home privacy protection will stop identity theft

Home privacy protection is great to stop identity theft and in order to avoid identity theft and be certain of avoiding a home privacy invasion by an identity thief, you will want to take some extradorinary measures for identity theft security. And today, identity theft solutions are more than shredding trash, locking mail boxes, monitoring credit card and bank accounts, and other garden variety identity protection methods that everyone is doing.

Identity theft fraud leads all fraud with medical identity fraud costs averaging $20,000.00 per case. So, you will want to take identity theft prevention seriously, and start with establishing a bulletproof home privacy program.

offshore mailing address

Follow the lead of the privacy experts and break the mail paper trail. Establish a relationship with a mail receiving outfit or two. Offshore is best though you may do well with a mail nominee in the states. Never receive mail at home.

Online privacy

Proxy servers, anonymous ISP’s, and creating a new identity for online communication will protect identity and prevent identity theft. You want these measures in place so that your ISP cannot be traced back to you personally or your physical address. E-mail should not include your true name.

Telephones should be wireless and have no link to your true name.

Many id thefts occur as land line telephone calls are traced back to the physical location of the caller. Use wireless phones that have no link to you or a family member.  Never give cell phone companies and their part-employees your personal and confidential information.

A trust-owned home

Want identity theft help? Keep your family names out of data bases and not associated with your home. Trusts are the preferred front entity for holding homes for privacy.

Register the family car in the name of a trust and travel anonymously.

Identity thieves won’t have a clue how to trace you when they run your plates and the owner of the car is a trust without any name related to you or your family.

Privacy protection is expensive, time consuming, inconvenient, and necessary to protect identity today. This article provides some foundational material for avoiding identity theft. Start today.

Grant Hall

protect identity and medical identity theft solutions

As  mentioned in articles on our site and blog, patients who provide medical providers with their Social Security number are at risk of becoming medical identity theft victims. And the average cost of such a caper is $20,000.00. This article provides consumer privacy information that is necessary to prevent identity theft.

We told you so or why you should not provide your Social Security number to medical clerks, medical providers and others

I do not provide my Social Security number to medical providers. My identity theft articles and posts advise readers that providing Social Security numbers for routine services is a bad idea. Medical services are “routine” services and there is no law at present that requires you to give it to Ms. Clerk III, no matter how steamed she becomes when you leave the form blank or fail to produce it as you do not have it memorized.

One case I wrote about in an article involved a $44,000.00 medical identity theft fraud crime that occurred when the identity thief stole the identity theft victim’s Social Security number.

Here is an article that reinforces the need to keep the SSN from Everyone possible. This is another story of identity thieves stealing medical patients’ SSN’s and committing id theft fraud and credit card fraud as a result of the SSN’s being stolen.

Prevent identity theft through personal privacy living principles

Stop being a doormat!

Your good name may be at risk. Identity theft is out of control and unless you make the clerks who work for Doctor respect your personal privacy requirements, you, too, will lose big time in the current medical identity theft epidemic.