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Secret Home Mortgage?
The masses provide lenders and their henchmen with a clear roadmap to their home. Why not borrow money secretly and create an “invisible home mortgage?”
You and your family will not be subjected to dangerous scams and ugly threats. You’ll avoid property confiscations and burglaries. Live without fear. Keep snoops from finding your home when they access your credit bureau files.
How do you initiate a private home mortgage?
One has to borrow using a non-traditional lender. Perhaps from a company he or she controls. Or through the pledging of assets as collateral and then borrowing against these assets. Do you or a company under your control own farm land or other real property, Gold, Silver or rare coins? A margin account can be an ideal source of borrowing, too. You could borrow from a company under your control or from the business that employs you.
In any case, the goal is to repay the loan while disguising the nature of the purchase. Please keep everything above board and according to the provisions of the credit sources you use. It is not necessary to deceive or engage in anything illegal for the sake of personal privacy.
In my latest book, Privacy Crisis Banking, my personal techniques are fully explained.
If you truly desire personal privacy, you’ll have to start with a private residence-whether you rent or own the dwelling. And if money is borrowed for a home purchase, the world will know where you live when a traditional home mortgage is taken out on the property as credit bureau files will reveal this information.
It’s best to avoid the borrowing practices of the masses when you want home privacy. Once you title the property as I describe in Privacy Crisis, you will avoid data bases and the problems that are associated with having your home address known to everyone. You and your family will avoid the fear associated with dangerous stalkers and identity theft.
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Home Privacy and How to Disappear Completely

Relationships are key to home privacy. Establish a working relationship with the property manager or owner of the house or apartment that you and your family want to rent while making certain your personal privacy is respected, and your name, address, Social Security number, and financial information must not entered into the credit bureau databases. How does one rent anonymously? It may be an easier task than you think though this important privacy tactic will normally take more time than the average person spends to find an apartment or house to rent.

Seek out entrepreneurial managers and owners, not inflexible types who insist on invading your personal and business privacy. Searching publications’ homes and apartments for rent and following up with telephone interviews will yield a group of candidates. Often explaining your privacy needs and making a great first impression on the telephone and in person will persuade the property owner/manager to cut corners on your behalf. However, expect to spend some extra time to obtain home privacy, and as I have said many times, privacy is always more expensive than living as the masses live. Time is money and it takes extra time to seek out those who will rent to you with few privacy invasions.

Take your home privacy seriously as it is the cornerstone of your personal and business privacy program and will provide many worthwhile benefits that the masses seldom enjoy. You will avoid identity theft as identity thieves will not be able to associate your name with your home address. And if you are going to use your true name, make sure your name and home address are not entered into databases that will reveal this sacred information. When you are seeking the highest level of personal privacy possible, it is imperative that you learn how to change your identity and use an alternate name for unofficial purposes, and your home privacy is strengthened as you create a new identity for privacy living purposes.

Our privacy living series is a free e-mail course that may be of interest as you learn to live privately.

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Author, Privacy Crisis Series of books

Grant Hall on Protecting Financial Privacy and Preventing Identity Theft

Keeping finances and property ownership a secret will protect identity and prevent identity theft and help you avoid privacy invasions.

Financial Privacy is a core privacy principle for all privacy advocates and will prevent bank identity theft and make you and your family and your property invisible.

Exercising your right to financial privacy is imperative as you attempt to protect your privacy from a number of predators who may wish to harm or steal from you and your family. Potential kidanppers will not be able to identify you as a worthwhile target when your bank secrecy and home privacy measures are in place. Use home privacy and banking privacy as described in the Privacy Crisis series.

Identity Theft Prevention is a huge benefit derived from obtaining home privacy. Of particular interest to many today is how to prevent a thief from stealing your identity in order to receive medical treatment under your name or the name of a family member. Preventing medical identity theft is a priority today as this form of identity theft is the white collar crime of choice among many identity thieves. Keep insurance policy names, numbers, group names, and the identities of all covered members private until the services are rendered. Refuse to provide policy information over the telephone to medical providers and do not provide Social Security Numbers, home addresses, home land line telephone numbers to providers. Instead, substitute mail drops, voice mail numbers, and omit the SSN for personal privacy reasons. These types of identity theft prevention tactics are necessary as many identity thieves have worked for medical providers and some have taken these jobs to gain  access to patients’ records.

These articles on how to prevent identity theft may be of interest as you learn to live privately.

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Privacy Crisis Banking provides financial privacy principles and banking privacy resources for the business manager or individual who wants to practice bank secrecy and keep money and investment affairs private.

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How to Disappear from an Abusive Spouse

How does one learn how to disappear from an abusive spouse and never be found by an abusive husband or wife? Should a stalking victim depend on law enforcement or other agencies to protect their privacy? We believe individuals who become stalking victims or who want to disappear from an abusive spouse  should take responsibility for themselves and stop the stalking through high-level personal privacy living principles. This article will address key consumer privacy living principles and concepts that will ensure the  safety of one who becomes a stalking victim and needs to take the steps to avoid an exhusband’s stalking-or the stalker could be an exwife as well. Key personal privacy living concepts include:

Home Privacy

Home privac is the most important part of any consumer privacy program. A traditional mortgage allows anyone to see where you live through accessing credit bureau files or county databases.

If you borrow money, learn to disguise the source of funds. Borrowing money privately for a home purchase is key  to establishing home privacy.

Create an “invisible home mortgage” as described in Privacy Crisis Banking.

Mobile living is the most prvate of all home privacy plans.

Travel Privacy

Make the automobile used for travel have no links to you. This requires knowledge of how to register the car. A Trust as the owner has worked quite well for many who use travel privacy to disappear from an abusive spouse. The car’s plates must not reveal your name  when the dangerous stalker runs the license plates through a database. See the travel section of Privacy Crisis.

Banking Privacy

Financial privacy and banking privacy are key to losing your abusive spouse. Utilize the concepts I have outlined in Privacy Crisis Banking. You have choices as well as resources. Certain financial institutions will help you meet your financial privacy needs. Credit card privacy is also essential and you can be tracked through the credit card purchases. Use gift cards to preserve credit card privacy as per the book. One resource offers a $500 card with no registration requirement.

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Is protecting privacy expensive?

 Is protecting privacy expensive?
Generally, individuals and businesses can afford the tools and services it takes to support a high level privacy program. Everyone reading this article can afford how-to books that teach one how to travel, bank, work, live anonymously.
Setting up  a privacy program can take some effort and may require extra money to be allocated toward home privacy and business privacy.
Consider how much it may cost if you or your business fail to avoid identity theft. You can prevent identity theft with a reasonable personal and business privacy program.  Here are key privacy points:
1. Bank Anonymously. Keep identifiers out of databanks that may make your assets surface when criminals search for your money and property.
2. Keep homes and automobiles private. Trusts can help you drive anonymously.
3. Register businesses utilizing the trust manager principle.
See the books.
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Financial Privacy: Protecting Privacy to Avoid Identity Theft

Your financial privacy goes a long way to help you and your family avoid identity theft.

Business and personal banking privacy combined with the concealment of all assets owned or controlled by you and your spouse will help avoid business identity theft, medical identity theft, and the garden variety, personal identtiy theft. And while the masses may provide their most personal and confidential data including their Social Security numbers, home address, business employer identification number, driver license number, land line telephone  numbers, automobile registration information, credit card numbers, and more to all financial institutions who ask for these identifiers, your  privacy  interests will be served when  you go against the grain, and keep all of the above, and more private.

I suggest financial privacy, especially banking and home registration information are the most sought after identity theft tools by identity thieves. Remember that some of my previous articles and blog posts cite specific cases where bank employees, medical providers’ employees, and other insiders have been caught stealing these pieces of data to use in their identity theft crimes.

A family whose home privacy is under control-privately registered without mention of any resident on the county paperwork, and whose household account, and other family members’ accounts are untraceable, will have taken the most important steps to preventing identity theft. And while such an identity theft prevention plan requires time, effort, and some extra expense, bank secrecy, and personal privacy protection are the best identity protection measures that can be taken to guard against the expensive, inconvenient, dangerous crimes of medical identity theft, busness identity theft, and bank identity theft.

Grant  Hall

Helicopter Surveillance creates demand for home privacy, banking secrecy

Helicopters fly over our city dwelling daily. They either have the city police marking or have no identification on the outside. Sometimes, they team up with police cars, trying to corner speeders and others accused of something. But most of the time they just cruise around watching citizens’ homes below. Imagine the cost of the fuel power and manpower it takes to watch the population live from above.

One has to question the motive of such operations-regardless of which agency or city is ordering the surveillance. Sadly, public opinion seldom questions anything these days. We’ve such an aware public these days. I’ve encountered an M.B.A. student who couldn’t define the Federal Reserve System, had hamburgers brought to me different than I ordered them twice in the last three weeks at two restaurants, waited fifteen minutes for a wheatgrass order at a juice bar, but still didn’t get my juice, and had a shipping company employee ask me how to spell “Louisville.” All in one week.

Back to the surveillance issue. Why are you and I being watched and what can you do about it?

For starters, do you care? Many don’t  or seem to not care. Maybe you do. Hopefully. Home privacy is right up there with money and banking privacy as priorities for those  of us who do value our privacy. Once someone knows where you live, they’ll use that data to track your money, credit, automobile, employer, family members and their money, property, employers, and on and on. You get the idea. See the value of home privacy and banking secrecy? Unless you have it, you’ll risk being stalked, tracked, traced, risk having your identity stolen, and a whole lot of other nightmares you don’t need.

One guy uses an extreme level of privacy protection to preserve his home privacy. Living off the grid in one form or another will assure that you protect identity from all who fly over or drive by your place of residence. Privacy seekers may own, rent, or live the mobile lifestyle. All methods work when home privacy care is taken to preserve the identities of those who want to live under the radar, and be free from data bases that house the names associated with the homes viewed by those nosey whirly birds that keep you under surveillance.

Money or links to it can be found once your name is associated with your house. So take the time to keep your home private. You can create an invisible home mortgage to eliminate your home being found through credit bureau files and lender records. That’s the first step to keeping your financial privacy secrets.

Once you determine your financial privacy needs, you can begin to explore your options. Banking secrecy and financial privacy protection are important components of a privacy lifestyle. Remember to think for yourself and read and listen to what experts have done  to shield their homes and money from all who might want to dicover  a private castle or hidden treasure. With enouggh time, effort, and study, you can learn how to keep your freedom and enjoy your privacy knowing that your home address and bank account location is your business only, and wil not be found through database searches, and you and your loved ones will not be subjected to privacy invasions or confiscations of any kind.

Grant Hall



stalking victims stop stalking with home privacy

Home privacy is key to stopping stalking and stalking victims must take the time to learn how to live anonymously whether they rent or own their home.

Home privacy is the foundation of a stalking victim’s personal privacy program to stop stalking.

Here are some articles that may provide valuable information for stalking victims who risk danger from an abusive husband, disgruntled ex, internet stalker, or other stalker.

It is possible to rent a home or apartment without revealing your most personal and confidential information. Most of the time, you will be asked for your name, Social Security number, place of employment, previous home address, and financial information. The reason why it is impossible to have home privacy when such details are revealed to a property manager is because your credit report will reflect the inquiry made as you apply for a rental property, thus alerting your tormentor or his goon squad of your whereabouts when they tap into your credit bureau files.

You may want to subscribe to our Free e-mail course on how to stop stalking.

As a newbie to privacy living, you will want to reap the benefits of proven ways to stop stalking by reading Grant Hall’s  e-book, Privacy Crisis.

It is possible to learn how to disappear completely and never be found when the privacy crisis principles and methods are implemented.

There are overlapping effects to various aspects of personal privacy. We recommend you study and learn all you can about business and personal privacy living in order to escape from your troublesome, dangerous stalker.

Look for Privacy Crisis Banking, Grant Hall’s new book. Available everywhere, Fall, 2011.

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privacy book explains how to avoid a home privacy invasion with an offshore address

Your success in avoiding a home privacy invasion by all criminals depends on your creating a location illusion, and an offshore address used correctly will empower you and your family to escape privacy invasive data bases.

Does SWAT know where you LIVE?  You and your family may be in danger.

Innocent residents have been killed by police who storm homes without due process. You can protect privacy when you use the principles used by successful privacy experts.

An offshore Address for home privacy is a privacy principle that prevents a home intrusion.  This privacy tactic will create the location illusion of your offshore residency while your actual home address remains hidden to all who rely on data bases to give them your home address location. You can make your offshore address your official address and retain your personal privacy.

You may find our Free e-mail courses on privacy valuable for your personal privacy living success plan.

“The Most Valuable Privacy Book-EVER”

Mr. Elliot, world renowned privacy expert on Grant Hall’s book, Privacy Crisis.

Grant Hall’s best-selling e-book, Privacy Crisis provides home privacy tactics.

Refer to these useful chapters to guarantee the safety of your family:

Chapter 6: The Mobile Lifestyle: Living in Secrecy

This method of home privacy may be the most secure form of privacy living.

Chapter 7: The Anonymous Resident

Rent a home anonymously. Learn how privacy experts have created a location illustion through the use of privacy living principles as outlined in this valuable personal privacy living chapter.

Chapter 8: Private Home Ownership

Discover the entity of choice for holding property anonymously. Use concepts never before revealed. Hall’s own home is owned through principles outlined in this chapter.

You can begin to make your home safe within Five Minutes from now.

Privacy Crisis is available for purchase and immediate download.

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