6 ways to protect identity and stop identity theft

How does one stop identity theft and protect identity as the crime of identity fraud continues to lead all fraud crimes? This article provides high-level privacy living principles that have can be practiced to assure you of avoiding identity theft.

1. Live under the Radar while protecting privacy 

Avoid identity theft and protect identity by having a trust own the home. Renters can stop identity theft by keeping property managers out of their credit bureau files. Certain privacy seekers live anonymously by creating a new identity. This tactic breaks the trail from the old you and assures identity theft protection.

2. Anonymous Travel

Cars held in your name provide a clear path to your door in most cases as identity thieves run plates of their targets who become identity theft victims in an attempt to find their name and place of residence. Use a trust-owned car, register it properly, and prevent identity theft as you drive.

3. Bank Secrecy

I know you’ve been told you have to provide your complete personal and confidential information to the part-time clerks who open bank accounts. Join the modern privacy crisis revolution and learn to create a financial privacy plan that will assure identity protection. Your banking privacy is an important foundational block for preventing bank identity theft.

4. Telphone Security

Do you want to protect identity and stop identity theft? If you are serious, do not provide your name, date of birth, and Social Security number to part-time cell telephone sales people. Social Security number fraud is practiced by identity theft criminals who steal these crucial identifiers from any number of data bases. Avoid identity theft by buying cell telephones for cash and loading them with minutes on telephone cards purchased for cash.

5. Online Privacy

The best ways to protect identity as you use a computer include buying the computer for cash, creating a new identity for registration and e-mail communication, obtaining an ISP account anonymously and using a proxy server as you surf the internet. Sound incredibly paranoid and inconvenient? An idenity theft occurs every few seconds. Your diligence will be rewarded as you prevent identity theft through these privacy living principles.

6. Work under the radar

Avoiding identity theft and establishing an identity protection plan takes time, effort, and costs more than living as the masses. Over time, you can decide how serious you are about your privacy and elect to practice work privacy principles that will fit your employment situation.

At the highest level of work privacy, privacy seekers use a front entity, a Limited Liability Company for instance to receive their payments for their work services. This type of arrangement has been formed when employees seek privacy and bargain with employers to provide work privacy services as a part of the employment agreement.

It is possible to travel, bank, work, and live anonymously in the U.S.A. or in any country in the world when one has the information and resources to change their lifestyle. Through privacy living principles, an individual or a family can prevent identity theft while protecting their identities.

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How to protect identity free and avoid identity theft

Identity protection can be accomplished when the privacy seeker learns how to protect identity and avoid identity theft through privacy living principles.

One can learn how to protect identity free without the high costs of identity theft insurance or the risks assoiciated with providing the strangers at the identity theft insurnace company with your most private business and personal information. Do you normally trust strangers with your Social Security number, home address, credit bureau file information, credit and banking data and more? Why, then would you entrust strangers to store your most personal infomation in a databank that many, many employees can access? Are you aware that many identity thefts are “inside jobs?”

What are the best ways to protect identity? Use privacy living principles to protect identity from all associated identity theft crimes. How can privacy living protect you from the high costs of identity theft? There are many changes you can make in your life to prevent identity theft. For instance, bank secrecy can prevent identity theft and disallow anyone who might steal your mail, listen to cell phone conversations or swipe your bank account debit card from accessing your bank account when you implement a bank secrecy program designed to provide financial privacy to you or your business.

Avoid identity theft by keeping all investments and property anonymous through the use of privacy principles and concepts we have used time and time again. We write about these privacy living principles on our site and you may find our articles and free identity theft courses valuable for identity theft protection.

For those who would like to protect identity free, we have free identity theft information courses available by e-mail. Subscribe here.

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Medical identity theft protection without id theft insurance premiums

Principles of privacy living will provide medical identity theft protection while eliminating the need for id theft insurance. This article outlines consumer privacy living principles that prevent and  eliminate medical id fraud.

Social Security number and date of birth

These two crucial identifiers provide a medical identity thief with a pathway to your personal and confidential data that may be retrieved through the tapping of various databases. Avoid providing the date of birth unless absolutely necessary when obtaining medical treatment. I NEVER provide an SSN to a medical provider.

Home address and home telephone number

Neither is necessary for a medical provider to have and substitutes may be used instead of the real thing. Learn how to use a mail nominee and obtain telephone service anonymously.

Privacy living is essential for avoiding medial identity theft.

Identity theft insurance or identity protection through consumer privacy

Take charge of your medical identity theft protection program by self insuring your identity. Through privacy living, you can avoid a privacy invasion and thwart the efforts of an identity thief.

Identity theft insurance companies require personal and confidential information prior to the issuance of an id theft policy. Do you really want many thousands of employees of a giant corporation knowing where you live? Aside from the obvious dangers of having strangers know where you sleep, identity theft insurance is NOT the gateway to avoiding identity theft or medical identity theft in particular. Instead of turning your life’s most personal and private data over to strangers, we advise an identity theft self insurance plan. CLICK HERE to learn how to protect your identity and prevent identity theft.