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Personal privacy is the buzz topic for many these days. And while informative sources including our personal privacy book provide detailed information, additional answers may come from you.

Against all odds and a true happening

I have not had difficulty sleeping in many years, but noticed mild insomnia over the past few days that caused sleep pattern interruptions. Upon awakening a few mornings ago, I pulled out a 668 page book, a philosophy-type of work that I turn to on occasion. Not knowing where to turn to exactly for my answers, I simply opened the book. There right in front of my eyes was a sub chapter heading on Insomnia. I read all there was to read-about a page and digested what I already knew, but was in need of a reminder as to the causes of my less than desirable sleep for a short period of time. I have experienced this sort of thing before, but this one really caught my attention. It taught me that many of our answers to our problems come from us through others. I asked the question, opened a book and  there was the answer.

Metaphysical sources for problem solving

I never discount non-traditional happenings. And this experience has enlightened me and made me aware of the importance of believing that within ourselves lies the answers to our most complex  problems. However, we have to use the available resources available to us.

Applications to privacy living

I continuously emphasize the need for strong communication as you strive to get what you desire.  Privacy living is a mindset, a way of life that empowers you to keep your business and personal privacy sacred. You need other businesses and agencies to help make it possible for you to accomplish your anonymous living goals and to protect your privacy. With that in mind, how you think is extremely important as your thinking and communication to those individuals associated with agencies and companies have the power to help you get what you want. Tap into yourself as you search for answers and use the best privacy resources to help in your decision making process.

Grant Hall

Grant Hall wrote Privacy Crisis and numerous articles on business and privacy living.

Protect identity and the secret to avoiding identity theft

Consumer privacy principles will provide identity theft self insurance.  One secret used to protect identity and avoid identity theft is the use of a pen name as explained in this anonymous living article.

Official uses of a true identity

One may choose to use a pen name or an alternate name for all non-official purposes.

All official business including contacts with government agencies, police and law enforcement, property matters and other official business require one’s true identity. Also, use your true name any other time the laws in your jurisdiction require you to do so.

Right to privacy

Are you exercising your rights to privacy and your right to protect your identity? Protect identity through the use of an alternate name or a pen name for identity protection and privacy purposes.

How to create a new identity and how to disappear completely and never be found

Generally, one may begin to use any name he/she chooses for privacy purposes.

Common names are best suited for the purpose of personal privacy and to avoid identity theft. One can create a new identity without going through the courts in most western civilization countries.

Please check the laws in your state or country prior to using a new identity whether the purpose is to protect identity or accomplish other personal privacy or business privacy goals and objectives.

Once a new identification is assumed for all non-official business, an individual can easily avoid a privacy invasion that another may be subjected to when unnecessarily providing their true name when not required by law to do so.

For instance, you may be at risk of a privacy invasion when you allow personnel at the service station to know your true name, home address, home phone number and credit card information. One who uses an alternate name, mail drop address, anonymous cell phone number and pays for car services with cash may avoid a privacy invasion.

You can avoid identity theft and protect identity. You may be interested in a free course on how to protect identity and our personal privacy book and identity theft book, an e-book, Privacy Crisis; Identity Theft Prevention Plan and Guide to Anonymous Living.


Grant Hall

end harassment stalking by driving secretly

This article will provide proven automobile privacy tactics for the purpose of educating the stalking victim on travel secrecy. Stalking victims can break the paper trail from themselves to their automobile and prevent harassment stalking.

Excerpt from Privacy Crisis; Identity Theft Prevention Plan and Guide to Anonymous Living by Grant Hall:

“The purpose of using a trust to own the car you drive is to prevent anyone who searches DMV data bases to identify you as you drive.” page 305, Chapter 10, Driving Secretly.

Registering an auto in an entity not tied to you through data bases which are accessible by dangerous stalkers will stop stalking when you make certain to insist that your name is not included on the DMV or other car registration agency paper work. IF you do as most trust-owned auto drivers and include your name as trustee, the DMV report “he” runs will tie you to the trust and all anonymity will be lost. Learn to practice privacy living the right way prior to beginning your quest for freedom from the harassment stalker who may abuse you more in the future if and when he finds a path to your door through your automobile registration.

Sadly, those who are stalked are at risk of being harmed. Also, stalking is not only a serious crime, but seemingly a never ending one. According to Ohlson, stalkers have continued harassment stalking for forty years.

Summary of how to end harassment stalking

Stop stalking when you drive by properly registering your automobile in the name of a trust that cannot be traced to you, and make certain the DMV does not include you as trustee on the car registration.

Grant Hall