identity theft solutions: prevent bank identity theft

Identity theft solutions are your responsibility! You have the power to protect your identity and your money when you practice personal privacy living methods and principles.

Protect your identity and your money by practicing financial privacy without using a bank or through the use of another entity in place of your name.

Trust Checking Account

Through the use of a trust as the holder of the checking account, you can create a “new identity” to protect your identity and avoid having your name surface when identity thieves attempt to find your money. Care must be taken, however. Keep the trust’s name unrelated to your name and obtain the Employer Identification number anonymously. Perhaps you can convince a banker to open the account your way. I did. And why shouldn’t you be able to have the account titled as you want it? It is your money. If you can’t get the trust account set up as you want it, you may want to consider opting out and ditch commercial banking altogether.

Check Cashing Stores

I have used check cashing stores for many years. These are the retail outlets that loan money to consumers at highway robbery interest rates. I’m indifferent about their loans because I don’t use them. However, I do favor these services for consumer privacy or “banking privacy,” as these institutions are far more consumer friendly than banks in my experienced opinion and based on my years of using them to accomplish bank secrecy.

You can accomplish banking secrecy and prevent bank identity theft through the use of a check cashing store. Don’t provide your Social Security number or home address, and don’t give them a thumb or finger print. I’m amazed at how many consumers roll over like timid little puppies when asked by “authority types” to sacrifice their privacy. Not I. I keep my privacy-financial and otherwise. Perhaps you should learn how to prevent bank identity theft, too as well as avoid property seizures and bank account garnishments. It’s all in my best-selling e-book, Privacy Crisis. You can buy the book and begin reading how to regain your financial privacy and avoid identity theft in just five minutes from now!

Grant Hall