protecting privacy will stop identity theft

Consumer privacy can be achieved through privacy living. Protecting privacy will stop identity theft during the current privacy crisis, and indeed, we are in a privacy crisis as identity theft and fraud continue to escalate at a rapid pace and identity theft is the leading fraud crime in the U.S.A. for about seven years in a row.

Consumer privacy steps can be taken to prevent identity theft.

Identity protection can be accomplished through consumer privacy living, and the best identity theft protection is a plan that empowers the individual and his/her family to travel, bank, work, and live anonymously.

Travel anonymously by using a Trust to hold title to your automobile.

Bank secrecy prevents bank identity theft. Holding accounts in a trust’s name or a business entity-when done correctly, breaks the paper trail from money under your control to your true name. Credit card identity theft can be prevented through the use of pseudo names on prepaid debit cards while making purchases online and the secure use of credit cards held in your name.

Medical identity theft prevention may save your life.

Prevent medical identity theft by keeping insurance policy numbers and Social Security numbers out of the wrong hands. Provide policy numbers only when services are being provided. Do not give medical providers your Social Security number.

Internet privacy protection is important as financial identity theft may occur through the theft of accounts accessed online or through correspondences linked to you. Creating a new identity is the best identity theft protection for online privacy.

Grant Hall

Will personal privacy living principles prevent identity theft?

Preventing identity theft should be a priority for consumers, and an identity theft prevention plan with privacy living principles as the foundation for identity protection, is the best identity theft protection.

Can you and your family learn how to prevent identity theft? Of course. Plan to implement privacy living principles in order to thwart fraud theft. Protecting identity is a necessary precaution today as identity thieves cash in on new types of identity theft including medical identity theft and business identity theft, two lucrative ventures for fraudsters that can be horrible nightmares for identity theft victims.

Prventing medical identity theft must be a priority as having your medical insurance policy hijacked could prevent you or a family member from having medical treatment authorized. Such a catastrophe could cause one’s injury or illness to be denied coverage with the result being damaged health or death to the real insured. An identity thief will not know how to grab your policy benefits when you keep your insurance company information confidential  and free from practitioners’ data bases unless treatment is needed. Even then, be careful. Some very cautious consumers pay cash to the providers and then claim benefits under their policy for reimbursement.

Business identity theft is an expensive crime and a costly one to fix IF it can be fixed. For the highest level of protection, use identtiy theft protection measures as I write about in Privacy Crisis: Identity Theft Prevention Plan and Guide to Anonymous Living.

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Grant Hall