How to Disappear from an Abusive Ex-Husband

Are you a stalking victim who wants to learn personal privacy principles to stop the stalking of an ex-husband? As the statistics are skewed toward men who are dangerous stalkers, this article who focus on stalking victims who are women who want to know how to stop the stalking of an ex-husband or other stalker.

It is possible to learn how to disappear and never be found. One article that explains how to disappear may be of interest and this link is provided for your use:

If you are worried about a stalking problem with an ex-spouse or other stalker, our free privacy living course on how to stop stalking may be of interest to you and it is free and can be received by e-mail over a period days. Here is the link:

While the above course addresses stalking problems in particular, many privacy principles have overlapping effects. One can avoid stalking through the practical application of privacy principles. For instance, the private registration of an automobile will prevent a stalker from learning your identity when he runs your license plates. Here is an article on travel privacy:

If you are serious about escaping a troublesome and dangerous ex-husband or abusive spouse, we suggest you learn how to make your life private. An important component of business and personal privacy is financial privacy, and we have a Free information e-mail course on banking privacy, and you may receive this course over a period of days. Sign up at:

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how to vanish and create a new identity to stop stalking

If you’re being stalked, you need to learn how to vanish and create a new identity to stop the stalker. How can you stop the stalking when a dangerous abusive ex husband has you in his sights?

First, learn how to disappear and never be found. Creating a new identity will break the paper trail from your old data that is housed in various data banks. Once you have created a new name for privacy purposes, you will be able to successfully stop the stalking. Your anti social ex hubby will not be successful when he attempts to locate you through traditional investigative channels. Database searches will fail, credit reports will prove to be ineffective, and friends and relatives will be tapped for information as the last resources to possibly locate you. Your job as an ex stalking victim is to keep mum and avoid contact with all family and friends indefinitely.

When you decide to learn how to vanish, your method acting skills will necessarily be implemented as you truly must become someone else to successfully break the trail of a troublesome and dangerous stalker. You may be a stalking victim, but you can successfully turn your life around. Many stalking victims have escaped their abusive ex husbands. You can do the same.

Privacy Crisis  will provide all personal privacy information for home privacy and privacy living. Successful privacy advocates live beneath the radar by creating a new identity for privacy purposes while maintaining their official identity. It’s a balancing act to be certain, but a necessary adjustment for stalking victims who want to regain their freedom and stop the stalking and avoid a dangerous privacy invasion, probable physical and emotional injuries, and possibly death.

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Stop Stalking with Work Privacy Crisis Solutions

New hire data banks will enable the stalker to find you through searches. Rather than try to dodge these privacy-invasive databases, it is better to avoid them altogether by establishing a front entity to receive your payments-a company that will be the entity paid when you provide work for hire services.

Successful employer/employee negotiations for work privacy will empower the stalking victim to force the hunter to stop stalking  as the hunted will have no true name  surface when an employer hires the Limited Liability Company formed to be the front entity for employment. Often employer incentives such as medical insurance waivers are used to entice the employer to do it your way. Successful negotiations also are dependent on a demand for the services you offer as an employee/subcontractor.

Make certain to utilize all private company registration principles as I have described in the book in order to disallow anyone access to your company information. Use the trust manager pricnicple as fully described in my books and articles.

Do not believe that self-employment is the answer to your work privacy crisis. Very few people have the capital and talent, not to mention the ability to be in the right place at the right time to succeed at self employment. Only about one in five new businesses make a profit after a full five years of opeation.

Breaking the trail from your employer to yourself is imperative to avoid a continuation of abuse from an abusive ex husband or other stalker who won’t stop stalking you. Your successful work for hire negotiatons with a flexible employer will provide for a win-win situation for both you and the new employer.

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What can you do if he does not stop stalking?

You have been abused both physically and mentally. Support groups help, but offer no permanent resolution. Restraining orders promised to rid you of his contacts and threats, and the police have been called. Still, he does not stop stalking. Your harassment stalker is an abusive ex-husband who will not let go. And you are his prey.

You are worried, tired, sick of it all, and have no one to turn to in your time of need. You are desperate. Perhaps, you have tried all options. You may be suffering from his abusive treatment-physically or mentally.  Your abusive husband may be a threat to you forever unless you learn how to “disappear.”

Do you wish you could leave, never look back, and be rid of his shadow-forever. You can.

It’s hard, a drastic step to be sure, but you can learn how to disappear and never be found-if you are dedicated and know how, that is.

The most successful at performing the permanent disappearing act are those with a need to do it and the right information.  It takes courage, determination, and a will to win-at great sacrifice in order to do it. This is the case when you have an abnormal situation-a stalker who will not let go. Are you determined enough? Is your case that serious?

In order to leave no trace to the real you, it will be necessary for you to leave and never look back. That’s a difficult process. Men who are stalkers are often determined to keep their women (previous lover, wife) under their control regardless of the status of the relationship. Recognize what you are up against before making a decision to leave and “disappear” forever.

If you are serious, really serious, learn how to do it the way the pros have managed to do it.  As the hunted, you will have distinct advantages over the hunter if you have the right information and the determination to escape a stalker forever.

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abused women use stalking book to stop stalking

Often abused women become stalking victims following their escape from an abusive ex husband or ex boyfriend. This article will outline some anonymous living principles that empower a stalking victim to stop stalking.

Bank Secrecy

Make money invisible. Learn how to hide assets and establish banking privacy. Open a safe deposit box without identification or a Social Security number.

Ensure phone and computer privacy

Prevent government phone taps and e-mail monitoring….stop hackers cold. Prevent a telephone stalker from stalking harassment.

work anonymously

Beat government tracking databases and prevent a stalking ex from finding your place of employment.

how to be invisible as you travel

Do you know the most private way to register an automobile? Contrary to popular belief, a Limited Liability Company is not the choice of high-level privacy seekers, and the insurance company may refuse to insure an LLC owned car. Our e-book explains how to travel anonymously by car. Make certain you learn what you are doing prior to registering your car as mistakes are difficult to undo with a government agency.

get a permanent U.S. driver’s license

There is a way to obtain a valid driver’s license that is good until age sixty-five. This may be of interest to you if you do not what a stalking ex  or his band of private investigator goons checking DMV databases for your whereabouts every few years.

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