Can the internet stalker find your home address?

An internet stalker can find stalking victims home address under certain conditions. A cyber stalking victim can stop stalking by an internet stalker when identity protection measures are used as described in this article.

Proxy server

While surfing the internet, consider using a proxy server to hide your ip address. While these programs slow down your navigation, the cyber stalker will not be able to trace you as long as the software is functioning properly.

Take a look at as a proxy server option for internet privacy.

Private domain

A private domain registration will prevent an internet stalker from determining your identity when he/she searches the Whois database. Cyber stalking is serious business and often the internet stalker is determined to locate his stalking victim.

One way to prevent yourself from being identified is to use the trust manager principle and hold the domain name through a Nevada Limited Liability Company. When properly registered, the LLC will be anonymous.

Fake identity

The use of an alternate name will decrease the internet stalker’s ability to track and trace his stalking victim.

Computers and software can be purchased under a pen name.  E-mail communications and all contacts with strangers warrant the use of a fake identity.

private e-mail

Encrypt e-mail when you want high-level email privacy.

An alternate name is important if you want to escape a stalker or prevent cyber stalking.

Internet service provider privacy is key to winning the harassment stalking battle

Nearly all of the masses provide their true name and other personal and confidential data when purchasing internet service.

For high-level internet privacy, use a nominee, company name, or fictitious name when purchasing services when it is according to the laws in your jurisdiction to do so. This privacy tactic will prevent a cyber stalker from making his/her way to your door.

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