Protecting Privacy and how to Stop Stalking

How can you protect your privacy when you are stalked by a dangerous exhusband or become the victim of another engaged in harassment stalking? What elements of privacy living are most important for the stalking victim who needs to protect identity and be free from stalking harassment? This article will outline a number of key principles to stop stalking, and readers should use the books to the right this article to position themselves to be free from stalkers.

Financial privacy in general and banking privacy in particular are necessary privacy principles for those who become stalking victims. Keep assets and money separate from your personal identity. Use the entities, resources as explained  in the books.

Home privacy is the most important part of a privacy program. Utilize the invisible mortgage principle as explained in Privacy Crisis Banking when money is borrowed to purchase your home.

Create a new identity for all non-official purposes to protect identity. This concept is not as difficult as you might imagine. Follow the fictitious character Alex Corbin in the book, Privacy Crisis. He was able to evade all who followed him through the use of a new identity for privacy purposes. Make sure to follow the laws in your jurisdiction while using your pen name or stage name.

You can protect privacy and escape a dangerous stalker when you are dedicated and have the correct information and resources. Make certain to use your true  name for all official purposes. Living under the radar is essential. Use entities for your banking secrecy and financial privacy plan as explained in the books.

Stopping a stalker through the use of home privacy, banking privacy, and the full use of all available resources will allow the stalking victim to escape a stalker.

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stop harassment stalking with an offshore address

Stop harassment stalking by utilizing an offshore address to make the world and your internet stalker or other stalker believe you have moved out of the country.

Your ruse address will have to appear real in order to avoid a home privacy invasion or other personal privacy intrusion that stalking victims endure. Are you serious about stopping your stalking problem?

You can escape your enemy, but you’ll have to “move” in order to accomplish this feat. And your new home address will necessarily have to be recorded in all data bases that matter. This means your mail nominee at your official address-in whatever country you choose to move to-will have to receive your mail and forward it back to you.

We have evidence over many years of privacy experts using this offshore address privacy tactic to secure themselves and their families. Stalking victims, too, have repeatedly using this privacy principle as well as other concepts to escape their stalker.

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Our best-selling e-book, Privacy Crisis: Identity Theft Prevention Plan and Guide to Anonymous Living provides comprehensive information on all aspects of privacy living.

Through the use of the principles and concepts outlined in this book, stalking victims will be able to stop stalking and regain their personal privacy and freedom.

You can be reading the book within Five minutes from now. Buy the book and solve your privacy crisis through the principles and concepts used by privacy experts throughout the world.

Thanks and enjoy the book.

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home privacy key to harassment stalking crime prevention

Stalking victims who have read our Free e-mail information series and my privacy book and privacy articles find solutions to the harassment stalking crime by adhering to strict personal privacy living and home privacy guidelines.

The stalking victim who is threatened by phone stalking will be able to break the connection from herself and prevent further stalking harassment by using an unlisted, cell telephone only while making certain to not include any name or other personal and confidential information when buying and registering the telephone. Phone stalking is quite a common method of harassment stalking and can easily be avoided when cell phones are purchased for cash and loaded anonymously while buying pay as you go cards for cash. And telephone harassment stalking will cease once there is no link from your phone number to you. In order to assure home privacy, this measure is a necessary stalking crime prevention measure and should be a priority for stalking victims.

The stalking victim can learn how to disappear completely and never be found when a dangerous stalker is posing threats to the stalked, and a very secure form of home privacy can be accomplished rather quickly. An article on the subject of home privacy for stalking vicitms appears Here.

One can regain their personal privacy and stop stalking through a variety of consumer privacy methods that are explained in various article written on the website and blog, and these are: and

Remember to take the crime of stalking seriously as a large percentage of stalking victims are injured by their dangerous stalkers.

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harassment stalking and personal privacy living

Stalking harassment presents the stalking victim with unwanted dangers unless he or she chooses action to thrwart the stalker’s efforts. How can one stop stalking and eliminate the continued threat of harassment stalking? This article will provide ideas on geographic choices for personal privacy living that may be of value to the man or lady whose stalker refuses to give up the chase.

While employment considerations may be of great importance to many, often safety comes as the top priority for the stalking victim. I have written about workplace privacy through the use of a separate entity in another article that may be of value once a new location has been established. Let’s assume the job, occupation or profession is secondary to safety from the harassment stalking problem, and that the recommendations in the aforementioned article and information in my best-selling e-book, Privacy Crisis are used for personal privacy, and that the primary consideration is escape from a dangerous stalker.

Location Choices for Personal Privacy Living

Certain states generally provide less personal privacy for “residents” than others. New York and California are two states that are known to check identification often when even routine goods are purchased or everyday services are sought. For instance, we have encountered vendors who want to check identification for money order purchases in California.

We are aware of privacy advocates having success in cities, towns, and rural areas in a number of states. Cities offer the great population and the opportunity to blend in with an abundance of readily available goods and services. Towns of medium size provide for some valuable privacy features as well especially when transients frequent these areas, particularily college students and vacation travelers. Rural areas, while seemingly the most private, sometimes make privacy living difficult as certain residents will be insistent on knowing the business of all their neighbors.

States in the Western United States are the best choices for privacy advocates based on our many years of privacy living. You may want to consider these if your harassment stalker has stalked you for a period of time: Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, Idaho, Montana, South Dakota. Other states may be considered, too.

Your success as you travel, work, bank, and live anonymously will depend on who you are as well as what you know. You may be interested in our free information e-mail course, Outsmarting Stalkers. This privacy course is Free and will provide basic information on how to cope with the stalking problem.

Privacy Crisis: Identity Theft Prevention Plan and Guide to Anonymous Living is available for purchase and immediate download. Four chapters are devoted to the behavioral aspects of privacy living and this information will empower you to get what you need without undue personal privacy sacrifices. Stalking victims have written me and claimed to have escaped their stalker while using these principles and techniques.

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can a stalking victim stop stalking with financial privacy?

Harassment stalking cases are on the rise as ex spouses and others attempt to secretly monitor the life of their former mate. And the practice may present danger for the stalking victim as crimes are often committed against the stalked by the stalker-sometimes acts of violence.

Monitoring resources often used by the stalker include financial resources such as bank and brokerage accounts held by a victim of harassment stalking.

This article will outline certain steps to break the money paper trail and enable the stalked to gain financial privacy and freedom from the stalker.

Private Bill Payments

An essential privacy principle is the use of non traceable financial instruments to avoid detection of your whereabouts by the stalker or his investigator goons who he may be paying to tap into your credit reports or find your money via asset searches.

Adopt anonymous payment styesms that may include; money orders, cash, prepaid debit cards and gift cards, wire transfers not traceable through the banking system.

Personal Financial Privacy

The use of check cashing stores will eliminate the paper trail of commercial bank accounts and records. Certain stalking victims and others use my highest level of bank secrecy to establish bulletproof financial privacy, and this is the Ultimate Bank Secrecy Account.

Check cashing stores with management cognizant of the needs of those who need banking privacy have made substitute number exceptions for key identifiers including the Social Security number. This will prevent privacy-invasive searches by investigators, stalkers, and others who track their prey through traditional data bases.

Look for more information and resources in this column on the Ultimate Bank Secrecy Account soon.

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can you make him stop stalking you?

Create a New Identity

Begin using a new name immediately to break the paper trail from your old identity. Stored data won’t be relevant once you begin to be someone else for all unofficial purposes.

Do not lie to law enforcement concerning your true identity. Using an alternate name once you create a new identity should be done only when it’s legal to do so. It is imperative that you check the laws in your jurisdiction prior to assuming a new identity.

When you use a new identity during every day living without revealing the real you to those without a need to know, you can successfully avoid harassment stalking. Privacy living is easier than you may think and your stalker will stop stalking you as his trail to you will be lost.

Avoid harassment stalking through creating a new identity

Renting in a pseudo name will prevent harassment stalking to a degree. This is the first step to escaping a troublesome and dangerous ex spouse or ex lover.

When you buy a house, your use of a pen name for privacy purposes. This privacy living principle combined with holding the property in a trust’s name will do wonders to enhance your personal privacy and home privacy. This is one of the most important aspects of successful privacy living.

Travel, bank, work, live anonymously

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My e-book has privacy living principles and concepts that provide methods to avoid cyber stalking, phone stalking, and stalking victims have found it most valuable as they learn how to disappear completely and never be found.

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stop stalking with an offshore address

Do you want to learn how to disappear and never be found? When you’re bothered by one engaged in harassment stalking an offshore address is one key that is necessary to stop stalking.  Creating a location illusion through the use of an offshore address is one privacy principle stalking victims have used to successfully “disappear” from their stalking ex or other criminal who continues stalking them.

The home address is far more important to the stalker than your telephone-the source of phone stalking or your computer which is the avenue used for cyber stalking.

An address believed to be your home address such as an offshore mail drop is a high-level consumer privacy concept. Once key data bases such as the major credit bureaus, banks, credit card companies, and others have your offshore address listed as your home address-a process that may take some weeks, the stalking victim will be on her way to losing her stalker. The stalker will be faced with making a new plan or giving up the chase- unless he/she wishes to continue the pursuit out of the country. And of course, the “story” must be believed. The stalking victim will necessarily move and must receive certain important mailings offshore to create the proper ruse in order to escape.

Stopping stalking through the use of a mailing address offshore will not be the end of the battle, however. You as a stalking victim will want to structure your life to empower you to travel, bank, work, and live anonymously. And privacy living in today’s world is not an easy task, but it can be accomplished when you have the right information.

You may be interested in reading our free information series on stalking solutions and stalking prevention. These daily reports will be received via e-mail.

You are also welcome to take advantage of the privacy-related articles on our website and on this blog.

Thanks for reading.

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Should a stalking victim create a new identity to stop stalking?

Will creating a new identity stop harassment stalking? Yes.

Should a stalking victim get an alternate name to prevent injury or death by a dangerous stalker? Yes.

How can assuming a new identity stop stalking? Once a new identity is assumed and one begins to live under a new name, the paper trail from the real you is stopped-when you do it right.

Living Anonymously

Renting is most practical when one begins to live under a new identity. Most property managers will want to run credit checks, check government issued identification, and obtain personal and business references as well as verify employment. Don’t do business with those who insist on invading your privacy or learn how to handle these privacy invasions. Follow the guidelines the professional privacy seekers have used to live anonymously as explained in Privacy Crisis. Plan, plan, plan and learn what you’re doing, and you will succeed.

Travel anonymously

A trust-owned automobile has proven to be a sure bet to anonymous travel when the car is registered correctly. It’s all explained in the big red, white, and blue book to the right of this column. Anonymous travel has saved many from danger and has kept quite a few from having to pay tickets generated by those sneaky cameras fixed at intersections to tag those who violate traffic laws when the police aren’t present. IF you’re cited by a camera or an officer, handle the citation according to the laws in the jurisdiction.

Privacy is something everyone can afford. Those who need a high-level privacy plan and asset protection plan will be able to afford it.

 Most privacy living principles and concepts can be implemented with average income budgets.

 Learning how to create a new identity will empower the stalking victim to escape a stalker. There’s a great deal to learn so empower yourself by gaining the knowledge necessary to succeed as you live anonymously.


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Can the internet stalker find your home address?

An internet stalker can find stalking victims home address under certain conditions. A cyber stalking victim can stop stalking by an internet stalker when identity protection measures are used as described in this article.

Proxy server

While surfing the internet, consider using a proxy server to hide your ip address. While these programs slow down your navigation, the cyber stalker will not be able to trace you as long as the software is functioning properly.

Take a look at as a proxy server option for internet privacy.

Private domain

A private domain registration will prevent an internet stalker from determining your identity when he/she searches the Whois database. Cyber stalking is serious business and often the internet stalker is determined to locate his stalking victim.

One way to prevent yourself from being identified is to use the trust manager principle and hold the domain name through a Nevada Limited Liability Company. When properly registered, the LLC will be anonymous.

Fake identity

The use of an alternate name will decrease the internet stalker’s ability to track and trace his stalking victim.

Computers and software can be purchased under a pen name.  E-mail communications and all contacts with strangers warrant the use of a fake identity.

private e-mail

Encrypt e-mail when you want high-level email privacy.

An alternate name is important if you want to escape a stalker or prevent cyber stalking.

Internet service provider privacy is key to winning the harassment stalking battle

Nearly all of the masses provide their true name and other personal and confidential data when purchasing internet service.

For high-level internet privacy, use a nominee, company name, or fictitious name when purchasing services when it is according to the laws in your jurisdiction to do so. This privacy tactic will prevent a cyber stalker from making his/her way to your door.

You may be a stalking victim and need to learn how to disappear and never be found. We offer a free information e-mail course on stalking prevention.