financial privacy is key to consumer privacy planning

Financial privacy is a key component of your personal privacy planning program. Indeed, consumer privacy is enhanced greatly when you follow my three decades of experience model for personal privacy and business privacy as outlined in my many articles and book. Let’s review some financial privacy and banking secrecy principles. Here is an excerpt from my e-book, Privacy Crisis:

Chapter 15, Anonymous Banking, page 189

Check Cashing stores

“Many people successfully handle their personal finances without using a bank.

Check cashing companies provide these services to customers who are either on the lam, illegally working in the country, have previously had banking problems and are unable to open accounts with banks, or require very high level financial privacy and do not want to risk clearing checks through a bank or having a bank account of any kind.”

Keep your money hidden and safe from searches and asset seizures

Bank Secrecy” through the use of a check cashing store is fine for your current account needs when you exercise your right to financial privacy and insist that your most private information is kept off of the “account.” I recommend that you not provide your Social Security number or Employer identification number to the institution.

Asset protection or how to hide assets

While the goal of a traditional asset protection plan is to control everything and own nothing, certain privacy experts protect identity, privacy, and achieve asset protection through the use of a bank secrecy and financial privacy program. Privacy Crisis has six chapters on modern financial privacy. You can begin to regain your personal privacy in minutes from now as you read what has proven to be the best personal and business privacy strategies for asset protection and financial privacy.

Grant Hall

Will bank secrecy help a rich divorced dad avoid child support?

Divorced dads continue to write in while asking questions about bank secrecy as an asset protection plan for a single purpose; the desire to avoid child support.

Moral considerations

Do you have a desire to support your children following a divorce?

If not, why not?

Perhaps you think your order amount is too steep? Maybe you have lost your income in the current recession/depression. Or you’re still mad at her.

Make sure your judgment is not clouded and that you focus on what is most important; your beautiful children.

Personal privacy planning

Let’s not kid ourselves. The human mind is a powerful instrument capable of massive adjustments when confronted with survival threatening stimuli, and make no mistake about it, the service of a summons is a powerful incentive to learn how to disappear and never be found.

Certain divorced dads have dedicated themselves entirely to the process of home privacy and bank secrecy and other aspects of business and consumer privacy for the sake of skipping out on their child support obligations.

Fundamentals of banking privacy

Can a bank secrecy plan be established by a desperate, motivated, divorced dad? Yes.

Offshore bank accounts have been established by those who want to disappear and live under the radar.

Bank secrecy can be accomplished in the U.S.A. as well when the banking privacy seeker utilizes the available resources and has the communication skills necessary to successfully pull it off.


I believe all fathers have a right to practice financial privacy and have an obligation to support their children.

After all, working within the system prevents undue stress and providing for your kids is the right thing to do.

Grant Hall