financial privacy is key to consumer privacy planning

Financial privacy is a key component of your personal privacy planning program. Indeed, consumer privacy is enhanced greatly when you follow my three decades of experience model for personal privacy and business privacy as outlined in my many articles and book. Let’s review some financial privacy and banking secrecy principles. Here is an excerpt from my e-book, Privacy Crisis:

Chapter 15, Anonymous Banking, page 189

Check Cashing stores

“Many people successfully handle their personal finances without using a bank.

Check cashing companies provide these services to customers who are either on the lam, illegally working in the country, have previously had banking problems and are unable to open accounts with banks, or require very high level financial privacy and do not want to risk clearing checks through a bank or having a bank account of any kind.”

Keep your money hidden and safe from searches and asset seizures

Bank Secrecy” through the use of a check cashing store is fine for your current account needs when you exercise your right to financial privacy and insist that your most private information is kept off of the “account.” I recommend that you not provide your Social Security number or Employer identification number to the institution.

Asset protection or how to hide assets

While the goal of a traditional asset protection plan is to control everything and own nothing, certain privacy experts protect identity, privacy, and achieve asset protection through the use of a bank secrecy and financial privacy program. Privacy Crisis has six chapters on modern financial privacy. You can begin to regain your personal privacy in minutes from now as you read what has proven to be the best personal and business privacy strategies for asset protection and financial privacy.

Grant Hall

how to vanish today

Do you want to learn how to vanish? Do you need to make a dangerous ex husband or wife, or ex lover stop stalking you and monitoring your every move? Want to learn how to achieve personal privacy of the highest level? It is not as difficult as you may think when  you create a new identity for non-official use. How can you learn how to create a new identity?

Begin by using a pseudo name for privacy purposes. Authors, certain actors, and others use pen names. Why can’t you create a new identity, too? You can.

Make certain to check the laws within your jurisdiciton prior to implementing a new identity for privacy purposes. Always follow the law when you practice my privacy principles.

Home Privacy and how to vanish in one day

Not much has changed since I wrote the privacy article providing information on how to disappear completely and never be found- all  within one day. You can learn how to vanish within such a short period of time when you are motivated to succeed and through the use of privacy living principles. Read and study my privacy principles on this blog and website.

Through the use a new identity and a home rented in your newly created identity, you will see how simple it is to learn how to vanish from all data bases that contain your official identity information. You can break the paper trail from yourself to the new you within one day.

When you have achieved home privacy and provided your new name to the butcher, the baker, and the candlestick maker instead of allowing these service providers access to your true identity, you will be able to meet personal privacy goals and objectives.  So, when you want to learn how to vanish, carefully and lawfully enrich your privacy through privacy principles designed to take power away from your enemies.

Can you really learn how to vanish completely? Yes. However, home privacy is only one important component of your total personal and business privacy program.

For a comprehensive privacy living and financial privacy guide, you can purchse my best-selling e-book, Privacy Crisis  and achieve total business and personal privacy.

stop stalking with an offshore address

Do you want to learn how to disappear and never be found? When you’re bothered by one engaged in harassment stalking an offshore address is one key that is necessary to stop stalking.  Creating a location illusion through the use of an offshore address is one privacy principle stalking victims have used to successfully “disappear” from their stalking ex or other criminal who continues stalking them.

The home address is far more important to the stalker than your telephone-the source of phone stalking or your computer which is the avenue used for cyber stalking.

An address believed to be your home address such as an offshore mail drop is a high-level consumer privacy concept. Once key data bases such as the major credit bureaus, banks, credit card companies, and others have your offshore address listed as your home address-a process that may take some weeks, the stalking victim will be on her way to losing her stalker. The stalker will be faced with making a new plan or giving up the chase- unless he/she wishes to continue the pursuit out of the country. And of course, the “story” must be believed. The stalking victim will necessarily move and must receive certain important mailings offshore to create the proper ruse in order to escape.

Stopping stalking through the use of a mailing address offshore will not be the end of the battle, however. You as a stalking victim will want to structure your life to empower you to travel, bank, work, and live anonymously. And privacy living in today’s world is not an easy task, but it can be accomplished when you have the right information.

You may be interested in reading our free information series on stalking solutions and stalking prevention. These daily reports will be received via e-mail.

You are also welcome to take advantage of the privacy-related articles on our website and on this blog.

Thanks for reading.

Grant Hall

Author,  Privacy Crisis

Can a trust-owned car protect identity and prevent identity theft?

Protect identity with a car registration not tied to your name

Serious about protecting privacy as you drive? Consider using an irrevocable trust or a revocable trust with no name similarity to your name, and you will have a high-level privacy travel front entity that will be identified in data bases by its name, not yours as you have your plates run by all who want to find out who owns the car you drive. Further, just in case you attracted someone’s attention who believes you may be a worthy identity theft score, he/she won’t be able to track and trace the car to your name when you learn to register the car anonymously in the name of a trust.

How to avoid identtiy theft by communicating to the DMV or other car registration agency

Take you time, make certain to speak to the highest level supervisor at the car registration agency, and carefully explain your privacy requirements. Provide your passport as an identifier, not your drivers licence. You are registering the automobile, not driving it. For the ultimate secrecy, have an administrative trustee register the car.

Make certain the car registration documents contain only the trust’s name, not the trustee’s name.

The identity protection features of a trust

As a trust will not be required to be registered with any agency, unlike a Limited Liability Company or a Corporation, you as trustee have a head start in your effort to establish consumer privacy as you begin to drive anonymously. Protect identity through the use of the trust’s name only on the registration paper work while keeping your name as trustee on internal paperwork. True, the DMV will have your name-or the administrative trustee’s, but it has been my experience that this information will be buried when you make certain to include only the trust’s name on their records. DO NOT INCLUDE YOUR NAME AS TRUSTEE ON CAR REGISTRATION RECORDS if you want to protect identity as you drive.

Automobile Insurance and identity protection

Obtain car insurance in the name of the trust when you can. In any case, you as the driver will necessarily have to be underwritten for the insurance. Make sure the trust’s name is on the proof of insurance records and on the policy as well as an additional insured.

Keeping your name off of DMV records and having only the trust’s name available when the car is referenced by its license tags is a huge privacy advantage. So, take the time to learn how to use privacy to your advantage by practicing proven privacy principles and concepts that enable you to travel anonymously and avoid the costly and troublesome problems of a stolen identity.

Grant Hall

protect identity online and avoid identity theft

Now that you’re about to purchase a new computer, it’s time to learn how to protect identity online and prevent identity theft. You can avoid identity theft and the high costs, labor, and frustration it costs to fix an identity theft-IF the problem can be fixed, of course. Preventing identity theft can be accomplished through privacy living. By far, the best idea is to avoid identity theft in the first place rather than having to go through the pain and expense of rehabiliting your stolen identity when an identity theft occurs.

Online identity theft is a favorite of identity theft fraud criminals as it provides the criminal with information minus the phone or personal contacts other crimes may require. And many people have no idea how to practice online consumer privacy making the identity thieves’ jobs an easy task when they find an unaware target.

How to protect identity online

Use these proven principles and concepts to keep identity thieves out of your online business.

1. Buy the computer for cash while leaving no paper trail from the store to your bank account or credit lines.

2. Establish an anonymous account with an internet service provider.

3. Use a proxy server for online surfing and online research.

4. Use a pseudo name for all e-mail correspondences.

5. Avoid giving strangers online any personal or business information.

Identity fraud is a costly crime and through an online identity theft, you could become vulnerable to any number of identity theft related crimes.

 Medical identity theft and business identity theft are identity theft crimes that could occur if your e-mails contained information about your insurance policy or confidential business information.

Identity theft outlaws are a slick group of cons and often infiltrate forums and become e-mail list subscribers. So, as you manage your online business, be aware that certain “customers” may have motives to steal identity information.

We recommend privacy living principles that provide an individual and family with the ability to travel, bank, work, and live anonymously.

Grant Hall

How will banking privacy protect identity from identity thieves?

Protect identity through privacy living including a bullet proof financial privacy plan that provides banking privacy and you’ll have no need to entrust part time, identity theft insurance, clerks with personal and confidential information.

Personal privacy is making headlines these days as an identity theft occurs every few seconds and the crime of identity theft leads all fraud crimes. Consumer privacy is not easily obtained, especially in personal finances as banks, the pseudo government agencies try to milk consumers dry of their personal information for the “privilege” of storing their money with a government insured institution.

IF you are going to use a bank, take identity theft prevention seriously and don’t leave your money out in the open. Consider titling personal money in the name of a trust without referencing your true name. Investments can be held in a separate entity, too. And, those entities that are used should not include your name on the statments-just the entity name, in case your statments or other account information are stolen by an id thief. Without your name assoiciated with a trust account for example, Mr. identity thief won’t have a clue who is behind the account. In fact, that’s the way it should be. Only the bank needs to know who has signing power on a bank account.

Anonymous banking is best accomplished with non-traditional bank accounts. Check cashing stores sell debit cards with online bank accounts tied to the card, complete with a routing number and a bank account number. No checks come with the account, but who wants to write personal checks anyway? And the best part about these accounts is the ease of opening an account. It is common for individuals and business managers to open these accounts without providing a Social Security number or an Employer Identification number. Just try doing that down at the bank. My new book, Bank Secrecy: Financial Privacy Crisis Plan and Resource Plan  lists resources for opening these accounts. Look for the e-book soon to be for sale at

Grant Hall

Banking privacy or a cashless system?

Will banking privacy become obsolete and make way for all the all powerful forces to eliminate consumer privacy? This article addresses these questions.

Scare tactics and media hype

Few radio and TV talk show hosts know anything about bank secrecy and financial privacy. Instead, they love to scare their audience into believing all is lost and that the next consumer privacy invasion will be a government required chip to monitor consumers’ every move and all financial transactions.

Believe little or none of it. Cash transactions are a huge part of commerce and while Orwell may have been right with the theme, implementation of the specifics would take more time at a greater sacrifice than even “big brother” wants. At least during your lifetime.

Bank Secrecy in the U.S.A. and everywhere

Pundits seldom have the answers. Browse articles from any bank secrecy related search and you will discover article after article telling you how previous banking havens have abandoned their financial privacy laws and policies in favor of letting U.S. agents access records of questionable bank customers, and while such practices were unthinkable during the nineteen eighties and early nineties, now that the financial privacy crisis has occurred, it is time to learn banking privacy and money privacy secrets that will empower you to exercise your privacy rights as per the U.S. constitution.

The good news is that bank secrecy and financial privacy are doable in the U.S.A. or anywhere in the world when you have the information.

Financial privacy crisis objectives and goals

First, define your specific financial privacy needs.

Privacy is never cheap, but those with high-level money privacy and bank secrecy needs will have the means to work these tactics into their budget.

Privacy Crisis: Identity Theft Prevention Plan and Guide to Anonymous Living by Grant Hall contains a section on Finances. These chapters are included and may be of interest to readers:

Chapter 15: Anonymous Banking, Chapter 17: Private Investments, Chapter 18: Real Estate and Hard Assets, Chapter 19: Credit Bureaus.

The e-book is available for purchase and immediate download.

Grant Hall

Save $20,000 and protect your identity with this medical identity theft tip

Medical identity theft costs approximately $20,000 per case. Protect your identity by not succumbing to the pressures of medical front office personnel.

Social Security Number Fraud

The Social Security number offers an identity thief a prime identifier for his new identity theft score. Indeed, medical identity theft fraud has occurred when medical insiders grab a patient’s SSN and abuse it for personal gain.

Nearly every medical form I’ve seen over the past number of years asks for the patient’s Social Security number. Why would a medical provider need to have his/her patient’s Social Security number? While I do not know for sure, in my opinion, it is because they or the collection agency they retain want to be able to track and trace you IF you become delinquent on a bill.

What can you do about the danger of having your Social Security number in medical databases?

Mr. and Mrs. Assertive

Often, privacy advocates do not memorize their Social Security numbers and write “not memorized” in the space where all the sheeple provide their most personal and confidential identifier to the clerks who try and demand the SSN from patients.

It can be a costly expense to have your SSN stolen, not to mention the life-threatening dangers that could occur if someone stole your insurance policy just when you needed it for medical treatment.

Do all you can to prevent identity theft and medical identity theft in particular. One patient has been unable to straighten out his medical records-two years after an identity thief received $44,000.00 worth of treatment while using this identity theft victim’s identity.

Consumer privacy living principles will enable one to establish an identity theft prevention plan and escape the dangers and expense of a medical identity theft.

A Free identity theft prevention course is available by e-mail.

Do you know you do not need identity insurance to protecy your identity?

The public has never been more wrong than to attempt to protect identity by climbing  on the band wagon known as identity theft insurance in the opinion of this author. Consumer privacy tactics will help the astute individual avoid identity theft through privacy living.

Is identity theft insurance an oxymoron?

Can identity protection be achieved by buying identity insurance?

What about Bubba having access to that great big ole database?

The power of marketing is a tremendous force laid upon those unwilling to critically think about the content of the suggestions. Throw in a celebrity-type or better yet, “a lazy man’s way to …….” and you have a start at catching the public in a trap that no sane individual would stick their big toe into in my experienced opinion.

I think identity theft insurance is a sham. I see it as a marketing ploy with promises that cannot be kept by the clerks and pseudo managers who try to sell it. They try to hook you in through fear tactics derived from what I believe to be skewed statistics and mass media attention, and this is based on my experienced opinion, too.

Who has  access to the database that houses your most personal and confidential information?

Consumer privacy is the elevator to preventing identity theft

Keep your name, address, telephone numbers, e-mails, automobiles, employer, finances private and out of the databases that store the information of Joe Sixpack and you’ll be on your way to high-level privacy.

Now, how in the world do you do all of that?

Is it about time you exercised your right to privacy?

Start with the basics, of course.

Learn what you’re doing before jumping into the anonymous living arena.

For those who want to learn how the privacy experts do it, subscribe to a Free privacy course or three.

Grant Hall

Grant Hall is the author of Privacy Crisis; Identity Theft Prevention Plan and Guide to Anonymous Living, an e-book that is available for purchase and immediate download.

Does phone stalking begin at the sound of the beep?

Phone stalkers make stalking harassment telephone calls to their stalking victims. Providing strangers with call back telephone numbers may be a bad idea for consumer privacy.

Voice mail and call backs

Once I called seventeen medical offices and received only three live answers to my calls. That’s a horrible level of customer service in my opinion.

It seems the public accepts poor customer service rather than insist on someone answering the telephone  when a new business is called.

In my estimation, businesses that do not answer their phones, but instead request you leave your phone number for a call back, are not practicing good customer service. Why would anyone leave a personal phone number for a call back?

Phone stalkers and phone stalking

One in ten women are stalked. One such method used by phone stalkers is to grab a phone number provided by someone who leaves a call back number. Do you leave your cell number or home number as a call back number? This is a poor decision in my experienced opinion and may provide an abusive stalker with personal information necessary to track and trace you to your doorstep.

Are you bothered by a telephone stalker or other harassment stalking crime? Or do you want to prevent stalking and live a high-level privacy lifestyle? In either case, you can stop stalking or prevent a stalking crime when you have the information to preserve your privacy or break free from a troublesome abuser. A free course on outsmarting stalkers  is offered by e-mail HERE.