The Mexican Matriculu card cannot be verified as authentic by banks or agencies according to my investigative source. This means that the identity of many who have opened accounts at this particular bank have not had their identities verified. Could some of these customers be providing false identification to this well known money center bank? Without a verifiable identity, a banking customer could be truly living under the radar and banking anonymously. And that is real bank secrecy!

What does all of this mean?

It means that Americans who still choose to use U.S. commercial banks are treated differently, and with more scrutiny than are illegal alien Mexicans in certain cases.

Why? And, why isn’t a German passport good enough for the well known bank that caters to the illegals from Mexico?

Grant Hall

Considerations for stalking victims who create a new identity

Behavioral aspects of privacy living affect the stalking victim as attempts are made to make the stalker stop stalking. This article will provide insight for those who create a new identity for privacy protection, and to eliminate harassment stalking.

Adjustments have to be made in order to avoid being  stalked forever

Those who create a new identity to break the paper trail from their true name to their new identity face adjustments. Key preparation considerations include:

1. ) Relocation

2.) New personal relationships

3.) Employment changes

4.) Behavioral aspects of privacy living adjustments (general)

Relocation to a new city, state, country

It is a wise decision to place distance between yourself and your dangerous stalker. However, geographical changes alone will not keep a stalker at bay If he or she is serious. And many are serious about their prey. In order to stop stalking, your will need to do more than a “geographical”.

New personal relationships will require you to relate under a new identity

Successful privacy living is complicated, expensive, and time consuming. And it is worth every nickel and every thought and plan necessary to live under the radar, and every hour it takes to do it right. Don’t skimp on your education IF you want to play in the big leagues. There’s a lot to learn. Learning how to handle the new identity (non-official) is imperative if you want to permanently escape a stalker who has been engaged in harassment stalking for a period of time.

Front entities to hide you from the new hire data bases

Few people can be successful working for themselves. Most will have to practice traditional employment in order to make a living wage or salary. That’s okay, but you need to utilize another entity to receive payments on your behalf-just like the movie stars and others. You’ll need to know how to establish workplace privacy and you will need to know how to negotiate your way into this new employment privacy world. It can be done.  I did it and so can you.

General privacy considerations for the stalking victim

Recognize that you will be living a schizophrenic life of sorts, but in a healthy way. It is absolutely necessary to create a new identity for privacy purposes in order to successfully stop stalking in the opinion of this experienced privacy expert and author.

“None of your business lies” will necessarily have to be told in order to successfully avoid harassment stalking, and defeat your stalker.

Make sure to check your jurisdiction concerning laws and the use of a new identity. Follow all laws as you practice privacy living.

Grant Hall

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