your right to credit card financial privacy

Credit card privacy and your right to financial privacy can be accomplished today in the U.S.A. and worldwide.

Using checks is not a good idea for routine bill payments as the payee who receives your check as payment will have information leading to your bank account. Instead of checks, cash, money orders, and anonymous gift credit cards will keep your money your business, and preserve your right to financial privacy.

Credit card privacy is best accomplished through the limited use of credit lines, through the “freezing” of credit bureau files, and by changing account numbers periodically. Your bank will cancel a card and issue a different number when one believes there is a chance of fraud based on any number of suspicious happenings.

Banking privacy is discarded by the masses for the most part as they believe this type of financial privacy is not doable, and this belief is reinforced as the media talking heads make the viewing public believe that the government-your employer, has the right to your most personal and confidential information, including your Social Security number, Mother’s maiden name, home address, home telephone number, employment information, and credit bureau information. Some banks have adopted the practice of fingerprinting their customers in certain instances.

We believe the current banking customer model forced on the uninformed public is designed to track, trace, and control the population. And we do not believe freedom minded people should give up their right to financial privacy as they should strive to bank secretly while following all laws, but while still exercising their privacy rights.

Grant Hall