Do identity theft solutions stop bank identity theft?

How can you prevent identity theft and will these identity theft solutions stop identity theft entirely? Can medical identity theft, bank identity theft, business identity theft, and credit identity theft be prevented? Yes. Each and every type of identity fraud can be stopped when consumer privacy is practiced with privacy living principles. While each of the above-mentioned types of identity theft can be stopped and prevented, this article will focus on bank identity theft and the identity theft solutions to this identity theft problem.

Banking privacy and credit card identity can be protected. Do not be swayed into believing otherwise as the TV and radio commentators try to convince you that your credit and financial privacy is in the toilet. In fact, certain U.S. financial institutions are being used currently to establish bank secrecy that is as good as anything ever offered by Swiss banks.

The Ultimate Bank Secrecy Account is an account used by business managers who work with check cashing stores to open their business account for the ultimate in business and personal privacy. Employer Identification Numbers and Social Security numbers are not used for this type of account.

My new book, Bank Secrecy will reveal resources for banking secrecy in the U.S.A. and worldwide. Look for it soon.

Privacy living principles should be used as identtiy theft solutions. For instance, keep travel anonymous by registering the automobile in the Trust’s name only. Banking secrecy can be done as previously mentioned. Keep homes and careers private based on principles outlined in Privacy Crisis: Identity Theft Prevention Plan and Guide to Anonymous Living.

Various types of identity theft prevention are overlapping. High-level privacy living offers identity theft solutions to bank identity theft and other types of identity theft. Tailor privacy living as per your unique requirements.

Grant Hall