Grant Hall on Protecting Financial Privacy and Preventing Identity Theft

Keeping finances and property ownership a secret will protect identity and prevent identity theft and help you avoid privacy invasions.

Financial Privacy is a core privacy principle for all privacy advocates and will prevent bank identity theft and make you and your family and your property invisible.

Exercising your right to financial privacy is imperative as you attempt to protect your privacy from a number of predators who may wish to harm or steal from you and your family. Potential kidanppers will not be able to identify you as a worthwhile target when your bank secrecy and home privacy measures are in place. Use home privacy and banking privacy as described in the Privacy Crisis series.

Identity Theft Prevention is a huge benefit derived from obtaining home privacy. Of particular interest to many today is how to prevent a thief from stealing your identity in order to receive medical treatment under your name or the name of a family member. Preventing medical identity theft is a priority today as this form of identity theft is the white collar crime of choice among many identity thieves. Keep insurance policy names, numbers, group names, and the identities of all covered members private until the services are rendered. Refuse to provide policy information over the telephone to medical providers and do not provide Social Security Numbers, home addresses, home land line telephone numbers to providers. Instead, substitute mail drops, voice mail numbers, and omit the SSN for personal privacy reasons. These types of identity theft prevention tactics are necessary as many identity thieves have worked for medical providers and some have taken these jobs to gain  access to patients’ records.

These articles on how to prevent identity theft may be of interest as you learn to live privately.

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Privacy Crisis Banking provides financial privacy principles and banking privacy resources for the business manager or individual who wants to practice bank secrecy and keep money and investment affairs private.

Grant Hall

Prevent Business Identity Theft with Financial Privacy, Website Privacy

Do you do business online? If so, how can you obtain financial privacy to prevent business identity theft or theft of your business by another criminal? Business identity protection is necessary to avoid identity theft of your company as such a thefft will almost always exceed a five figure dollar amount.

Perhaps you sell products or a service through a website and want to comply with all regulations and laws while still maintaining your business privacy. Is it possible to obtain an Employer Identification number privately? How does one register a URL privately in order to enhance business privacy?

This article will cover key points necessary for the privacy conscious manager to know  in order to do business privately on the internet.

Private Website Registration

We prefer using the Trust Manager Principle as defined in Grant Hall’s books. Essentially, the Trust formed to “manage” the company becomes the manager or contact entity while the Limited Liability Company or other entity owns the website and URL.

In order to maintain privacy of the business on a long term basis, we recommend dealing with companies that accept money orders as payment for services associated with URL registration and other associated costs. There are only a few hosting companies which will do business this way. Most will want a credit card on file to charge or a bank debit card to debit. Both of these payment options are bad ideas from a business privacy standpoint. If you are serious about your business privacy and desire to avoid business identity theft or prevent a business theft or seizure of any kind, it will behoove you as the business manager to do your due diligence and take the extra time and spend the extra money to ensure business privacy.

Obtaining a Tax Identification Number Privately

During 2011, regulations passed required all online vendors to suppy a tax identifier in order to sell products. As this law impacted privacy advocates, the business manager desiring privacy wants to be able to comply with the law and still keep their business privacy.

First, the manager may choose to form a trust, an entity that has no registration requirements. The trust will manage the business. Many prefer using a Nevada LLC.

The company selling the products is required to obtain a tax identifer, an Employer Identification number to be furnished to the online retailer that processes payments for products sold. Certain vendors may also require an EIN when you do bussiness with them.

How can the company obtain an EIN and still keep managment anonymous? An EIN for managment-the trust formed to “manage” the company can be obtained. This foundation tax identifier for an entity, the trust manager, a non-person provides the gateway to obtain the EIN for the business entity receiving payment for the products.

Please review the Administrative Trustee as described in Privacy Crisis.

Banking Privacy

Once the EIN is obtained for the company receiving payment for the products or services sold, a bank account number will be required to receive these online payments.

Certain online companies may allow you to receive paper checks as payment though the charges are steep for doing business this way, not to mention the extra travel and expense assoicated with using a check cashing store to clear your checks. However, this is still an option for those of you who do not want an online bank account or for whatever reason cannot get one.

Thus far, you as the manager have managed to obtain an EIN privately for your business. The online vendor has recorded this number and the data base will confirm that your company name matches the name and number on file with the tax collection agency. Once this confirmation is received, you’re set to begin doing business online with a high degree of business privacy, a layer so thick that not even the most sophisticated business identity thief can pierce if he happens to target your company. Remember, only the trust manager is on record with the agency that issued the EIN.

Now, your task is to complete your business identity theft prevention plan by obtaining the highest level of bank secrecy available today.

For banking secrecy, we prefer the Ultimate Bank Secrecy Account as described in Privacy Crisis Banking. An online bank account may be set up using substitute identifiers under certain conditions. Resources are cited in the book. Managers want to make certain their true name is furnished to the institution  that sets up the account as this will allow him/her to claim the money in the event a dispute ever arises. Do not defraud banks or other financial instituions-EVER. It is never necessary to break the law for the sake of banking or business privacy.

Thanks for reading.

Grant Hall, Author

James Clark King, LLC, Publisher




Worried about personal and business privacy?

You can protect your privacy when you have the informaton and resources based on your unique needs and circumstances and apply yourself to obtain the privacy that you require. Protecting privacy is basic to living as a free person.

A subscriber writes with the following questions:

“How can I open a bank acccount and avoid having it discovered if an investigator searches for my money? How can I prevent a garnishment if I ever have a problem that may make me subject to one?




Grant Hall: Opening a bank account that will not be discovered during an asset search is doable. Personal and business money can be protected when one has the information and resources necessary to keep your money and assetss private. Preventing seizures of any kind requires that your name and tax identifiers do not lead to the money you intend to protect. Also, entities should be used to hold business and personal money. See the books for study and more explanation for your specific needs.


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Jack Dunning, Daily Kos

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Privacy Experts Endorse Grant Hall’s Privacy Crisis Banking, Privacy Crisis Books

There is no greater career satisfaction than to be respected by one’s peers.

Privacy expert Jack Dunning has written positive comments about Grant Hall’s latest book, Privacy Crisis Banking: Bank Secrecy Plan & Resource Plan to Protect Identity, Money, and Property.

While bank secrecy is never an uncomplicated affair, the new book that is available as an e-book and as a hardbound copy provides financial privacy options for individuals and businesses that want to keep money and property under the radar and free from seizure and confiscation. Read Jack Dunning’s article that was posted on the and links back to his blog at

Key Components of Financial Privacy

For the ultimate in banking secrecy and financial privacy, keep your bank accounts and real property holdings anonymous by using front entities as the owners of record while maintaining control of the property by being in control of these entities. Here is a free starter series of e-mail courses provide an ntroduction to banking secrecy and financial privacy:

In order to fully understand privacy living, it is ideal to read certain articles Hall has written on various aspects of business and personal privacy. Here are a selected group of articles pulled from our website that may be of interest:

Privacy Crisis: Identity Theft Prevention Plan and Guide to Anonymous Living authored by Grant Hall is also endorsed by a well known privacy advocate, world renowned privacy expert, Mr. Elliot, Founder and President of 24-7 Private Vaults, Las Vegas, Nevada. Here’s what Mr. Elliot said about Hall’s first book:

right to privacy “PRIVACY CRISIS is the most valuable
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Elliot Shaikin, World renowned privacy expert &
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Both books, Privacy Crisis and Privacy Crisis Banking are available for purchase and immediate download. Buy the books here. You can be reading these e-books in just five minutes from now. Privacy Crisis Banking is available as a hardcover and may be purchased here:

Thanks for reading. You may post comments and questions.

James Clark King, LLC


Grant Hall














Grant Hall interview Privacy Crisis Banking Secrecy

Sue Brady interviews Grant Hall, author, Privacy Crisis series of books. Hall’s new book, Privacy Crisis Banking: Bank Secrecy Plan & Resource Guide to Protect Identity, Money, and Property will be available for sale on our website at within a few weeks.

Here’s the interview:

Grant Hall Interview:

Sue: What motivated you to write your new book, Privacy Crisis Banking?

Grant: Over a four year period, we gathered research from website visitors who had a desire to enhance their privacy. The number one category of interest was bank secrecy and financial privacy. Stalking prevention was number two, Identity theft concerns placed third, and general privacy concerns was fourth. Clearly, individuals and businesses want security for their money and property above all other privacy matters.

Sue: I’ve read that traditional banking secrecy havens have rolled over and sold out their high net worth depositors and investors and others as a result of U.S. government pressures and other governments’ interference, too. Are you saying that banking privacy is possible even today in the face of the biggest financial privacy invasion in the history of the world?

Grant: Yes. I banked in traditional banking secrecy jurisdictions during the 1980’s while doing business in Europe. I am well aware of what type of bank secrecy was offered in Switzerland and other countries because I have had first hand experience as a customer. I’d say banking offshore is a mistake today for many.

Sue: How can one bank secretly in the U.S.A.?

Grant: Several options are available for banking in secrecy. Investors and business managers as well as individuals can select from a variety of bank secrecy principles as outlined in the book. For instance, a privately registered Nevada Limited Partnership may serve investors well. Others may want to open a totally secret account I coined, the Ultimate Bank Secrecy Account.

Look for the new book, Privacy Crisis Banking soon.

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Thanks and enjoy the book.

Grant Hall

personal privacy crisis living tools and terms

Your rights to personal privacy and financial privacy are compromised when you follow the masses who like sheep succumb to their masters’ whims. Is it not your responsibility to provide freedom to yourself and your family? Privacy is a key component of a free lifestyle.

 These terms and principles are taken from the glossary of my best-selling e-book, Privacy Crisis: Identity Theft Prevention Plan and Anonymous Living:

Administrative Trustee: A person designated on Trust documents to perform limited and specific duties as a Trustee.

Author’s note: The Administrative Trustee Concept has been used to register an entity anonymously and keep the control of a URL confidential. Review chapter 21, Business Entities.

Nevada Limited Partnership: A business entity registered with the Nevada Secretary of State. A General Partner controls the partnership and has unlimited liability. Limited Partner(s) have limited liability and have little or no control of the partnership.

Author’s note: The Nevada Limited Partnership has been recommended for holding liquid assets. This entity can be registered anonymously through the use of the Administrative Trustee Concept.

Always obtain proper legal and other professional advice for your particular business needs.

This column provides privacy information only and is not meant to replace or substitute for legal, accounting, or tax advice.

Bank Secrecy and Financial Privacy are the most sought after privacy principles. How does one obtain bulletproof financial privacy and banking privacy or banking secrecy today? You may want to begin your research by reading one of my first essays on the subject that was published during 2010 on a well known website. The Money Privacy Crisis was popular among those interested in financial privacy and inspired me to write my new book, Privacy Crisis Banking that will soon be available.

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Grant Hall

can a stalking victim stop stalking with financial privacy?

Harassment stalking cases are on the rise as ex spouses and others attempt to secretly monitor the life of their former mate. And the practice may present danger for the stalking victim as crimes are often committed against the stalked by the stalker-sometimes acts of violence.

Monitoring resources often used by the stalker include financial resources such as bank and brokerage accounts held by a victim of harassment stalking.

This article will outline certain steps to break the money paper trail and enable the stalked to gain financial privacy and freedom from the stalker.

Private Bill Payments

An essential privacy principle is the use of non traceable financial instruments to avoid detection of your whereabouts by the stalker or his investigator goons who he may be paying to tap into your credit reports or find your money via asset searches.

Adopt anonymous payment styesms that may include; money orders, cash, prepaid debit cards and gift cards, wire transfers not traceable through the banking system.

Personal Financial Privacy

The use of check cashing stores will eliminate the paper trail of commercial bank accounts and records. Certain stalking victims and others use my highest level of bank secrecy to establish bulletproof financial privacy, and this is the Ultimate Bank Secrecy Account.

Check cashing stores with management cognizant of the needs of those who need banking privacy have made substitute number exceptions for key identifiers including the Social Security number. This will prevent privacy-invasive searches by investigators, stalkers, and others who track their prey through traditional data bases.

Look for more information and resources in this column on the Ultimate Bank Secrecy Account soon.

Grant Hall

do you know how to hide your assets and disappear?

Personal privacy and complete business privacy can be accomplished in the U.S.A. or anywhere in the world when you understand high level privacy living principles and concepts as described in my best-selling e-book, Privacy Crisis: Identity Theft Preventio Plan and Guide to Anonymous Living.

This article will focus on two of the most important components of advanced level privacy living; private company registration and banking secrecy.

Privacy Company Registrations

Through the use of the Trust Manager Principle, you as the controller of a business or an investment entity will remain anonymous. We favor Nevada Limited Partnerships for holding liquid assets and a Nevada Limited Liability Company for certain businesses.

Here are some articles that may be of interest.

Bank Secrecy

What about banking secrecy? Is it still possible today? Yes.

The Ultimate Bank Secrecy Account is a bank account used by individuals or managers of a business. At the heart of this bank secrecy account principle is the total secrecy of the funds’ account holder. This type of secrecy provides for the financial institution only as the source of information on the account holder, whether that be an individual or a business.

Look for additional information on this principle in future articles and in my upcoming book, Privacy Crisis Banking.

The account is totally legal and misunderstood. I have used this acount and find it more private than all offshore accounts anywhere. And you as the account holder maintains full control over the money. Nominees are not a part of sensible bank secrecy in my experienced opinion. Instead, the manager or individual should control his money and assets entirely unless the individual is rendered disabled or incapable of making their own decisions.

Do not use fake identification or fake documents to open a bank account-EVER. It is not necessary, and you will have difficulty claiming your funds when your fraud is discovered.

Substitute identifiers may be used when management of the financial institution approves this privacy measure at the request of the business manager or the individual. For instance, an Employer Identification number  or a Social Security number are best left off of the account, and a company registration number (Secretary of State) or a passport number has been used in lieu of these traditional tax identifiers. Substitutions of this type provide for total banking secrecy and will prevent account seizures from privacy-invasive searches.

Consult competent professionals for legal, accounting, and taxation advice.

Grant Hall

protecting personal privacy with bank secrecy

The most important safety feature you can add to your personal privacy and financial privacy plan is a banking secrecy plan established in the U.S.A. Can bank secrecy really be accomplished in the U.S.A.? Yes. However, you have to understand that complex financial privacy problems require resources as well as expert communication skills.

I have found that with persistence, knowledge, and a clear definitive plan concerning privacy needs, all privacy living requirements including banking secrecy and money privacy can be accomplished in the U.S.A. today. And those of you who live and work in the U.S.A. will be best served using American financial institutions, not foreign banks unless you spend substantial time overseas.

The Ultimate Bank Secrecy Account

After many thousands of hours of work and thousands of miles of travel, I obtained U.S.A. resources that provide for a banking secrecy plan in the U.S.A. The Ultimate Bank Secrecy Account is an account that provides the business manager or individual with complete banking secrecy. Substitute identifiers are utilized in order to prevent unnecessary and privacy-invasive seizures that frequently occur when a traditional commercial bank is used for current account needs.

Features that are not included in the Ultimate Bank Secrecy Account include checking account features and the ability to wire funds. However, these services can be accomplished or substituted through the use of third party business products and services; money orders to replace checks and third party wiring services such as MoneyGram and Western Union for electronic money transfers.

The important features of the account include; ability to send and receive ACH transfers, management of the account online without a paper trail, cash withdrawals from ATM’s throughout the world.

Look for additional informaiton on this bank secrecy program in the future.

Grant Hall