Home privacy and how to disappear completely

Avoid having your name and home address in residential data bases and property ownership county records. Do you think this is an extreme personal privacy measure? Hardly. Having home privacy is a basic personal privacy principle.

How to rent anonymously

Rent in an alternate name without providing employment and credit bureau information. Hard to do? No it is not. And, today, you have a great housing market to work in as a privacy advocate. Rental vacancies are up and property managers are desperate to fill these vacancies.

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Home privacy as an “owner”

There are proven ways to own a home anonymously, but you will be best served to copy the privacy advocates’ methodology who have actually lived as someone else in real time while under fire.

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Evidence on why you need home privacy to avoid a home privacy invasion can be found here:


It is doubtful you will become a wrongful death statistic when you live anonymously.

How much is your home privacy and personal privacy worth?

The basics of home privacy include having your name and address unknown to those who you do not want visitingĀ  you where you hang your hat. This means having anonymous home ownership or renting anonymously, and having no utilities or other home-related services tied to your true name.

ALL of the above and the most private home privacy style of all, mobile living, is covered in detail in Privacy Crisis.


Grant Hall