Privacy Living: Creating a New Identity

Why have countless individuals and families learned to live anonymously? What are the advantages of increasing personal privacy? Is it possible to avoid databases and travel, bank, work, and live anonymously? This article will be one of a series and will provide information and privacy resources for those of you who may be interested in adopting a privacy lifestyle. You may be interested in reading articles and subscribing to my protecting privacy blog and receiving our free e-mail privacy living courses. My best-selling privacy e-book, Privacy Crisis provides information on all aspects of personal and business privacy.

Advantages of the privacy lifestyle are numerous and there are various levels of privacy.

Living under the radar provides safety and privacy for those who want to avoid identity theft. You may want to know how to stop the stalking problem caused by a dangerous, abusive ex husband or other tormentor. Others want to protect identity and financial privacy and avoid a bank identity theft while exercising their right to financial privacy. My new book, Privacy Crisis Banking provides banking privacy principles for the business manager or individual who may choose to keep money and assets private. Those who want to borrow money privately can establish an invisible home mortgage and live under the radar while purcasing a home anonymously.

Privacy is like an elevator as there are many levels of personal and business privacy. Do you want to adopt the highest level of privacy possible? It may be necessary for you to learn how to create a new identity.

Do you need to learn how to create a new identity for privacy purposes?

Creating a new identity for all unofficial purposes may be necessary as one’s privacy is substantially increased when a pseudo name is used in lieu of her true name. Imagine a neighbor who is known as Jane Doesenberg who lives under the alternate name of Nancy Johnson. No one will be able to track Ms. Doesenberg as she shares a house with a roommate and uses the name, Nancy Johnson each day for privacy purposes. Making a new identity believable was not difficult for our fictitious character and this example has been used for educational and entertainment purposes in this article. She merely began using another identity to stop the stalking of an abusive ex husband.

How does one establish a personal privacy living foundation through home privacy? In order to do this, adopt a non-traditional approach when you search for a house or an apartment for rent. Find a property manager or owner who will rent to you according to your requirements. Do not allow your name, previous address, financial information, Social Security Number, work history, or current employment information to be entered into privacy invasive databases or your home address and name will be an avalilable record for those who tap into certain information thus allowing anyone who subscribes to a number of databases access to this important contact information.

Follow all laws in your jurisdiction as you exercise your right to privacy.

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creating a new identity to cope with an internet stalker

Privacy living principles as described in our Free stalking protection series as well as our Free privacy articles will empower the stalking victim to stop stalking and cope with an internet stalker.

Creating a new identity is one sure way of breaking the trail from your old life-the one that the dangerous stalker has invaded, to the new you. When you create a new identity, only those you meet from this point forward, will be capable of invading your personal privacy. So, choose what you tell your new friends and acquaintances wisely, and carefully plan who you want to talk to about your personal life.

An internet stalker who knows you by a pseudo name will have no clue as to how to invade your home privacy. Nor will he/she be able to engage in phone stalking when you are careful not to tie your true name to your alternate name, as you buy a cell telephone for cash, and load it with minutes via a pay as you go card-purchased for cash, too.

An internet service provider account held in a company name or through a nominee is a good idea and will prevent an internet stalker from learning your true identity from an ISP privacy invasion. 

Phone stalking by an internet stalker will be unsuccessful as your location and personal information will be undetectable when your privacy living plan includes an anonymous cell telephone and a private internet provider service account.

Carefully guard your domain name through domain privacy principles as I have described in my best-selling e-book, Priavcy Crisis. You can be reading this book in just five minutes from now and begin how to force that stalker to stop stalking-no matter what form the stalking crime takes.

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can you make him stop stalking you?

Create a New Identity

Begin using a new name immediately to break the paper trail from your old identity. Stored data won’t be relevant once you begin to be someone else for all unofficial purposes.

Do not lie to law enforcement concerning your true identity. Using an alternate name once you create a new identity should be done only when it’s legal to do so. It is imperative that you check the laws in your jurisdiction prior to assuming a new identity.

When you use a new identity during every day living without revealing the real you to those without a need to know, you can successfully avoid harassment stalking. Privacy living is easier than you may think and your stalker will stop stalking you as his trail to you will be lost.

Avoid harassment stalking through creating a new identity

Renting in a pseudo name will prevent harassment stalking to a degree. This is the first step to escaping a troublesome and dangerous ex spouse or ex lover.

When you buy a house, your use of a pen name for privacy purposes. This privacy living principle combined with holding the property in a trust’s name will do wonders to enhance your personal privacy and home privacy. This is one of the most important aspects of successful privacy living.

Travel, bank, work, live anonymously

You may be interested in our Free series of courses on stalking prevention. You can receive these by e-mail.

My e-book has privacy living principles and concepts that provide methods to avoid cyber stalking, phone stalking, and stalking victims have found it most valuable as they learn how to disappear completely and never be found.

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Protection against identity theft; creating a new identity

Identity protection is a careful process whereas one discretely identifies themselves and only shows primary identification when required by law to do so or when they choose to do so. In order to protect identity, it is necessary to create a new identity so that the butcher, the baker, and the candle stick maker does not enter your personal and confidential information into their privacy-invasive data bases, and place your identity at risk of being stolen by identity thieves.

Protection against identity theft is a personal lifestyle process and a business protective measure as well, and contrary to popular belief, identity theft insurance is not the best solution to protect identity. Would you entrust your name, home address, business address, personal and business telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, Social Security number, tax identification number(s), and other personal and confidential information to a large corporation who may have high employee turnover, and give their part-time, and other employees access to all of this information? That’s what you’re asked to do when you sign up for identity theft insurance. From my point of view, identity theft insurance seems like the greatest hoax of all insurance policies.

Back to creating a new identity for privacy purposes. You should not be providing your name and home address to the guy or gal who services your car or provides other routine services. Not even your doctor’s office should have your Social Security number. Many identity theft (medical identity theft) jobs occur by insiders. Tread carefully. It is best to keep your identity information secret whenerver possible.

Read more about privacy living here.

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Can you prevent identity theft by creating a new identity online?

Creating a new identity online will help prevent identity theft. And identity theft prevention begins when you buy your new computer.

Anonymous Registration

Can you avoid identity theft by practicing computer and internet privacy? Of course.

Computer privacy and internet privacy are best accomplished when you start right once you buy that new computer.

Create a new identity for online use to avoid identity theft. Too many identities are stolen when fraudsters track and trace their identity theft victims who use their true names during online communication. Go against the grain and create a new identity for non-official purposes. These include; e-mail communication, online purchases (gift cards registered anonymously), and forum registrations.

Break the paper trail to you when you purchase your computer

The American work force is made up of many unstable, part-timers who are underemployed. Certain employees have been convicted of identity theft. Keep your purchases anonymous and prevent identity theft by lugging in the cash necessary to buy your new computer.

Credit cards, debit cards tied to bank accounts, and personal checks provide the sophisticated identity thief with foundational information necessary to find your source of funds or credit lines.

How to surf the web anonymously with a pseudo name

Use a new identity when communicating by e-mail. If you market your services, use a company name until contact is made with the potential customer. Register your business anonymously as per the book, Privacy Crisis.

Anonymous Internet Service

It’s truly amazing to watch the masses kowtow to corporate providers of internet services. They give their true name, home address, home and business telephone number, credit bureau information, and Social Security numbers to part-time clerks who process applications for internet service. Think. Why is it necessary to provide an open book to your life to obtain internet service? It isn’t. Use a nominee or hold the account anonymously in a company name or create a new identity for this service. Sometimes, a deposit is required when you buy the service without a contract. And this extra deposit can protect your identity as you use the internet as you cannot be traced by identity thieves and other criminals when your alternate identity is the holder of the ISP account.

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home privacy protection will stop identity theft

Home privacy protection is great to stop identity theft and in order to avoid identity theft and be certain of avoiding a home privacy invasion by an identity thief, you will want to take some extradorinary measures for identity theft security. And today, identity theft solutions are more than shredding trash, locking mail boxes, monitoring credit card and bank accounts, and other garden variety identity protection methods that everyone is doing.

Identity theft fraud leads all fraud with medical identity fraud costs averaging $20,000.00 per case. So, you will want to take identity theft prevention seriously, and start with establishing a bulletproof home privacy program.

offshore mailing address

Follow the lead of the privacy experts and break the mail paper trail. Establish a relationship with a mail receiving outfit or two. Offshore is best though you may do well with a mail nominee in the states. Never receive mail at home.

Online privacy

Proxy servers, anonymous ISP’s, and creating a new identity for online communication will protect identity and prevent identity theft. You want these measures in place so that your ISP cannot be traced back to you personally or your physical address. E-mail should not include your true name.

Telephones should be wireless and have no link to your true name.

Many id thefts occur as land line telephone calls are traced back to the physical location of the caller. Use wireless phones that have no link to you or a family member.  Never give cell phone companies and their part-employees your personal and confidential information.

A trust-owned home

Want identity theft help? Keep your family names out of data bases and not associated with your home. Trusts are the preferred front entity for holding homes for privacy.

Register the family car in the name of a trust and travel anonymously.

Identity thieves won’t have a clue how to trace you when they run your plates and the owner of the car is a trust without any name related to you or your family.

Privacy protection is expensive, time consuming, inconvenient, and necessary to protect identity today. This article provides some foundational material for avoiding identity theft. Start today.

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protecting privacy will stop identity theft

Consumer privacy can be achieved through privacy living. Protecting privacy will stop identity theft during the current privacy crisis, and indeed, we are in a privacy crisis as identity theft and fraud continue to escalate at a rapid pace and identity theft is the leading fraud crime in the U.S.A. for about seven years in a row.

Consumer privacy steps can be taken to prevent identity theft.

Identity protection can be accomplished through consumer privacy living, and the best identity theft protection is a plan that empowers the individual and his/her family to travel, bank, work, and live anonymously.

Travel anonymously by using a Trust to hold title to your automobile.

Bank secrecy prevents bank identity theft. Holding accounts in a trust’s name or a business entity-when done correctly, breaks the paper trail from money under your control to your true name. Credit card identity theft can be prevented through the use of pseudo names on prepaid debit cards while making purchases online and the secure use of credit cards held in your name.

Medical identity theft prevention may save your life.

Prevent medical identity theft by keeping insurance policy numbers and Social Security numbers out of the wrong hands. Provide policy numbers only when services are being provided. Do not give medical providers your Social Security number.

Internet privacy protection is important as financial identity theft may occur through the theft of accounts accessed online or through correspondences linked to you. Creating a new identity is the best identity theft protection for online privacy.

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help for stalking victims stalking ex husband

Questions and answers concerning how to stop stalking are reproduced with permission of the stalking victims for the benefit of readers. The stalking victim questions contained herein are real and the names were changed for privacy protection purposes.

Money and banking privacy

Janice: I am settled in a new location and am in the process of creating a new identity for privacy living. Is my checking account in danger? It is under my name. What about my safe deposit box contents that I took with me when I escaped my stalker ex husband?

Grant Hall: Review these Privacy Crisis; Identity Theft Prevention Plan and Guide to Anonymous Living sections: Banking Secrecy-Chapters 15, 17, 18. You need an anonymous safe deposit box as explained in the book.

Helen: What are the chances my ex will find me through the credit bureaus?

Grant Hall: See chapters -6,7,8 of Privacy Crisis. Your credit bureau files must not lead to your home, work, or any phone numbers in order for you to prevent a dangerous privacy invasion or more harm from your stalking ex.

Carol: Will there be a good chance he will locate me through my work when I move 2,000 miles away? I work as a legal secretary?

Grant Hall: It will take some time for you to implement the workplace privacy principles as outlined in chapter 22, but you can and must work under the radar in order to prevent additional harm to you, and your case demonstrates the inability of law enforcement to always be effective in stalker victim cases-even though you advised me the court order is in place.

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