Painful Privacy Crisis Memories

Some years ago, my world was turned upside down during a long, four year ordeal during which I learned how to live under the radar in order to escape “stalkers” who sought me for unjust reasons. This piece will highlight certain memories of that difficult and memorable learning experience.

Pressure is like a double edged sword: some is necessary to stimulate the mind while too much makes the bearer of extreme stress question his purpose. Imagine the loneliness of an isolated life, absent close relationships, and being forced into self reliance and survival mode while being hunted by human animals with unlimited resources.

In the beginning, I hated this stretch of time as I was forced to learn skills and live  roles I’d never envisioned myself playing. Aside from the content of my new life being so foreign to my previous life experiences, the obvious nagging question haunted me. Why?

Once the period of denial of my circumstances passed, life became fun again, and I learned to appreciate what became truly important: living in the moment, being grateful for good health and pleasant surroundings.  My adjustment process continued and my focus centered around programming my thought processes toward turning this negative that had initially devastated me into a life-changing positive happening. Once I accepted my plight, it became my goal to succeed-to defeat my enemies. My animal instincts kicked in.  I was positive I could win as I planned and meditated.

My name became a different name. My private automobile registration made me unidentifiable to all who ran my plates-law enforcement included. Rental properties were temporary homes lasting for a few weeks to a few months. Work was concealed as my newly formed company served as my front entity to shield my identity from the world and my enemies. Money was safeguarded through more company names registered anonymously to keep the predators at bay.

I found no answers to the hard questions. I consulted, experimented, learned, and succeeded in remaining “invisible” as I developed skills and principles enabling me to travel, bank, work, and live anonymoulsy.  During this period of my lifetime, all relationships were severed. No one was spared the ax. Winning is everything. At least I thought so at the time. The price tag was indeed high, though necessary.

Learning  how to “disappear” is not the hardest part of living a high-level privacy life. The academics of it all are fairly straight forward, though privacy principles and concepts can be complicated, depending on one’s circumstances. The real challenge to living beneath the radar is the adjustment to life in the unnatural state that saps one’s energy reserves and creates the “intellectual hermit” that one must become in order to live such a low profile life successfully without the liklihood of ever being found.

Privacy at the very highest level is hard work.  My experiences will, I hope, make it possible to shorten the learning curve of gaining successful anonymous living information when the unexpected happens and creates a Privacy Crisis for you.

Grant Hall

Author, Privacy Crisis Banking and Privacy Crisis


Stalking victims nightmare and how to disappear and never be found

It’s difficult being hunted. Trying to sleep can be a fearful, wide-eyed, worrisome, affair filled with the anxiety of wondering when he will find you. How can you be certain he won’t find you? Your abusive husband, the dangerous stalker, promised he would stalk you to the end of the earth if necessary. And he is doing just that. How can you stop the stalking? You need to learn how to disappear and never be found.

Step one: Make certain you remove all traces of your money links to you before you make your clean getaway. Financial privacy and bank secrecy are both key to avoiding a stalker. This means the closing of all bank and brokerage accounts under your name.

Step two: Arrange for an alternate way to hold money so that he or his goons will never discover it. Your individual circumstances will dictate your needs. Check cashing stores are a good option for clearing checks payable to you. Anonyous safe deposit boxes and safes can be used to hold cash. Investment funds can be held in a Nevada Limited Parntership registered anonymously the way I describe in Privacy Crisis: Identity Theft Prevention Plan and Anonymous Living.

About your job; This is a quick link to you when you work under your name and Social Security number. It will be necessary to break that trail, too. If you want to succeed in your escape from your tormentor, you will have to take some serious and drastic measures to do it. This means working under another entity name so that you cannot be traced through the new hire data bank that government agencies, private investigators and stalkers use to find their subjects. Again, refer to my book.

Thanks for reading.

Grant Hall

What can you do if he does not stop stalking?

You have been abused both physically and mentally. Support groups help, but offer no permanent resolution. Restraining orders promised to rid you of his contacts and threats, and the police have been called. Still, he does not stop stalking. Your harassment stalker is an abusive ex-husband who will not let go. And you are his prey.

You are worried, tired, sick of it all, and have no one to turn to in your time of need. You are desperate. Perhaps, you have tried all options. You may be suffering from his abusive treatment-physically or mentally.  Your abusive husband may be a threat to you forever unless you learn how to “disappear.”

Do you wish you could leave, never look back, and be rid of his shadow-forever. You can.

It’s hard, a drastic step to be sure, but you can learn how to disappear and never be found-if you are dedicated and know how, that is.

The most successful at performing the permanent disappearing act are those with a need to do it and the right information.  It takes courage, determination, and a will to win-at great sacrifice in order to do it. This is the case when you have an abnormal situation-a stalker who will not let go. Are you determined enough? Is your case that serious?

In order to leave no trace to the real you, it will be necessary for you to leave and never look back. That’s a difficult process. Men who are stalkers are often determined to keep their women (previous lover, wife) under their control regardless of the status of the relationship. Recognize what you are up against before making a decision to leave and “disappear” forever.

If you are serious, really serious, learn how to do it the way the pros have managed to do it.  As the hunted, you will have distinct advantages over the hunter if you have the right information and the determination to escape a stalker forever.

Grant Hall

stalking help for a stalking ex

Are you being stalked?Already a stalking victim?

Whether you are stalked by an ex boyfriend or  an abusive husband/wife, you may become the victim of a dangerous stalker. This article provides information on how to disappear completely and never be found by a stalking ex through the use of an offshore address.

How to disappear completely (on paper)

Credit bureaus monitor changes of addresses of their subjects like clockwork. You as a debtor are kept under their proverbial thumbs as their network of subscribers report your payment history and residence changes. At this time, U.S. credit bureaus do not record foreign addresses in their normal personal data files. However, you can add your new address in the comments section when you move offshore. This new address change can then be viewed by all who see your credit report-including your stalking ex.

“Moving offshore” and the importance of an offshore address

While sitting at a computer, you can arrange for an offshore mailing address to create a location illusion for privacy protection. All of this can be accomplished through e-mail communication and snail mail.

An English speaking first world country is the choice of most Americans who want an offshore address to serve as their primary address.

Creating a location illusion with an offshore mail drop for privacy is the first step to stopping stalking.

Woman murdered by stalker

Think all of this is too much trouble? Are you hesitant about spending a few hundred dollars to learn how to disappear and never be found?

The following website contains information on a woman murdered by her stalker and the direct quotes are taken from this same website:

“Alissa Blanton, 23, of Cocoa, Fla., was shot and killed Monday in the parking lot near her new job at an AT&T call center in Orange County, Fla. Police said her killer, 61-year-old Roger Troy, fatally shot himself immediately afterward.

About a week before she died, Blanton asked a judge for an order of protection against Troy, whom she said had been stalking her for two years. Despite the evidence she presented — her petition contained more than 70 pages of harassing e-mails Troy sent to her — Brevard County Circuit Court Judge Dean Moxley said he didn’t have enough information to rule on the petition.”

Click here for Free information on how to defeat harassment stalking.

Grant Hall