Did Schwarzenegger declare war on personal privacy when he signed AB 962?

Finger prints to buy ammunition? Has your personal privacy been destroyed by Schwarzenegger and California’s new law? California gun owners may be losing their right to privacy.

Nazi Germany or California, U.S.A.?

Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger has signed AB 962 into law and handgun owners who want to shoot their firearms will lose their right to privacy in early 2011.

One has to wonder why Schwarzenegger wants to track and trace the handgun ammunition purchases of law abiding citizens.

Is the new statute really about ammunition purchases?

Beginning in February 2011, Californians will be required to show government issued identification and a thumb print prior to buying ammunition for handguns.

New law set to destroy personal privacy of gun owners

Think you have second amendment rights? How about your rights to privacy as per the U.S. Constitution. The quote below is taken from this website:


“AB 962 requires purchasers to show bonafied ID to ammunition vendors in order
to purchase handgun ammunition. The bonafied is spelled out as a government
issued ID with a photo.

Acceptable forms include a driver’s license or military ID. In addition, the vendor is required to record the purchasers name, driver’s license number, state of issuance, signature, thumbprint, residential address, date of birth and phone number. In addition the name of the sales person, the date of sale, brand type and amount of ammunition sold must also be recorded. The records must be kept on the vendor’s premises for a minimum of five years.

There is no provision for how the records are maintained (paper or electronic)
stored, or securely destroyed.”

Gun Privacy Wyoming Style

Sadly for Californians, second amendment rights are eroding in the opinion of this writer, and according to this writer’s interpretation of the United States Constitution.

All things, considered, I think I would prefer buying ammunition the old fashioned way-cash and carry. The way it’s done in Wyoming.

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