Check Cashing Store Managers: Key to “Banking Secrecy”

I have not used this store for a year and a half to cash business checks. I am in town and want to keep the business relationship. The store “manager” assures me they can make all decisions necessary on a Sunday afternoon when I call prior to taking the trip across town. I wonder…and elect to take her word for it.

Fifty minutes later, I sign the checks after being promised by clerk number one that they look fine. Enter clerk number two, a large lady who notices I have not been in for a while. “It’s time to update your information, ” she says. I agree and assist in every way possible: telephone, address verification, business name, everything. She asks if I’m the owner of the Limited Liability Company. “I manage it.” She insists I write “DBA” on the back. I explain that’s for sole proprietorships. She doesn’t know the difference and calls on Clerk number three. Number three makes a call to the District Manager. I know him and address him by name. She isn’t impressed. She has to leave a message as he’s not in. Clerk number four enters and says I’ll have to bring in all the paper work-all over again. I explain I’ve been a customer since 2007. She advises she doesn’t want to argue. I leave my name, business name and phone number for the district manager. After leaving the store, I swear for half a minute.

On Monday, Bill, the district manager calls. I remind him that we’ve met. He looks at his message and advises the staff made a mistake and should have cashed my checks, and says to come in again at my convenience. Later in the day, I make a second trip and hand over the checks to a very polite young man who reviews the district manager’s notes and repeatedly says how sorry he is for the problems their staff caused me the day before.

The key to banking secrecy and personal and business privacy is to state your goals to the managers who have the ability and responsibilty to meet your needs as a responsible consumer. Try not to waste your time with clerical folks. Today, most clerks have no idea how to handle any extraordinary needs as far as privacy is concerned. I always deal with top level managers whenever possible and attempt to meet them in person. And make sure you do everything according to the laws in your jurisdiction.

Grant Hall

how to protect your identity with one personal privacy decision

The single most important personal privacy decision you can make to protect your identity and avoid identity theft is to refuse to provide your Social Security number to anyone unless you are required by law to provide it.

Prevent identity theft through personal privacy living that includes guarding your Social Security number. And when you do this, there will be positive personal privacy gained as money, assets, home, property, and other personal information will be difficult to access when the identity thief cannot find your SSN anywhere.

If you’re liable for taxes, it will be necessary to provide your SSN on a personal tax return. Those in the know limit their use of this nine digit numberical identifier to the tax return. Nothing else unless a statute requires providing it. The other exception may be that when a good or service is so valuable that the providing of the SSN to receive said good or service might justify giving it to the agency or business requesting it.

I have not memorized my SSN. So, in the event someone or an agency requests it, advance notice will be required in order for me to comply-if I decide to comply.

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What can you do about his stalker behavior?

Approximately 85% of stalker behavior is the result of a man stalking a woman. Are you being stalked and what can you do about his stalking behavior and how can you stop stalking?

Stalking behavior patterns

In order to escape a dangerous stalker, it is important to recognize the behavior patterns of stalkers. Here are types of stalking behavior and this information is quoted from a website page that may be seen here:

“Types of Stalking Behavior

  • Visiting or following the victim or victim’s family harassing telephone calls, which includes obscene calls and hang-ups
  • Sending threatening mail, which is a federal felony
  • Trespassing
  • Burglary which often shows no forced entry because the stalker has a key
  • Vandalism
  • Leaving unwanted objects such as dead flowers on fences at victim’s home or work place
  • Killing or injuring pets
  • Unscrewing outside security lights
  • Disabling alarm system
  • Disabling victim’s vehicle
  • Disabling telephone
  • Transferring telephone line to another line to monitor messages
  • Plant listening devices
  • Filing change of address form with the Post Office in order to intercept mail.”

Every single type of stalking behavior quoted above can be thwarted by a stalking victim or one can avoid a stalking problem when consumer privacy and business privacy is practiced.

Telephone stalking is an ineffective means of harassing a stalking victim when one does not have a land line or cell telephone linked to their true name.

E-mail and snail mail privacy can be achieved through the use of pseudo names or pen names used for privacy purposes and the use of a mail nominee.

Trespassing, vandalism and burglary are impossible when one rents a home anonymously and holds an owned home through a trust with privacy living principles used to conceal all links to the trustee or controller of the trust. This is not expensive to do, but requires anonymous living information that will prevent stalking or enable one to escape her stalker.

Workplace privacy can be accomplished when expert communication skills are used to negotiate a working relationship that enables the employee or subcontractor to receive payments through another entity.

One can travel anonymously when a vehicle is properly registered with the Department of Motor Vehicles. A trust may be used to hold the vehicle. Make certain you do it right as it is difficult to undo when mistakes are made. The trust-owned car must have no links to you in the agency database.

Summary of how to avoid stalking behavior or stop stalking

All stalking harassment can be stopped when one who is a stalking victim takes the time to learn how to travel, bank, work and live anonymously.

Grant Hall