Should you say “no” to Ms. Clerk and keep your consumer privacy?

Can you learn to just say “no” when asked to sacrifice your consumer privacy? That’s what successful privacy advocates do when their right to privacy is threatened. And by the way, why is there a double standard as far as privacy is concerned in the U.S.A.?

Is government and corporate America  stealing your privacy rights and is there a double standard?

I am talking about your president, Mr. Obama. Why has he not answered the calls from hundreds of thousands of U.S. citizens who demand he prove he is one of them? Seems like a perfectly rational and logical request to me. IF Mr. Obama has nothing to hide, it would seem that in view of the bill boards, court cases, chatter and blog talk, that he would simply hold a press conference and clear up the matter-once and for all by providing his proper paperwork to prove his eligibility to serve as President of the United States of America. But, no, he continues to spend-or someone continues to spend more dollars than you earn for ongoing legal costs to keep the cases brought forth by attorneys, Berg and Taitz out of court.

But, oh boy, you surly have to show that utility bill,  driver license, declare all family members by name, and have them present their papers if you want to rent that post office box, don’t you?

Define your privacy living standards to preserve your consumer privacy and to save thousands and avoid a privacy invasion

I’d say that in view of what is clearly a consumer privacy invasion, a breach on freedom, the best course is to declare your freedom, internally while learning how to beat the system-legally of course. And at the heart of that task or ongoing tasks, is the ability to decipher what is required to avoid having a path beat to your door as well as fulfilling your other personal and business privacy requirements. It is doable in the U.S.A. and everywhere. Few take the time, make the effort or spend the dough to do it, however, until an emergency emerges. And then, it’s a rush job, but it can still be done when one has the information.

For instance, many stalking victims did not take preventive measures to avoid a dangerous stalker. They may be  forced to address the matter of privacy living following an incident that causes them bodily harm or emotional damage.

Back to Ms. Clerk and why it might be wise to learn to just say “no”

Ms. Clerk III has a desk  where the buck stops. She can be found in offices of physicians, dentists, license-issuing offices, city service buildings-everywhere you need to go for routine services. So, you’re going to come face to face with her when you buck the system, just a bit. I promise you that.

Since, I am an old hand at talking back to those who attempt to talk down to me or rape me of my privacy rights, I have any number of answers for Ms. Clerk, and I know my requirements. Here are some of my right to privacy requirements that may be valuable for you to ponder:

1.) I do not provide my Social Security number unless it is required by law to do so or unless the service is so valuable that I believe it is worth the risk to provide this most important identifier. I do not have my SSN memorized so it would be necessary for me to have advanced notice in order to provide it.

2.) I never provide banking information to service providers of any kind with the possible exception of using a credit line to pay a large bill.

3.) My home address, personal phone number and utility bills are not provided for goods and services.

There are other privacy guide lines that are necessarily followed as one walks down the path of high level consumer privacy living and avoids the pitfalls and huge time and money expenses of stalking problems, identity theft or a money or property seizure from criminals of all types.

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Home privacy and how to disappear completely

Avoid having your name and home address in residential data bases and property ownership county records. Do you think this is an extreme personal privacy measure? Hardly. Having home privacy is a basic personal privacy principle.

How to rent anonymously

Rent in an alternate name without providing employment and credit bureau information. Hard to do? No it is not. And, today, you have a great housing market to work in as a privacy advocate. Rental vacancies are up and property managers are desperate to fill these vacancies.

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Home privacy as an “owner”

There are proven ways to own a home anonymously, but you will be best served to copy the privacy advocates’ methodology who have actually lived as someone else in real time while under fire.

I wrote Privacy Crisis, an e-book that covers home privacy in great detail. Visit the site and you may be interested in buying the book HERE.

Evidence on why you need home privacy to avoid a home privacy invasion can be found here:

It is doubtful you will become a wrongful death statistic when you live anonymously.

How much is your home privacy and personal privacy worth?

The basics of home privacy include having your name and address unknown to those who you do not want visiting  you where you hang your hat. This means having anonymous home ownership or renting anonymously, and having no utilities or other home-related services tied to your true name.

ALL of the above and the most private home privacy style of all, mobile living, is covered in detail in Privacy Crisis.


Grant Hall

Stalking help for abused women

This article provides basic information on consumer privacy techniques that have been effective for those stalked by an abusive husband or those stalked by an ex boyfriend.

Behavioral changes occur when the stalking victim or abused woman is ready to leave the abuser.

Once a decision has been made to break away from the stalking ex, stalking books, support groups, a therapist, and friends provide a means to help during the break up. Concurrently, the successful privacy living, stalking victim and abused woman will need to make plans to avoid a privacy invasion by the stalker.

Information based decisions; High level home privacy

For immediate safety, get a roommate who does not require a rental application, a credit check, employment verification, or references. You can essentially disappear when you rent through non-traditional privacy tactics. Otherwise, you risk being found by the abusive husband or other stalker ex through his own data base research or by investigators hired to find you.

How to get a new identity

Do you want know how to disappear completely and never be found?

Create a new identity by using a new name for all non-official business. Keep your true name for official business.

Make sure to follow all new identity laws in your jurisdiction.

Dedication and information

Learn what you’re doing or you will not be successful in staying hidden. Investigators hired by your stalker ex are professionals and paid well to find their targets. Likewise, abusive husbands and others who are deemed dangerous stalkers have their motivation to seek you out and make you continue to suffer. Women abuse is terrorism in its own right. Learn to beat them to the punch. You as the hunted have distinct advantages. Use them and you will keep your rights to privacy.


Grant Hall