Does phone stalking begin at the sound of the beep?

Phone stalkers make stalking harassment telephone calls to their stalking victims. Providing strangers with call back telephone numbers may be a bad idea for consumer privacy.

Voice mail and call backs

Once I called seventeen medical offices and received only three live answers to my calls. That’s a horrible level of customer service in my opinion.

It seems the public accepts poor customer service rather than insist on someone answering the telephone  when a new business is called.

In my estimation, businesses that do not answer their phones, but instead request you leave your phone number for a call back, are not practicing good customer service. Why would anyone leave a personal phone number for a call back?

Phone stalkers and phone stalking

One in ten women are stalked. One such method used by phone stalkers is to grab a phone number provided by someone who leaves a call back number. Do you leave your cell number or home number as a call back number? This is a poor decision in my experienced opinion and may provide an abusive stalker with personal information necessary to track and trace you to your doorstep.

Are you bothered by a telephone stalker or other harassment stalking crime? Or do you want to prevent stalking and live a high-level privacy lifestyle? In either case, you can stop stalking or prevent a stalking crime when you have the information to preserve your privacy or break free from a troublesome abuser. A free course on outsmarting stalkers  is offered by e-mail HERE.

a cyber stalker victim may become a murder victim

The stalking victim may be stalked, harmed and eventually killed as this article provides documentation of a stalker killer criminal.

Stalking victims may become homicide victims

As about one in ten women are stalked during their lives, vast numbers of women are in danger of being stalked. Sometimes the stalker commits murder.

A stalker may come into the stalking victims life through work, personal relationships or through online contact as was the case with murder victim, Nimzay Aponte. See the website below for the story:

The excerpt below is a direct quote form the above website concerning the murder of stalking victim, Nimzay Aponte.

“A Bronx woman who was stabbed by a man who stalked her online was able to lead police to her killer by whispering his name before she died, law enforcement officials said.

Nimzay Aponte, 23, was attacked around lunchtime Tuesday as she sat in a Bronx park while taking a break from a job fair.  A male friend sitting next to her on a park bench was also slashed, police said.

Police said the suspect, Raymond Dennis, had somehow figured out Aponte was attending the job seminar and found her in the park. There, stabbed her in the chest and her 25-year-old friend in the arm. The friend was listed in stable condition Friday. Police say Dennis and Aponte met once and then she rebuffed him and then he tracked her down.

As she was dying, Aponte whispered  “Mike did it,” referring to a person she met online. It’s not clear how the two connected online. The Associated Press reports they chatted on AOL. The New York Daily News reported they met on AOL and and the New York Post said they connected on MySpace.”

Cyber stalking prevention

Prevent cyber stalking by adhering to these privacy rules:

1.) Use a nominee or a separate entity to hold an internet service account. A serious stalker criminal will have the means and persistence to track your name through the IP address of your computer all the way to your ISP. You are in danger of the stalker finding your home address unless you practice privacy living principles.

Prevent cyber stalking by reading chapter 14, Computer and Internet Privacy of Privacy Crisis; Identity Theft Prevention Plan and Guide to Anonymous Living.

2.) Purchase online products anonymously. Review chapters 15 and 16 of Privacy Crisis. These chapters provide anonymous banking and private bill payment information.

3.) Never provide online strangers with a home address. See chapters 7 and 8 of Privacy Crisis for home privacy principles and concepts.

A Privacy Consultation is available when you have an emergency with a persistent stalker ex or other dangerous stalker.

While most answers to all privacy living and stalker questions are in the book, Privacy Crisis, a consultation may be advisable when there is a stalking emergency.

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Should Stalking Victims Create Financial Privacy?

You’re one of nearly every ten women in the country who is being stalked by an obsessive ex-boyfriend or ex-husband. Perhaps you are a man who is being trailed by a cyber stalker or phone stalker. You have tried to establish home privacy so he won’t find you in the credit bureau data bases or county records. Your car title has been changed, too. The new job you have taken ensures workplace privacy-you hope. All of these high level privacy living tactics have been completed according to proven privacy living methods.

Should you try to establish a financial privacy program? Yes.

Bank secrecy means no one will know where to find your money. And while a commercial bank checking account held in one’s name offers convenience and is economical to maintain, leaving money out in the open provides a subscriber to certain data bases with information on where to locate your money.  What are your banking privacy options?


A trust checking account opened properly without sacrificing one’s identifiers will offer a certain degree of privacy. Make certain to choose a name unrelated to your name and use an Employer Identification Number obtained anonymously as the tax payer number on the account. There should be no trace of your name or address tied to the account for the outside world to see. Bank secrecy takes time, extra effort, and is more expensive than banking the “normal” way, so recognize what you’re up against as you keep your money secrets.

A private banking privacy option involves pseudo banking establishments called check cashing stores or check cashing services. Once an “account” is opened, you will be able to “cash and carry,” and practice cash banking, the most private way of keeping money under your control. Your endorsed check will be deposited into the financial institution’s corporate account and you will receive your cash on the spot. Now, you have cash in hand and have no risk of having your “bank account” discovered through a search, and statements will not be mailed to you when you practice financial privacy through the use of check cashing stores.

Receiving your payments for employment or work under the name of a secretly registered business entity, ensures your workplace privacy and financial privacy.

Safes and safety deposit boxes established in entity names which are registered anonymously will complete a bank secrecy program.  Follow the proven privacy principles and methods that have worked for high level financial privacy.

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Stalking Victims and Stalking Crime Statistics

Stalking behavior can turn into a serious stalking crime. Stalking victims should be aware that cyber stalking, phone stalking, and all forms of harassment stalking may result in harm or even death.

Stalking crime statistics reveal that those being stalked are at risk of suffering harm from a stalker.

The statistical information below is a direct quotation from a survey posted on the American Bar Association’s website. The  link to the site is:

“Stalking According to the Stalking Resource Center:

  • 1,006,970 women and 370,990 men are stalked annually in the United States.
  • 1 in 12 women and 1 in 45 men will be stalked in their lifetime.
  • 77% of female and 64% of male victims know their stalker.
  • 87% of stalkers are men.
  • 59% of female victims and 30% of male victims are stalked by an intimate partner.
  • 81% of women stalked by a current or former intimate partner are also physically assaulted by that partner.
  • 31% of women stalked by a current or former intimate partner are also sexually assaulted by that partner.
  • The average duration of stalking is 1.8 years.
  • If stalking involves intimate partners, the average duration of stalking increases to 2.2 years.
  • 61% of stalkers made unwanted phone calls; 33% sent or left unwanted letters or items; 29% vandalized property; and 9% killed or threatened to kill a family pet.
  • 28% of female victims and 10% of male victims obtained a protective order. 69% of female victims and 81% of male victims had the protection order violated.”

Stalking Resource Ctr., The Nat’l Ctr. for Victims of Crime, Stalking Fact Sheet, (citing Patricia Tjaden & Nancy Thoennes, U.S. Dep’t of Justice, NCJ 169592, Stalking in America: Findings from the National Violence Against Women Survey (1998)

Some of the most alarming statistics are summarized below: Based on the information above, phone stalking is significant as 61 percent of stalkers made unwanted phone calls, 29 percent vandalized property, and nine percent killed or threatened to kill. Further, eighty one percent of women who are stalked by a previous domestic partner are also harmed by that partner.

If one is being stalked, it may be necessary to learn how to hide and disappear completely and never be found in order to eliminate the possibility of becoming a stalking crime statistic.

For a free information course on stalking solutions, go to this link:

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Stop Stalking

Stalking victims can stop stalking when they learn to practice privacy living. Indeed, depending on the level of personal privacy one chooses, it is possible to learn how to  hide and disappear completely and never be found-not from an abusive ex-husband, a workplace privacy stalker, one who engages in phone stalking or any other type of harassment stalking.

Home privacy is of utmost importance to stalking victims or others who want to avoid a stalking crime. Using a new identity and renting under an alternate  name has been effective. Becoming a roommate of one holding a lease or title to a home dwelling is a quick method of living beneath the radar.

Telephones held anonymously will prevent phone stalking. Cell telephones  purchased for cash over the counter without ties to your true name, address or credit bureau files, prevent phone stalking.

Internet stalking, a problematic stalking crime may be remedied while avoiding the use of one’s true name in all e-mail communications, computer registrations, and online purchases.

Harassment stalking can be avoided when high level privacy standards are followed. And being stalked may become a dangerous problem as stalkers are both persistent and frequently harm their stalking victims.

Grant Hall