How can a divorced dad prevent a home seizure by a child collection agency?

This article provides information necessary for home privacy. Readers are advised to follow all laws in their jurisdiction. Divorced dads and others who have child support obligations are encouraged to support their children.

An excerpt from my upcoming book, Bank Secrecy: Financial Privacy Crisis Plan and Resource Guide follows:

. The seizure of bank accounts and homes of men deemed to be in arrears has been occurring in Britain[1] and this may be justified for those legally obligated to pay child support. Big bureaucrat’s mistakes of fingering and wrongly accusing innocent individuals, causes a hardship to men who are not guilty of charges against them due to a mistaken identity[2].

See footnotes at the end of this article.

What about those cases of men who are wrongly accused of being in arrears? Try to untangle big bureaucrat’s messy mistakes when a mistaken home seizure is made. Perhaps it is a better idea to opt for home privacy and mortgage privacy to avoid a home privacy invasion altogether.

Your can structure debt in such a way that money can be used to buy a home (mortgage) while not revealing the source of funds used for the home purchase. In Bank Secrecy, I coin this privacy principle, the Invisible Mortgage, and I have devoted an entire chapter to the subject.

For those who have any doubts about the validity of the concept of the Invisible Mortgage, we used this technique ourselves to purchase a home and all of this is explained in the book.

Grant Hall

[1], Child maintenance agency moves to seize 340 non-payers’ homes, February 7, 2010,

[2] VodPod, Man wrongly accused of being a ‘deadbeat dad,’ from, February 21, 2010,

Home privacy and how to disappear completely

Avoid having your name and home address in residential data bases and property ownership county records. Do you think this is an extreme personal privacy measure? Hardly. Having home privacy is a basic personal privacy principle.

How to rent anonymously

Rent in an alternate name without providing employment and credit bureau information. Hard to do? No it is not. And, today, you have a great housing market to work in as a privacy advocate. Rental vacancies are up and property managers are desperate to fill these vacancies.

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Home privacy as an “owner”

There are proven ways to own a home anonymously, but you will be best served to copy the privacy advocates’ methodology who have actually lived as someone else in real time while under fire.

I wrote Privacy Crisis, an e-book that covers home privacy in great detail. Visit the site and you may be interested in buying the book HERE.

Evidence on why you need home privacy to avoid a home privacy invasion can be found here:

It is doubtful you will become a wrongful death statistic when you live anonymously.

How much is your home privacy and personal privacy worth?

The basics of home privacy include having your name and address unknown to those who you do not want visiting  you where you hang your hat. This means having anonymous home ownership or renting anonymously, and having no utilities or other home-related services tied to your true name.

ALL of the above and the most private home privacy style of all, mobile living, is covered in detail in Privacy Crisis.


Grant Hall

Home privacy for the stalking victim

This article will provide  stalking victims with a certain method of preventing a home privacy invasion by a stalker.

Home privacy for the stalking victim

Are you a battered wife or a battered woman? Have you been abused by an ex-husband who has become a dangerous stalker?

If you want to break the paper trail and defeat that troublesome, persistent, ex-husband or ex-boyfriend, you will need to buy your house in the name of another entity.

Use a trust to buy your home. It is the most private of all entities. The trust should have no ties to you. This means another person, perhaps a co-trustee or an administrative trustee will have to do your bidding initially as you buy the home in the county where the property is located. This will be necessary to ensure you as an individual have no links to the property when your stalker searches data bases.

When a trust owned home has no links to the trustee (stalking victim) who manages the trust there is no way to find that person through normal computer data base searches.

Mortgages and borrowing

A traditional mortgage will have your name on it and the lender will report your payments monthly to the major credit bureaus. And since you are being stalked and your ex or other dangerous stalker will probably check these files, having a mortgage is a bad idea if you want to avoid future harassment stalking.

It is possible to borrow funds for a home while eliminating the paper trail to you when you use money from entities under your control or arrange  the source of borrowed funds through private lenders while using front entities’ assets to secure the home.

The key for a stalking victim to remember is that in order to stop stalking, there can be no record of home ownership tied to the stalking victim’s name.

Grant Hall