Should a stalking victim create a new identity to stop stalking?

Will creating a new identity stop harassment stalking? Yes.

Should a stalking victim get an alternate name to prevent injury or death by a dangerous stalker? Yes.

How can assuming a new identity stop stalking? Once a new identity is assumed and one begins to live under a new name, the paper trail from the real you is stopped-when you do it right.

Living Anonymously

Renting is most practical when one begins to live under a new identity. Most property managers will want to run credit checks, check government issued identification, and obtain personal and business references as well as verify employment. Don’t do business with those who insist on invading your privacy or learn how to handle these privacy invasions. Follow the guidelines the professional privacy seekers have used to live anonymously as explained in Privacy Crisis. Plan, plan, plan and learn what you’re doing, and you will succeed.

Travel anonymously

A trust-owned automobile has proven to be a sure bet to anonymous travel when the car is registered correctly. It’s all explained in the big red, white, and blue book to the right of this column. Anonymous travel has saved many from danger and has kept quite a few from having to pay tickets generated by those sneaky cameras fixed at intersections to tag those who violate traffic laws when the police aren’t present. IF you’re cited by a camera or an officer, handle the citation according to the laws in the jurisdiction.

Privacy is something everyone can afford. Those who need a high-level privacy plan and asset protection plan will be able to afford it.

 Most privacy living principles and concepts can be implemented with average income budgets.

 Learning how to create a new identity will empower the stalking victim to escape a stalker. There’s a great deal to learn so empower yourself by gaining the knowledge necessary to succeed as you live anonymously.


Grant Hall

are you a woman abused by harassment stalking?

Now that you’ve “broken up,” he won’t stop stalking. He keeps calling, shows up unexpectedly at your job, and you have no workplace privacy. He manages to discover where you shop for groceries, and shows up there, too. You avoid his contact attempts and screen your calls while not returning his in spite of his pleading telephone messages. Once he made threats over the phone. You are a stalking victim and a woman abused by an ex who is now engaged in harassment stalking.

Do you want to learn how to disappear and never be found?

That’s a big order to fill. Can it be done? Of course. Is it a lot of  work, expensive and will you make personal and business sacrifices in order to accomplish all of the above? Yes.

Travel, Bank, Work, Live Anonymously

Stalkers have no boundaries and have been known to stalk their victims for up to forty years according to author, Christine Ohlson. That’s a long time. There’s more bad news; nearly one in ten women will be stalked during their lives and a huge number of this percentage will be abused-physically or mentally by their harassment stalker. Check out these articles:

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Privacy Crisis is an e-book available for purchase and immediate download. Through the principles and concepts as described in the book, one can learn to travel, bank, work, and live anonymously in the U.S.A. or anywhere in the world.

Grant Hall

Author, Privacy Crisis: Identity Theft Prevention Plan and Guide to Anonymous Living