financial privacy is key to consumer privacy planning

Financial privacy is a key component of your personal privacy planning program. Indeed, consumer privacy is enhanced greatly when you follow my three decades of experience model for personal privacy and business privacy as outlined in my many articles and book. Let’s review some financial privacy and banking secrecy principles. Here is an excerpt from my e-book, Privacy Crisis:

Chapter 15, Anonymous Banking, page 189

Check Cashing stores

“Many people successfully handle their personal finances without using a bank.

Check cashing companies provide these services to customers who are either on the lam, illegally working in the country, have previously had banking problems and are unable to open accounts with banks, or require very high level financial privacy and do not want to risk clearing checks through a bank or having a bank account of any kind.”

Keep your money hidden and safe from searches and asset seizures

Bank Secrecy” through the use of a check cashing store is fine for your current account needs when you exercise your right to financial privacy and insist that your most private information is kept off of the “account.” I recommend that you not provide your Social Security number or Employer identification number to the institution.

Asset protection or how to hide assets

While the goal of a traditional asset protection plan is to control everything and own nothing, certain privacy experts protect identity, privacy, and achieve asset protection through the use of a bank secrecy and financial privacy program. Privacy Crisis has six chapters on modern financial privacy. You can begin to regain your personal privacy in minutes from now as you read what has proven to be the best personal and business privacy strategies for asset protection and financial privacy.

Grant Hall

a cyber stalker victim may become a murder victim

The stalking victim may be stalked, harmed and eventually killed as this article provides documentation of a stalker killer criminal.

Stalking victims may become homicide victims

As about one in ten women are stalked during their lives, vast numbers of women are in danger of being stalked. Sometimes the stalker commits murder.

A stalker may come into the stalking victims life through work, personal relationships or through online contact as was the case with murder victim, Nimzay Aponte. See the website below for the story:

The excerpt below is a direct quote form the above website concerning the murder of stalking victim, Nimzay Aponte.

“A Bronx woman who was stabbed by a man who stalked her online was able to lead police to her killer by whispering his name before she died, law enforcement officials said.

Nimzay Aponte, 23, was attacked around lunchtime Tuesday as she sat in a Bronx park while taking a break from a job fair.  A male friend sitting next to her on a park bench was also slashed, police said.

Police said the suspect, Raymond Dennis, had somehow figured out Aponte was attending the job seminar and found her in the park. There, stabbed her in the chest and her 25-year-old friend in the arm. The friend was listed in stable condition Friday. Police say Dennis and Aponte met once and then she rebuffed him and then he tracked her down.

As she was dying, Aponte whispered  “Mike did it,” referring to a person she met online. It’s not clear how the two connected online. The Associated Press reports they chatted on AOL. The New York Daily News reported they met on AOL and and the New York Post said they connected on MySpace.”

Cyber stalking prevention

Prevent cyber stalking by adhering to these privacy rules:

1.) Use a nominee or a separate entity to hold an internet service account. A serious stalker criminal will have the means and persistence to track your name through the IP address of your computer all the way to your ISP. You are in danger of the stalker finding your home address unless you practice privacy living principles.

Prevent cyber stalking by reading chapter 14, Computer and Internet Privacy of Privacy Crisis; Identity Theft Prevention Plan and Guide to Anonymous Living.

2.) Purchase online products anonymously. Review chapters 15 and 16 of Privacy Crisis. These chapters provide anonymous banking and private bill payment information.

3.) Never provide online strangers with a home address. See chapters 7 and 8 of Privacy Crisis for home privacy principles and concepts.

A Privacy Consultation is available when you have an emergency with a persistent stalker ex or other dangerous stalker.

While most answers to all privacy living and stalker questions are in the book, Privacy Crisis, a consultation may be advisable when there is a stalking emergency.

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Grant Hall